Top 10 Freelance WordPress Developers You Should Hire in 2019

Top 10 Freelance WordPress Developers You Should Hire

Being able to identify or figure out which WordPress Developer would fit correct to your requirement surely is a daunting task during the overall selection and deciding process. This post, in particular, is composed to assist in this puzzling situation. After searching and researching the market well a list of a few of the most prominent and popular freelance WordPress Developers have been mentioned below. They have been able to make their name in the market for the very reason of their professionalism and reputable WordPress Developing and Designing.

The best way to opt for a freelance WordPress Developer is by firstly completely understanding your requirement and by picking a freelancer who has experience of the type of web you need designed. The list of freelancers mentioned is renowned designers and developers who can be relied on to compile the best for you. The post provides access to quality WordPress developers & designers that you can hire with confidence to expect consistency and exceptional results via availing or by associating with them.

Here are the Top 10 Freelance WordPress Developers you definitely should hire in 2019.

  • Max Loginov

Max would be found as an extremely diverse developer from Moscow. Russia. He has held multiple positions in the industry starting very young with close to 2 decades of experience currently. Sustaining roles such as a WordPress developer, QA, and securing roles in IT management. He has been associated with various and a large number of business giants. Max attained such a lot of success as per his nature to deliver high-quality solutions he is recognized for the very reason as a proven polymathic problem solver.

  • Jason Funk

Jason has been in this industry for a few years making quite a name for himself as a tremendous web developer. He has attained experience from both professional and personal technical accomplishments. He possesses a vast and broad range of knowledge as a web developer and designer. As a representation of his success, Jason Funk is the founder of Tough Space Consulting, which is a cloud-based business software company. The company has secured numerous clients across the globe to be more efficient that helps them to save money and make their business much more improved in terms of internal business progressions.

  • Benjamin Knight

Benjamin is one of the most renowned WordPress developer and designer who started his career relatively early during teenage life. Residing in Vietnam who has on deck experience of across the web stack beginning versatile and advance web standards. Known to always develop with utmost precision of coding to provide superior interaction and quality for the users as his trait to present a creative instinct. Benjamin possesses the experience of working in various versatile environments which cater as his strong point is his love for JavaScript and Python. Benjamin’s professional cycle ranges vastly from managing a large engineering team to working as an independent freelancer.

  • André Gumieri

André is a good experience senior web designer who has been in the industry for approximately 15years. Across his extensive career, he has taken on variant projects which array from simple projects from even extensively large development. As a thoroughly professional WordPress and Software developer André is stated to be a full-stack developer who has enriched knowledge and the ability to architect various web projects.

  • Filip Llic

Filip is a full stack web developer and designer.  He has an in-depth experience of over eleven years in WordPress projects. In the previous five years, Filip has mainly focused his focused on creating a few of the most premium top-notch WordPress themes in the industry. Since his career initiated over a decade ago he has maintained his standards being the very reason he is recognized to provide excellence in communication skills while always providing superior quality products.

  • PetarSmolić

Petar is an experienced full stack PHP and WordPress developer. Who has nearly half a decade of professional experience in the industry with mostly found to have a major convenience in PHP frameworks and in developing WordPress sites.PetarSmolić is seen as an extremely quick grasper who can easily adapt to new environments to present the best by forwarding his skills as a valuable asset. He yet plays out his strength in the market to the possibilities even though he has been associated with Node.js quite recently.

  • Christos Melas

Christos is one of the most prominent developer residing in central Athens, Greece. If full-stack software engineer and architect who has more than a decade’s experience in programming. Christos has developed/ designed and implemented enterprise-scale distributed information systems with JEE of multi-node application that servers to numerous web stack technologies in the front-end.

  • Flavio Escobar

Flavio’s growth has been exceptional and is seen as a top developer and a truly inspiring entrepreneur. Presently seen as one of the most advanced and experienced web developers who has also made a name in the industry for his skills in game development. Flavio is seen to be quite proficient with mobile apps. He has been able to secure his career to such a height thanks to his education as he holds a master’s degree in WordPress, JavaScript, Action Script, and PHP.

  • Marcelo Mazza

Marcelo Mazza has substantial experience in the industry of UX (User Experience) for almost a decade now. He brings along with him a set of skilled experience in project management and organizational skills. He has dense information on mobile platforms in terms of usability, front-end development, design, and WordPress. Marcelo Mazza is well known to understand prioritizing tasks according to the needs of the businesses.

  • Carlos Minatti

Carlos has been very passionate about his work and has been very visible in his work experience. He’s not only been vocal about his fascination with the internet and communication techs but has also proven it with all his achievements. Carlos’s key expertise has always been to provide solutions to daily problems faced by the audience. He comprises of a wide experience in building android & web apps while developing these even then his major aim has been to deliver the best UX possible.

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