Top Most Rated Magento Extensions to Check Out for E-commerce Sales

Magento is the most recommended and used open-source CMS for E-commerce development that has made a remarkable transformation in the last few years. If you already own a Magento based website, you will be aware that the default setup doesn’t offer any extensions for e-commerce websites. Meanwhile, the CMS is integrated with a range of features, you must follow a proper process to integrate extensions to expand the platform functionality. Combining all the best Magento extensions, it is easy to fulfill the requirements of your E-commerce website in the best way possible.

E-commerce Sales

What is the need of Magento Extensions?

The answer is simple. To reduce development costs and time invested in website development. There are extensions present, you can use to extend the E-commerce website functionality. Using extensions will speed up your work as well as enhance the back end efficiency of the website.

Magento extensions aids in extending the extra functionality to an e-commerce store. If looking to manage sales, bulk orders, ease the checkout process, or apply marketing tactics, there is always an extension present.

In this blog post, we have discussed the best extensions to download in 2021. All extensions mentioned are trustworthy and compatible with the CMS platform. In addition, these are high-quality extensions accessible from reliable vendors in the industry. Let’s learn how to choose the best Magento extensions for your ecommerce store.

Dos & Don’ts of Magento Extension

Find out some of the Do’s and Don’ts of Magento extensions before getting one for your online store. The following pointers discuss the best extensions with ease.


  • Identify features required in the extensions
  • Plan budget for extensions
  • Check whether the Magento version is compatible with the extensions
  • Make sure that the extensions are still supported by developers


  • Avoid selecting extensions not supported by developers
  • Avoid extensions that are out of your budget and have bad reviews
  • Avoid extensions whose functionalities are present as modules
  • Never download extensions from unreliable sources

Parameters to Select Magento 2 Extensions

Once you install a new extension in your Magento E-commerce store, how to check if it is safe for use? Several extensions come with malware, and they surely hamper E-commerce store’s performance. How to know if they are free of malware and offer desired value?

Rating and Reviews

First & most important is to check the reviews and ratings of Magento extension when looking to download from a reliable source. These sources can be either the official Magento extension marketplace or a third-party marketplace.

Magento Partners

Make sure that all the recommended extensions you choose are either from certified developers or from partners. If you choose extensions from a third-party website, verify if they are supported by certified developers. The Magento marketplace offers extensions from technology partners.


You must ensure that the extension is under regular development, so that when you require support from the developers for any concern, you can avail it without any trouble. For instance, Amasty is one extension offering improvement extensions for the users. All the extensions have 24/7 support available.

Most Popular Magento 2 Extensions in 2021

  1. Customer Specific Product & Price Extension

The first extension is the Customer Specific Product & Price. This extension will provide a complete and personalized experience to customers. It authorizes different prices for a customer or group of customers. It is easy to limit a segment of customers to access the restricted categories or product pages.

Features to Watch:

  • Personalize the prices for customers.
  • Option to bulk import prices.
  • Set restrictions to control the products visibility.
  • Helps to increase store signups to collect additional user info.
  1. Country Specific Flat Rate Shipping Extension

Shipping is the most important factor to run an online selling store. And shipping charges depend on the location of the package. Using Country Specific Flat Rate Shipping Extension helps to set up country-specific shipping charges for different products. This extension is one of the best in our extensions list.

Features to Watch:

  • Set shipping charges for particular countries.
  • Option to set charges for specific products.
  • Option to calculate shipping costs for each country.
  • Charge customers with accurate shipping cost calculations.
  1. Flat Rate Shipping Per Product Extension

Flat Rate Shipping Per Product Extension helps to charge the shipping fee for every product or order amount. It is integrated with the option to restrict any specific country to order from e-commerce store. The shipping process will work as another Flat Rate Shipping method with the option to configure a method name, title, as well as Qty.

Features to Watch:

  • Set the shipping cost for all products.
  • Option to enable/disable multiple Qty.
  • Allows setting the default shipping rate per product.
  • Option to set specific shipping rate per product.
  1. Product Attachments Extension

Another module in our extensions list is Product Attachments Extension. This extension helps store owners to offer more meaningful data about their products. The extension is integrated with a feature to upload files as user guides, videos, tutorials, use-cases, privacy policy, or any other document. This product attachment assist your customers to make smart purchase decisions.

Features to Watch:

  • Upload unlimited product attachments.
  • Feature to assign a file to multiple products.
  • Feature to restrict attachments for guest visitors.
  • The extension has AJAX to upload different files.
  1. Product Part Finder Extension

This extension is designed particularly for automobile stores. The creation of a part finder filter is smooth and integrated with the option to import/export a CSV file. It helps to enhance the user experience of Magento 2 stores.

Features to Watch:

  • Great for a store selling multiple automobile parts globally.
  • Easy for customers to search the product.
  • Drag and drop feature to arrange filter options.
  • AJAX integration to show search results without page reload.
  1. Search Autocomplete & Suggest Extension

Search Autocomplete & Suggest Extension autocomplete the search query of your customers and suggest the products on the same page without reload. The extension assists to make the product discovery phase faster and improves the conversion rate. Best to improve user experience.

