Tips For Building Your First Business Website

Business websites are intended to address the need for your online presence. No matter what kind of business you operate, a website is fundamental to success.

A business website can help you to attract customers. It can also help you to gather feedback in regards to your products/services.


Want to know how can you set up your business website? Here are some tips!

Clear Goal in Sight

If you ever look at different business websites, you’ll see how each one varies as per the purpose it poses. If you’re selling products through the site, you should develop the website around the particular idea. Whatever particular services you specialize in, be sure to keep them in mind while making a website.

A vague website will put off both potential and return customers, as you will have nothing relevant to your niche that is engaging them.

Find the Middle Ground with Your Content

Content is the real driver for garnering traffic towards your website. Make sure you publish engaging, yet concise content. Lengthy content that is trying to tell too many things at once is a nuisance for readers and ends up driving them away.

If you wish to blog on your website, share something that is actionable and that works as a takeaway for the reader. For example, if you’re a hairdresser, lend some insights on how to increase hair volume. Make sure that the content is easy to read.

Build a Hierarchy of Web pages

For a business, you ought to have a set of different pages for your website. At the very least, include a homepage, about us, and contact pages. In addition, you can opt for a blog page where you share your insights in regards to your industry. Basically, play around to see what suits you.

Purchase a Domain

The domain name is what defines you around the web. If you are ABC Hair Salon, look for the domain. That is how you will be identified on the internet. There are free domains, but compared to the one above–which shows a sense of ownership–a domain like does not sound professional. Most of the website owners use keywords in a domain name like etc but it does not help to grow business for the long run. The domain name should be a brand name, not the keyword.

Reliable Host

You can select from a number of web hosting services, whether it is free hosting, shared, clustered, or resale. Free hosting platforms include WordPress and Blogger. Those services are better for newbies, as they offer lots of customization. Others who possess some know-how about hosting should consider a paid service.

The theme of Your Website

The theme speaks a lot about your business. If you’re a hairstylist, you cannot portray a corporate outlook on your website like you would if you were a banker. Instead, it has to be sleek and trendy. A word of advice: stay away from free themes.

Find a Good Graphic Designer

The header says it all. The design of your website dictates your website’s appearance, and needless to say that it is one thing you can’t comprise on. From fonts to banners to color schemes, a graphic designer is responsible.

You should communicate explicitly to them the intent of your business, and where you are going in the future so that room for necessary modification is always there.

Always Include a Contact Form

In addition to a contact form, you should consist of social media handles and other contact information.

Add Good Quality Images

Quality images can be easily found online. Whatever your page is about, the image(s) should reflect that idea. Customers are drawn more to pages with illustrations and infographics, so choose carefully. Infographics are also known as the best marketing tool that attracts visitors, tech them and converts into a customer.

Infographics are always based on concepts. It has to be converted visually as compared to the utilization of words. There is the number of success stories of infographics as one of the well-known bloggers named as Neil Patel has shared some guest post which later on gets millions of views.

For a salon business, image selection is integral, since the hair products, different styles, and pricing will bring in customers to your actual establishment. Therefore, do not use low-grade images; use only high-resolution stuff.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to build trust and strengthen goodwill. Make sure you put them online. Who would pass up on the service or product that so many customers recommend?

We hope the aforementioned tips help you to grow your business! Be sure that your site is mobile-friendly, so that people can use/visit it on-the-go. You need to check your website for issues and bugs every now and then, so it is suggested that you get a good internet service (check out Mediacom Internet Plans, if you’re in need).

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