Top 10 Best Apps For Freelancers

Earning money has never been easy until there was an up-gradation in technology. Technology has now increased a lot and people are finding new ways to earn money from various platforms available. Freelancing is apopular method that is done to earn money over the web.

Top 10 Best Apps For Freelancers

So, what exactly is freelancing or freelancer?

A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers its services which he/she is skilled and interested in and often works on several jobs for multiple clients simultaneously.

Usually, freelancers earn money on a per-job basis i.e. either they charge for hours or days or per project basis for their work.

So, if you are a freelancer and are handling multiple projects and are trying to make your 2020 full of money and more productive then it will turn out to be very hectic as the management of every project becomes difficult.

There are innumerable factors that help you get successful in this ever-widening freelancing environment. The speed of delivery and the quality of work are the two major factors that rank at the top of the list.

When it comes to freelancing, having the right tools for the project can make all the difference and managing all the activities, work expenditures, and productivity as they are solely responsible for all of it.

Here, with the help of tech engineers and developers of applications wanted to make life simpler for freelancers. We have found a few free resources out there that will greatly aid in your endeavors as a successful freelancer.

A full-featured project management app that lets you manage a project from the initialization to the time when you receive a payment for the work completed. The app helps you plan, set chores, and all track milestones and also allows its users to keep track of time, also provides a virtual space for discussion, if you have a team.

The app is one of the best apps for freelancers to send and receive money. The app is easy to use and allows up to a transaction of $10,000 once your account has been checked. You can send and receive money even in offline mode and international transfers are made very easy with bankin. Moreover, you will be granted extra purchase protection in case of fraud.

The app is great and preferred by users as it provides a visual and a direct way to organize, manage, and collaborate with other people of your projects. Board creation for every project, compose lists, and defining tasks on the board is very flexible and engaging. Paid plans for this app start at $9.99 per user per month and allow unlimited integrations.

If a freelancer wants to understand the time consumption and how you can use it better then RescueTime is the best app to go for. You can easily set your daily production goals. The app is great as you can also lock yourself out from apps like Fb and Pinterest. The app sends you a weekly email report. To use the full features of the app you can subscribe to the premium for $9 per month.

A note-taking app that helps every freelancer to plan, take notes, organize and keep records. You can manage projects for all your devices even if you are offline mode. With this handy app, you can stay on top of deadlines and can work together effortlessly with your team if any.

The app is said to be an all-in-one accounting solution for small businesses and freelancers. An app with an intuitive and easy to use interface that lets you create professional alike invoices automates financial tasks, and grants a cloud storage service to its users. They have two subscription plans per month- one at $15 with basic features and other for $25 that includes all services.

Wave offers free accounting and invoicing services to freelancers and small-sized businesses. It includes payments as a pay-per-use feature and their accounting software tracks all the income and expenses- it helps to know where your money is all going. The invoicing feature helps you make and send professional invoices. You can also manage multiple businesses in one account with this great app.

Grammarly is one of the best grammars checking tools that is available on the internet for free. The tool is great for writers as well as any other person. The basic free version of the app lets you check silly errors like punctuation, misspellings, subject-verb agreement that you might make in client emails, website content or in social media posts. It explains what the correction is and helps you grow as a writer. It even has a built-in plagiarism checking tool that helps about the originality of the content on the web.

If you want to enjoy every feature that helps you from contact management to company insights to email integration, and form tracking, then this app is the best for you. Developing Email templates for clients and leads in very fast and easy and you can track those emails and also engage with users with a live chat. The tool uses simple conversation bots to create tickets and qualifies leads generated. The best thing about the tool is that it comes without any cost.

If you want to create proposals that are effective and interactive, then you must try proposify. The app allows you to develop interactive quoting, custom files, different variables, and metrics. The app also provides e-signatures and you can save the templates in order to use them later. You can incorporate videos and can also take good advantage of translation services into 15 different languages. It starts from $19 per month and goes on till $49 per month for additional features like sales team tier and more.


As a freelancer, it is very necessary to keep track of all the projects, your time investment and the financial accounts as you are the only one responsible for it. unlike the traditional methods where you pen down every detail is time taking and here are some apps that can get you through and maintain a smooth workflow.

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