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Email Marketing Software

We all know that this age is of competition, therefore, Email Marketing has been helping around for many years to maximize your e-commerce business. This trick is still used to get the most oriented result for multiple businesses across the spectrum. Well, in past years, some of the experts considered it as useless as they started thinking that this tactic is unskilled to attract traffic. But after some time, this technique made its place again in e-commerce business as email marketing software resurfaced their condition, become less time-consuming and made their utilization easier.

So, after this evolution in email marketing, marketers started having faith again in email marketing. They started believing that this trick is so useful as it can help to target your audience by sending personalized messages. In fact, some business experts say that marketing has a great edge over social networking sites and social media platforms as it can help to strengthen your bond with your clients and potential customers.

Well, one of the main reasons behind the comeback of email marketing is that this trick is so easy to handle and it is advantageous to communicate with customers. Your foremost concern is to have a considerable list of email addresses of your target audience just to drive traffic as per your expectations. Then there comes a host of email marketing software that helps to make the whole procedure easier, smoother, and reliable by lessening most of the blue-collar work.

List of some beneficial Email Marketing Software for E-Commerce

Well, there is a list that can help you to know about the most advantageous email marketing software for your e-commerce. Some of them are mentioned below who can serve their purpose perfectly:


Omnisend is considered as the most ideal software that is fully ensured and useful for automated email campaigns. On the other hand, it is quite expensive for small businesses, but it is quite worthy to drive effective traffic. Well, it also has one of the key benefits that can help you to build your email sequences quickly on multiple media platforms without going through so many processes manually. Majority of the users considered Omnisend integration just flawless. As it helps to create landing pages, pop-ups, and dynamic sign-up boxes and all these things help to create a long email list. It also helps in availing major deals and offers as well.

Omnisend is so useful as it helps you to post more than 15,000 emails per month effectively. You can also use it to run a free trial service for totally free of cost just to know its pro versions and standard. Always select the standard version of this software, if your requirement is to gain 5,000 subscribers and 60,000 emails in a month. On the other hand, if you want to send limitless emails to 9,000 subscribers, then go for the pro version. And, in case, you need is to send unlimited emails to zillions of subscribers from a single unit, then always select higher version Enterprise, well, it is expensive at a flat $2000 per month.


Rare.io is considered as the most ideal software for email marketing especially for the merchants who really want to have this software to avail maximum sales from their unlimited emailing list. It serves its services in the most effective way and they can be synchronized with multiple e-commerce platforms. Therefore, you can easily get a recommendation about the perfect products automatically. So, this software will also help to let you know that when your customers are interested to buy your products. It is ideal software as it helps to send personalized emails and if you want product recommendations as well as they will help you to not make research on what kind of users are interested to buy the products.

Well, as far as its price is concerned, there is a free version of Rare.io is available for free just for a limited time period. Well, when the limited time exceeded or you upgrade, then you can go for Pro version, its price is $39 per month for 10,000 contacts and for some automated campaigns. In fact, you can also select Exec plan that is extensible with sending a lot of emails and its cost is $79 per month as it is also a scalable for a committed accountant manager.


Conversio is also known as one of the best email marketing software to attract customers by engaging on multiple platforms. It also helps to win the loyalty, satisfaction of the customers which is important in business to increase the sales rate and business growth. When you want to upsell or cross-sell, you can get some remarkable features for the powerful segmentation. Besides this, in addition to all the facts and figures, this email marketing software also allows the customers to give reviews on your products along with their captured photos. It can also help you to get customers’ feedback requests and to get follow-up emails effectively.

Well, its price plan is quite different as it is amongst those kinds of email marketing units that charge fees based on the contacts and the customers who you want to send emails. On the other hand, if you are searching for the insertion of all the main features in every pricing plan, then Conversio is an ideal option for email marketing. Its pricing plan starts from $20 per month for 500 contacts, in fact, the highest price plan will cost $850 per month. With this software, you can send emails up to 250,000 contacts, and on the other hand, you can this service for 30 days for free as a trial.

Constant Contact

If you are a merchant and you want to send newsletter-type of email campaigns, Constant Contact is a perfect email marketing software. Well, if you are looking for the revenue-generating marketing software then avoid this platform. As it is an ideal software especially when it comes to communicating with other e-commerce forums but most people avoid this software as they complain that this software is not helpful to generate revenues.

It will not let you get email marketing automation but Its price plans vary from $20 per month to $335 per month. But afterward, when you need to go for upgraded plans, you have to pay $45 per month to send emails up to 500 subscribers. This price plan also offers coupons, automation, and subject-line testing as well as you can also get a 60-day free trial.


SmartrMail is one of the most perfect and beneficial email marketing software it helps to personalize the messages. It also helps to maximize your sales rate well the personal messages are usually based on the customers’ history of purchasing. Their browsing history is usually taken into account as these measures help to increase the oriented-results. So, therefore, this is the main reason that many experts say that email marketing usually outperforms on social media websites. Well, this software is used by those merchants who believe to do marketing with the help of mobile devices. Through this, you will easily get some of the customized mobile views of your email marketing performance.

Its basic price plan is $29 per month for 5,000 subscribers. But on the other hand, there is a cap that helps to send emails for 12 months per subscriber. Its upgraded package starts from $99 per month and it has the latest features that help you to send unlimited emails. You can also increase the Enterprise pricing package for $1,999 per month just to grab all the remarkable features and other beneficial premium supportive features. This software is usually popular as it is considered as a dedicated account manager.


Well, to store, place, or to keep your software such as antivirus software, web development software, designing software, etc. you require packaging such as Custom Software Boxes. Such software needs protective and secured packaging as they can be get damaged and spoiled easily. So, for the better working of your email marketing software, your need is to use all such software as well as web development software, antivirus software, etc.

Well, these were the main email marketing software that can help you to maximize your e-commerce business. Multiple email marketing software is available for the marketers and many more are creating or emerging on the daily routine. But you can choose any one of them that will suit your specific marketing requirements and budget as well. You should always go for that kind of option that provides you access to the latest emailing features and will also help in attract maximum customers to increase your more sales from your e-commerce business.

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