Tips and Tricks to Resolve WhatsApp Video Messages Not Working

Nowadays, WhatsApp has become an essential means of communication today. By instant messaging, photos, and video messages, we can reach our dear ones abroad, coordinate with coworkers in real-time, or just share some memorable moments. But what do you do when such a convenient video message feature suddenly fails? Or maybe the WhatsApp video message option is not showing? This can be so annoying that it might even push you to start seeking various alternatives.

Fear not buddy! This manual will give you a collection of handy tips and tricks on how to troubleshoot and fix WhatsApp video message problems.

Understanding the Causes Behind It: Why Does WhatsApp Video Message Not Working?

Before giving you solutions, let us look at some possible causes of your WhatsApp video messages going bad:

  • A weak or unstable internet connection is one of those that are always on the wrong side. To send a video through WhatsApp, it has to use an uninterrupted flow of internet. Sometimes, there can be wavering signals, especially in mobile data which disrupts sending.
  • Using an obsolete WhatsApp version could result in problems with compatibility and bugs. Video messaging performance among other things is what these developers work on through constant updates meant to solve issues already known about.
  • WhatsApp limits video file sizes. Trying to upload beyond them may not bring any positive outcome.
  • The actual boundary changes depending on the device type and network status but usually lies between 16 and 100MB.
  • Your phone must have access to a camera as well as a microphone before you can record and send videos right from the app including voice notes that also go along with them. If this permission is disabled, the road will become impassable for you.
  • Eventually, your app cache starts becoming too large such that it interferes with operations by turning into corrupted files. Sometimes clearing the cache becomes a solution to the problem if not all times.
  • There are cases where WhatsApp servers temporarily glitch thereby having implications upon video messaging services though this is rare.

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Fix WhatsApp Video Message Not Working on Android

Method 1: Check Your Internet Connection

This sounds like common sense but having a good internet connection is important. Try using a strong Wi-Fi network or change your location to one with better cellular signal reception. For example, try opening your browser and then click on any page of interest; if it loads slowly then the problem could perhaps be your internet connection.

If you rely on cellular data; why don’t you connect through WiFi which is more stable for sending and receiving videos? Look out for locations where radio waves have a stronger reception. Shift closer to the window if inside the house or go outside instead in case there are signal limitations within that room. Sometimes, all it takes is just restarting the device to handle momentary network glitches.

Method 2: Update The WhatsApp App

Outdated applications may be defective and not have the necessary functions. Make a habit of regularly checking for updates on the Google Play Store. Keep your WhatsApp up to date to guarantee its best performance and compatibility.

  • Open the Google Play Store, and search for “”
  • Then tap “Update” if there is a newer version.

Update The WhatsApp App

Method 3: Clear The Cache of WhatsApp App

Sometimes the app’s temporary data stored on the device (cache) may become corrupted causing app misbehaviors. Here is how you can clear the WhatsApp cache on Android:

  • Tap and hold the WhatsApp app icon for a second and then tap on the info (i) info button from the top-left corner.

Clear The Cache of WhatsApp App

  • Scroll down and tap on the Storage


  • Here, from the bottom left corner hit the Clear cache

Clear cache option

Method 4: Restart Your Device

Many software hitches that afflict WhatsApp video messages can often be fixed just by restarting it once or twice. To refresh its system, turn off your device, wait for about a few seconds, and then turn it back on.

Method 5: Check if the WhatsApp Server is Down

Check if the WhatsApp Server is Down

Though rare, widespread problems with WhatsApp video messages may indicate transient server issues at the end of WhatsApp.This could also mean failure in sending those videos through WhatsApp. To see whether other users are experiencing the same difficulties where their users can check online resources like Downdetector or social media platforms. You can verify this by checking Downdetector or official WhatsApp social media channels in case there are any reported outages.

Method 6: Reduce the Video Message Size

WhatsApp restricts video message sizes to a maximum of 100MB (slightly varied depending on the region).  In case, however, your video is over this limit you can send it as a document instead of a video message. That way, the bypass will still ensure the preservation of videos while surpassing the limited size of video messages.

So, to do this just go to the chat window, tap on the paperclip, and choose “Document”; then find your video file and share.



In a nutshell, having a stable internet connection, updating WhatsApp regularly, and optimizing your device settings are important when addressing problems with WhatsApp video messages. You can solve these WhatsApp missing video message options using the tricks discussed in this guide. Take time and do not be in a hurry; be systematic in your approach and seek help whenever necessary. Keep those communication channels open for uninterrupted conversations with your friends and family through WhatsApp.

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