Top Private Equity Firms to Start Your Career With

Private Equity Firms

We must admit that private equity industry is close-knit and moving from one firm to another could take years. So choosing the firm you want to work for should take a lot of consideration like work culture, working hours, learning opportunities, etc.

To aid you in your search for your perfect private equity firm to work for, here are world’s top private equity firms and their respective information.

1. Advent International

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Boston, Advent International is among the world’s newest group of private equity firms. The firm has over $13 billion under assets. Good work culture with best-in-industry salaries make this firm one of the top choices among MBA graduates to start their career in private equity.

The firm has worldwide operations including North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.  The company opened its office in India in 2017.

2. Carlyle Group

Headquartered in Washington and founded in 1987, Carlyle Group is one of the most popular private equity firms in the world. The group is associated with the buyout of $15 billion Hertz in 2015. The firm has been consistently ranked among large PE firms in the world. It stood as the largest PE firm on PEI 300 index in 2015 and third-largest firm in 2017.

The group boasts of good work culture, handsome compensation and top-notch benefits. However, the firm is notorious for its non-existent work-life balance. Work at Carlyle Group is manifestation of the dreaded stereotypical long working hours. A better decision could be made after speaking to well-connected colleagues at the group.

3. KKR

Founded in 1976, KKR is headquartered in New York. The firm was formerly called Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.  With over 1000 employees, the firm manages over $148.5 billion in assets. The firm has led several leveraged buyout including the largest leveraged buyout recorded of TUX in 2007. The firm also counts the leveraged buyout of RJR Nabisco among its popular deals.

Unfortunately, Jerome Kohlberg, one of the original co-founders of the firm left to form his own firm Kohlberg& Company.

4. TPG Capital

TPG Capital is among the new breed of private equity firms in the US. The firm has nearly $70 billion under asset management and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Work-wise the firm offers great perks, benefits and compensation. Work-life balance however dwindles for the firms’ employees. The firm is known for its notable investments in Airbnb and China Renewable Energy. Washington Mutual sell to JP Morgan after the firm’s $7 billion investment is etched as the worst deal in the history of private equity.

5. Warburg Pinacus

With over $40 billion asset under management and more than 1000 employees, Warburg Pinacus has led more IPOs than any other global PE firm in the world. The firm stood fifth on PEI 300 in 2017.

The firm boasts of great work environment with amazing benefits. The work load however can be overwhelming and work timings inflexible. As part of its portfolio, the firm has invested $3 billion in India. Airtel (Bharti tele ventures) and Payscale count among its prominent Indian investments. The firm has same invested nearly same sum in China and $5 billion in Europe.

6. Neuberger Berman

Founded in 1939, Neuberger Berman is the oldest PE firm on this list. It also has as immensely large employee strength with nearly 1900 employees working for the firm.

The firm offers good health benefits and retirement savings contributions. However, the compensation offered by the company is comparatively lower than most PE firms. The popular Lehman Brothers became a part of this PE firm but after its fall Neuberger Berman became an independent body. The firm counts high-net worth individuals and institutional investors as its clients.

7. CVC Capital Partners

CVC Capital Partners is headquartered in Luxembourg and counts nearly 400 employees. The firm has roughly $52 billion asset under management.

The firm offers excellent health benefits and compensation. Long and tiring working hours are a con of the existing work culture. Employees are reportedly expected to be available 24/7. The selling of Formula One group by CVC Capital Partners to Liberty Media Group in 2016 is a notable deal in the private equity industry.

8. Encap Investments

This private equity firm is headquartered in Houston, Taxes and has around $18 billion asset under management. Thefirm invests majorly in the oil and energy industry. It has invested $22 billion in oil and energy companies.

The firm takes in its 500 years of collective experience in the industry and is led by its four founding partners and three managing directors. Overall, the firm manages capital from more than 350 investors from the U.S and elsewhere.

9. Blackstone Group

Among all the private equity firms on this, Black stone is the largest private equity firm in terms of employees. It has nearly 2360 employees. Blackstone was founded in 1985 and holds about $434 billion asset under management. Blackstone is among the top US private equity firms.

Blackstone offers good growth opportunities and has been a favorite among bankers for its good work environment. The firm offers opportunities to work on industry’s best deals. The New York-headquartered firm ranked one on the PEI 300 index in 2017.

While the above mentioned firms rank on the list of world’s leading PE firms, Oaktree Capital Management (Los Angeles-based firm), Vista Equity Partners, a top private equity firm in Austin, Taxes, Bain Capital (Boston-based), General Atlantic (New York-based), and Goldman Sachs Principal Investment Capital Area offer equally promising opportunities for bankers to kick off their career. Firms manage anywhere between $10-40 billion in asset.

Starting your career at a multi-national private equity firm is always the best option. It gives you exposure of the global private equity landscape. However, don’t be saddened if you can’ get into one. Local boutique or nationalized PE firms offer equally same experience in context of private capital.

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