Top 10 Appointment Booking Software 2023

Top 10 Appointment Booking Software

Time and money are the most crucial thing.

It’s you who has to decide whether something is worth investing your time or money in.

Do you want to save your time and money for your tasks?

Of course!! You want to invest in a worthwhile thing that makes your life easier.

To strike a perfect balance between personal and professional life, it is vital to choose the optimal option for you. To operate everything correctly, it is best to choose the best appointment software for you. Let’s look at some statistics!! why appointment software is crucial for us?

The global appointment software is expected to grow $546.31 million by 2026 from $205.85 million in 2018, growing at CAGR from13% from 2019 to 2026.

Now, What is appointment software?

Appointment booking software makes your life effortless. An appointment booking software

assists you to spend the exact hours and minutes of the day that you want to spend on a constructive activity. Appointment booking software helps you to spend your day to integrate your work without any disturbance in professional.

With the advent of digital technology, our life becomes more comfortable and smooth. This article aims to enlist the top 10 best appointment booking software that can help the user in daily life so that clients can do their job without any hassle. Appointment booking software is very relevant and resulted in being very beneficial for customers.

Here we will discuss the best ten appointment software and how they can become an asset in our life.

Outstanding Appointment Booking Software


Outstanding Appointment Booking Software

Appointeze is a cloud-based appointment software that shows real-time availability so that business operators can accept and schedule the time of their customers online. It is specifically designed according to the needs of customers. Appointeze offers refined features to guide businesses to save their time and to serve the best customer services. There are some prominent features of appointeze are as follows:

  1. It can manage appointments and program your day accordingly.
  2. Appointeze accepts payments from clients as they line up meetings for the day with a stripe or PayPal integrations.
  3. Appointeze also helps customers to set reminders for their bookings.
  4. It helps clients to do one to one meetings.

Appointeze is the best tool to manage time and money efficiently. It is the best tool for the customer to achieve everything more efficiently and appropriately.


Salonist is the cloud-based software that empowers the smart features that retain the relationship between the salon owner and the customer. It has dynamic features that enhances its qualities as:

  1. This appointment booking software is accessible 24*7.
  2. Customers can book the appointment accordingly.
  3. Clients can enjoy the various offers and packages during the appointment booking.
  4. It accepts payments through Stripe,, and many more payment gateways.

Salonist is all in one software that can be used by the customer according to their convenience.


Appointy is the online scheduling software that knows the needs of the business and customers so that they can execute the time properly. It schedules the time for appointments, classes, workshops, tours, rides, and activities. Even Though customers can book an appointment by themselves anytime and anywhere, clients can customize the plan accordingly as it provides large customization options for every plan.

It has various features that strengthen the performance of the business and is very useful for the customers areas:

  1. It has multiple options and multiple locations.
  2. Users can quickly get their information from different social networking websites such as facebook, twitter.
  3. It offers a free plan for a month for a small business with 100 appointments per month.
  4. For a paid plan, it started from $19.99(growth plan),49.99(professional plan) 79.99 (enterprise plan) per month.

This the best appointment software because customer satisfaction is a top priority for them; they have a dedicated team that is available 24*7.



Sprintful scheduling solution enables scheduling one on one to group meetings simple and quick. Whether you want a scheduling solution for yourself or your entire team, Sprintful has got you covered. From a self service scheduling solution to integrations with the everyday business tools you use, Sprintful provides all the essential and advanced scheduling solution businesses of all size needs today.

Key Features

  • It lets anyone schedule a meeting with you and your team, from a branded link or from your website.

  • It lets you customize every part of the scheduling page for you and your team

  • It removes the complexity of team booking through advanced team appointment scheduling capabilities such as mutual booking availability and auto assigning meetings to team members

  • Reduces back and forth by automatically generating meeting appointment links through Zoom / Google Meet / Microsoft Team integration.

10 to 8

10 to 8 is a cloud-based appointment software. It is the best software that makes a clear relationship between business and customer. It is very flexible to use. It is helping the customer worldwide. It is best to optimize the best results for the customers.

One can book an appointment online without any delay. It helps the customer what, when and how to schedule an appointment. The payment gateway is quite is easy for a customer, they can pay by PayPal, stripe or sage pay.

Customers can easily set reminders. They can reply for the confirmation, cancelation or reschedule an appointment.

The messages can be set by Facebook, SMS or slack from the chat features. This software works in over ten languages worldwide.

It is free for the small business SMS included. For basic one has to pay$9.6 and branding is customizable. For growing it is $20 and the support can be online or by phone and for bigger business, it is $40.


Setmore is the online software that makes a difference in the life of the customer and can take the business into the peak. It takes the customer from the door can make them regular clients. This is the software that works offline too. User can install on its desktop or on the mobile phone to operate its efficiently. There are various features of this are as follows:

  1. Setmore saves lots of time. It takes only a few seconds to book an appointment.
  2. Setmore understands that time is valuable and keeps the clients organized by set more calendars.
  3. It has a feature of set text reminders so that clients can keep their commitments and save time and money for the appointment.
  4. It automatically sends the alert and reminder about the booking reschedule and cancellation of an appointment to staff and customers.

Setmore is the prime appointment booking software as it gives ease to the customer along with all the significant features. Customers can access from Instagram, Facebook or Slack. is the online best-optimizing software that can be operated on desktop or mobile phones. is the software that gives a feature to the customer to add the widget on their website. A booking button allows the customer to book an appointment online. The salients characteristics of areas:

  1. A client can easily book an appointment on Instagram, Facebook, Widget, Google maps,
  2. It sends out reminders to personnel and customers whenever an appointment is booked, canceled or rescheduled.
  3. It provides secure communication because data can be backed up daily.
  4. It accepts payments through different gateways that are easy and accessible for a customer like papal, stripe, card or even cash too.
  5. Users can customize some special features for businesses such as coupons, gift cards, classes, promotion systems, etc.
  6. This software works in 14 different languages.


Calendly is the software that knows your availability preference. It builds a clear relation between the customer and the owner. This software is specialized with unique features.

It helps the customer to schedule a one-to-one slot basis. It sends the notification by email or simple text message. Calendly can customize your brand by removing calendly brand.

Calendly works with google outlook, office 365 or icloud also works with different apps such as Salesforce, goto meeting, zapier and many more.

Square appointments

Square appointments are flexible software for your booking needs. Square appointments software that gives ease of using where customers can easily book the date by using the website, Google or Instagram.

This scheduling app is very smooth for a client where they can book online for 24*7.client just need to add a logo, and they can accept, decline or block out personal time.

This is free for a particular person and paid for a business person. Its price starts from $50 to $90 per month according to employees.


Acuity is the proficient software because large enterprises use it. Customers can book an appointment by themself and reschedule the meeting by a single click.

Acuity can shape any business. Users can easily set the time zone and let the client easily cancel or book an appointment. The client can quickly fill the information for long term use.

It accepts the payments by Stripe, Paypal, square.


Genbook is all in one scheduling software for small business purposes. Genbook works for all types of clients such as beauty, professional, tax, photographer, medical, etc.

Genbook delights the customer with the mobile app that is very accessible for a client. It is integrated securely with the web and low fees.

It provides the facility of a calendar and the client can easily set a reminder for the appointment.

Efficient appointment software

We have discussed various appointment booking software that is optimal for the client and business. These help to book an appointment quickly with transparency. It is a complex task to choose the proficient booking software, but the solution to this is to select the software according to your own needs so that you can get benefit from it.

Thank you for reading!!

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