Tips for finding a reliable ecommerce courier service for your business

Tips for finding a reliable ecommerce courier service for your business

Losing value time and resources over order processing and courier companies? Even after constant efforts, still facing issues with your logistics, supply chain, and delivery management? Then it is time you upgrade your ecommerce shipping solutions and shift your focus on forming a well-organized and effective logistics and delivery management. As your business grows, it becomes necessary to focus on what you deliver and more importantly how you deliver. Efficient logistics and delivery process are key to the growth of every ecommerce business.

Traditional business models are constantly evolving and in order to accommodate these changes traditional logistics operations are also constantly updated. Incorporating technological innovations in logistics, new-age shipping companies have now created technology-enabled ecommerce courier services that can help you streamline your ecommerce business at every stage. Right from the pickup of the shipments up till the delivery, technology equipped solutions have simplified the way ecommerce shipping works.

At present, there are several logistics companies that offer state-of-the-art technology-enabled solutions for efficient shipping. However, for a successful partnership, it is important to invest in the right option. Relying on a third-party service provider for all your shipping requirements is not just a financial investment, but also an opportunity to improve your brand reputation. An efficient ecommerce shipping solution can effectively manage your delivery services thereby increasing customer satisfaction and repeat customers. Therefore, even though it can be a difficult decision to make, ensure that you find the one that best suits your business interests. Remember, the right logistics partner can not only make your business simpler, but also save you time and money.

That is why, there are a lot of factors to be considered before choosing the logistics partner for your ecommerce business. To help you make an informed decision, here is a checklist of the qualitiesyou need to check before you finalize a logistics partner;

What are the different services the proposed logistics service provider is offering?

The basic service expected from a logistics company is to ensure timely and efficient delivery of your orders to the customers. Alongside, find out the extent of the additional services that are provided by the company. Technology-enabled logistics platforms are often equipped with a wide range of services that can help in streamlining your ecommerce business by simplifying complex operations.

Moreover, there are ecommerce shipping solutions that provide integrated services with different shipping companies on a single platform. With the help of such logistics aggregator platforms, you can easily gain access to different delivery schedules and multiple prices for every single order. This way, you can compare quotes and prices for different orders among multiple courier services and find the most cost-effective and the most convenient option for every order. In just a few clicks, you can easily get your orders shipped with the fastest and the most affordable ecommerce courier service and save time and money.

How far does the company offer delivery facilities?

This is a relatively easy feature to spot. Just look for the number of PIN codes that the company offers delivery services to. The higher the number of delivery locations, the wider reach of audience base you can have. It is always an advantage to have access to wider locations as it will give you the opportunity to expand your business to new markets. With a logistics aggregator platform as your ecommerce shipping solution, you can get integrated services of multiple courier services which gives you access to all the delivery locations offered by these courier companies. Also, as previously mentioned, with a logistics aggregator, you get multiple shippers at one single platform and that way you get multiple choices for delivery time and shipping costs.

Does the company offer technology-enabled solutions?

With the advancements in technology improving every business vertical, it is imperative to incorporate technological innovations into your logistics as well. Technology-equipped logistics platforms can now make your logistics easier, quicker, and more efficient. A state-of-the-art ecommerce courier service can easily automate your entire logistics and supply chain management and ensure efficient shipment deliveries. You can easily generate shipment labels and automatically sync all orders from every selling platform to the logistics platform for ease of shipping. This ensures minimal manual intervention and therefore minimizes errors to a large extent.

Furthermore, you can save additional time by uploading your orders in one go. Also, with the digital tracking feature that some logistics aggregator platforms offer, you can easily track all your orders in real time. With customers expecting their product information at every stage of the shipment, this tracking facility offered by reputed ecommerce shipping solutions is an extremely necessary feature. With this feature, you can keep your customers informed about their individual products by sending regular updates.

What are the cost-effective solutions offered by the proposed logistics service provider?

Price is one of the major factors to be looked at while choosing your logistics partner. A good shipping company can offer quality services at affordable price ranges. Higher prices don’t always mean better quality and vice-versa. The ideal solution to find the most affordable option is to rely on a logistics aggregator platform that offers the services of multiple ecommerce courier services. This way you can find the most cost-effective option for your shipments, every single time. Make sure that you split your multi-product order, compare delivery options among multiple couriers and assign the most convenient shipper for every individual product delivery.

Does the company offer support for cash on delivery payment option?

For a successful ecommerce business in India, it is imperative to offer COD as a payment option. This is because, majority of Indian online shoppers still choose COD as the payment option above every other choice. Your ecommerce shipping solution should be well-equipped to handle support for your COD cycles.


Logistics is one of the most important part of your ecommerce business. That is why it often takes up a major chunk of your time and money. Unless you have the bandwidth and adequate resources to manage this part of your business, it is recommended to rely on the services of an efficient third-party service provider for your logistics requirements. Look out for a logistics partner that can help you grow your business while offering exceptional customer service.

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