Update Products in Bulk – Much needed Tool for e-commerce websites

Every website that you visit, you only see the frontend of the website. The more beautiful the website looks on the frontend, the harder it is to maintain backend.

So to make a beautiful website you must know how to handle backend to make it beautiful by making necessary changes there.

In short, in order to make any changes to the look and feel of your website you need to access the backend. Website designing, adding products, etc. are included in the backend tasks.

Backend is responsible for things like calculations, business logic, setting up the base and many more. Most of the code that is required to make the application work will be done on the backend. Same way, this is also a feature of backend.

Let’s suppose you have added 500 products in your WordPress store and each product has 2-3 variants but suddenly the supplier raises the cost price by 2x.

Or in other case, products like which are made from raw material and the supplier raises the price of different materials so it is definitely gonna affect the final product price.

So here you need a staff of 2 persons just to update the prices and go on to follow same clicks and keys in keyboard through countless pages for tedious hours.

Update Products in Bulk

Pricing control in common language means pricing the products in the right way! Here, I am talking about advanced pricing control also known as Bulk Price Update which WooCommerce does not give it to us by default. They surely have an extension but it is a paid one, there are some organizations that offer for free.

Such an advanced pricing control is useful to you when you are having thousands of products in your e-commerce store and each having countless variants and also where price updates are very frequent.

This feature is also called Bulk Price Update.

WBC plugin gives this feature as a secondary feature for free along with the primary feature of Ring Builder, Pair maker, and Rapnet Extension.

WBC plugin

Life without this plugin is super Hard!

Because it’s not only about prices. There are many other attributes that you can edit in a single click like description, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), Product ID, and many other attributes.

You can definitely find other plugins as well on WordPress.org. This feature gives you complete control over the prices of the products.

It actually saves you time by applying edits to more products with the same time required to update one product, instead of opening and updating singular products.

Imagine, you can use this saved time into some other productive work and complete your other priority tasks.

If this plugin was not invented and if you had to make just minor price changes to your 1000’s of products than it would take forever!

In business, time is money so indirectly it earns you money by saving your time because you can use it in some other productive work.

Along with time, it also saves you possible expenses of staff that would look after this kind of work again and again. Because one minor mistake or including some Festive Offer in product needs to be rectified again in 1000’s of products.

The primary features of the plugin mentioned is useful to jewellery websites and also to some other e-commerce websites where they might be having many products and so WBC has also given bulk price update along with it as the frequency of price changing in gold is very high.

All you have to do is just install the plugin by Sphere Plugins and if you want only bulk price update then don’t look for other features and keep them as they are, as those are ring builder, pair maker and Rapnet, not useful to you unless you have a Jewellery or a Fashion Website and configure the settings for bulk price update.

The plugin is built in a way that technical, as well as non-technical users, can make it work.

They also have a support page. You can contact them there in case of any issue regarding using it.

Start using bulk price update and start saving your time and make your prices look like that sell easily and use your saved time into making your store better.

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