Features to Watch:

  • Improves the default store search using the AJAX.
  • Autocompletes the search query to fetch desired search results.
  • Feature to set the number of products to show in search dropdown.
  • Set minimum characters to display instant search results.
  1. Track Order & Shipment Status Extension

Track Order & Shipment Status Extension is the most important thing for customers after they purchase any product. This extension allows your customers to track their orders smoothly and accurately. In addition, it’s a perfect extension to improve the user experience of your customers to make them remain loyal to your brand.

Features to Watch:

  • Customers can know the whereabouts of their order without login.
  • The AJAX helps to quickly retrieve the order status.
  • Feature to send the order tracking link in an email.
  • Set the order tracking widget to different locations.

order tracking widget

  1. Advance Matrix Rate Shipping Extension

Advanced Matrix Rate Shipping Extension offers multiple table rate shipping methods to charge depending on country, city, state, Postal code, order total, product weight, items in the cart, and others. It has a fixed and percentage option to calculate exact shipping fees.

Features to Watch:

  • Allows offering customized multiple shipping options.
  • Plan the shipping calculation condition as per requirement.
  • Option to import/export with table rate.
  • Support for a downloadable and virtual product type.
  1. Shipping Restrictions Extension

Shipping plays a vital role in the success of any E-commerce store. Sometimes a situation arises when it is tough to ship orders to certain customers after they place an order which is a seriously embarrassing situation. Hence, use Shipping Restriction extension of your Magento selling store. It will restrict customers to checkout depending on the shipping rule implemented.

Features to Watch:

  • Define as well as control custom shipping rules.
  • Block the particular shipping method or carrier.
  • Feature to restrict shipping for a group of customers.
  • Restrict shipping for a particular store view.
  1. Shipping Rules Extension

This Magento extension allows creation of custom shipping solution using simple or complicated rules, customer group, order attributes, store view, and other conditions. It will surely expand your shipping capabilities with accurate shipping costs.

Features to Watch:

  • Assign your own customized shipping method.
  • Restrict conditions for shipping carriers to charge customers.
  • Feature to set a priority rule to apply first when other rules get fulfilled.
  • Set custom shipping rules per product, order, as well as category.

When to invest in Magento 2 Extensions?

The first thing to know before investing, is to know whether Magento extensions are customizable or not? You can consult Magento 2 developers that build customized Plugins and help you to improve your customer engagement. If you are still concerned regarding investing in Magento extension, we have mentioned relevant Magento Extension benefits that can change your E-commerce performance.

  1. Inventory Management

Inventory management is an important process when dealing with large volume of products. If you have not managed the inventory, it hampers the business performance. To address real-time inventory, you can invest in Magento 2 extensions which can help you with the following:

  • Multi-Store Support
  • Sales Order Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Product Inventory Management
  • Inventory Transaction Log Management
  • Push Notifications for Inventory Updates
  1. Improve Backend Efficiency

There are multiple parameters associated to the E-commerce store backend. And you would need user-friendly modules to manage the backend. Being a store admin, it is important to have modules to help you with all work on the move. This means you would need a mobile platform to manage your e-store’s backend.

Here’s how they help:

  • Store Products Management
  • Customer Management
  • Multiple Store Management
  • Push Notifications for Important Actions
  • Customer Review Management
  • Business Insights on Reports
  1. Global Reach

E-commerce stores come across language as the biggest barriers to sell in the global market. When the customers are unable to know about the products, cart abandonment follows. If you do not serve them in their local language, it would be tough to reach a global audience. This is when an extension can help your website to interact with the global audience.

Take a look at the features:

  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Store Review Translation
  • Translate the Content
  • Translate Product Details
  • Translate Specific Content Strings
  • Translation of Bulk Categories
  1. On-time Delivery & Tracking

Once the online selling store is established and you are enjoying a good number of orders on a daily basis, it becomes essential to deliver the products on time. Some store owners apply traditional methods to deliver goods and email their customers regarding their products. But this traditional system has plenty of loopholes and creates human errors. The extension offer functionality including:

  • Select Delivery Time & Date
  • Keep a Track of Delivery Orders
  • Create a Date & Time Format
  • Set Intervals Between Orders and Delivery
  • Display Delivery Time & Date with Charges
  1. Out of Stock Notification

Customers get annoyed when they come across out of stock notification of their desired product. It is an extension allowing both the business owners and customers to know the status of the stock. Once the extension is integrated, business owners can simply order products seeing the demand, customers never come face out of stock situation.

Hence, these are major prominent benefits of Magento extensions that can be availed to build a secure, scalable & robust E-commerce selling store.

Wrapping Up:

No matter which of the above-mentioned Magento extensions you select, it’s always crucial to carry out proper research, identify about what you require for your store, and select the extensions that will work best to store and your customers. If this list seems beneficial for you, we are glad to help you with this list and is the perfect platform to launch online selling website. What’s your favorite Magento extension? Tell us in the comments section below!

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