Whatever Is Your Business Model – VAs are ready to Serve

If you’ve been following the news, you know that the current talk of IT town is Virtual Assistance.

We are very edge on virtual assistant revaluation. Why do I say that, manufacturing to online business taken off tremendously in recent years? That means all people adapt to virtual assistant their business.

Companies have already broken their traditional methods and trying to work with virtual assistance streamline operations to make their company more productive.

It is high time for any business to get virtual assistance integrated by the end of 2018 because of the huge response it got so far.

Most of the people love to work with VAs(Virtual assistance) as it helps in making our daily life interesting with its operations.

Businesses that have already integrated with VAs have claimed, that their performance was progressive than it was more comfortable, and with the competitors in the market.

What exactly is Virtual Assistance?

Virtual assistance is a computer program that enables to perform tasks/services for an individual according to the commands provided. Commands may be of different types, like scheduling events, voice commands asking to do some task, etc.

Looking at the progress of VAs for past quarter decade, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of Virtual Assistant. This got more productive when VAs got integrated with Artificial Intelligence. Understanding commands and assisting users/enterprises in analyzing information.

Three types of VA’s  To Boost Your Business

Project-Based VA:

Project-based virtual assistants employed for short-term or one-time projects. for example you might hire someone to like a web designer to update your website or maybe a developer to build an app for you or a writer to create articles for your blog.

Now, this person is hired as a freelance contractor, and you can hire someone for as little as five bucks or as much as ten thousand dollars for a project. It all just really depends on the size scope and timeline of your project.

Task-based VA:

Task-based virtual assistant is similar to the project-based assistance except in this case they specialize in short one-off tasks. So these are usually smaller admin or personal tasks, like research or booking appointments or making travel arrangements. or something like that these tasks based virtual assistants are generally sold as a monthly package of assistance, so you pay for a certain number of tasks per month. So there’s a group of assistants in this case rather than one person that you hire and that group then completes your tasks.

Virtual Employees:

Do you aim with an extended vision of your company, but realize that you’re spreading yourself too thin by performing essential and non-essential daily tasks?

Are you depending on regular activities like managing social profiles, handling client calls, managing feedbacks, other relevant repetitive tasks?

Gone are the days you’ve to depend on the highly Professional employees for your daily recurring activities.

It’s high time to hire virtual employees.

What are Virtual Employees?

I think you may wondering what Virtual Employees mean?

Let me describe what virtual employees mean, what do they do and how do they help you in your business?

A virtual employee is someone who works for your company, like an in-house or local employee and takes instructions from you on any activity that needs to be done on your scheduled input provided.

Virtual assistance is not the very new concept as of now. Most of the global business leaders have already got their footprints in their innovations and made them available in the market.

Here are Few Real Time scenarios of that have proven Virtual Assistance is best of its potential in serving their business needs.

1. Amazon Alexa

Alexa is cloud-based virtual Assistant developed by Amazon; it is controlled by echo speaker, now in its second generation. Alexa is capable of making the to-do list, setting alarms, streaming online podcasts, what not many more like providing weather report and sports, traffic and other real-time information such as news.

Alexa By Amazon

Alexa can also commend several smart devices like mobile and home automation system. Using nothing but the sound of your voice, you can search the web, shop online, play music, and control your smart home with your fingertips.

2. Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) Based technology that has been developed by the Salesforce for CRM ( customer relationship management).

With salesforce Einstein, fulfill Artificial-intelligence (AI) into all our Salesforce applications to make customer interactions smarter.

Here’s how Einstein empowers Salesforce users.

2.1. Marketing Cloud Einstein

Marketing Cloud Einstein helps marketers to create individualized Marketing Campaigns by Predicting what customers like and dislikes, based on customer preference Marketing cloud Einstein will guide us what customer was expecting and this will helps to fulfill the customer needs and wants.

2.2. Commerce Cloud Einstein

Helps shopper to personalize experiences by suggesting the right products and offers at the right time, for the maximize conversions rate, drive customer engagement and increase order value.

2.3. Salesforce IoT Einstein

Salesforce IoT Einstein helps to predict and Automate the process, and enable the end user to act on their most important insights

3. Google assistance

Google Assistant is voice-based virtual Assistant developed by Google. Google assistant firstly avail on mobile and smart home devices.

Google Now smartly pulled out accurate information for you: it knew your meeting locations, and it knew where you work, and travel plans, the sports teams you liked, and what interested you so that Now could present you with personal information that mattered.

Google Assistance

Google made this for everyone, so that everyone could find anything, what they need among the millions and billions of things in today’s world. Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you need a small help with the stuff just in your fingertips, and wouldn’t it be nice, if you had some help with all that would it be nice. If you had a Google for your world. That’s why Google building the Google assistant.

Final Thoughts

Virtual assistance makes life fast forward in living, like that of human life in the 19th century. The same progress can be expected with multi-fold improvements, and the real innovations stand as examples for this advancements in the coming years. When the top class businesses start integrating VAs into their business, one can make sure that the new startups and small business will come up with similar strategies and more to compete the existing market leaders. This will take VA to the next level very soon.

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