Why is the Internet such a powerful tool for students?

Why is the Internet such a powerful tool for students?

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it” (Albert Einstein). Today’s society is full of young bright minds and curious thoughts, pushing to find things unknown to our world. The youth finds passion in music and the arts, athletics and health, medicine, engineering, and many other topics. They are in a constant search of knowledge and learning, always hungry for something more, pushing boundaries never pushed before, and exceeding all expectations. As the quote by Einstein reads, wisdom is all about the lifelong attempt to acquire it, the importance is in the journey and the searching of new things that push forth to new discoveries. The youth’s mind is limitless and as a society we should do everything possible to facilitate their exploration of the world, and that is why I believe Wi-Fi is needed at every school all over the world.

When bright minds are given the tools to succeed, their potential is limitless. A tool like the internet right at their hands would allow many intelligent students to research and explore topics they have never heard off. I am from Colombia, a country that a lot of time lacks resources for students. I have met many bright young students very eager to learn, ready to explore the world through their studies, but they are limited and held back by no fault of their own, by things they cannot possibly control. Students should not be put in scenarios like this, they should have the ability to dream, explore, and learn without any limitations. The internet is such a powerful tool, and with it young minds can do the unthinkable. If every student around the world had access to the internet at school, we would see advances much further than we see today. Our society must place a greater importance on the future success of the youth. Their minds will foster change, find the cure for cancer, get man further into the universe, and do much more than we can imagine.

powerful tool for students

Life is all about opportunity. Many times, people, are not given the opportunity to succeed and their dreams and thought go to waste, thoughts that could revolutionize society today. Many people all over the world just await opportunity, the opportunity to learn and explore. Giving students access to Wi-Fi is giving these students the help the tool they need. The tool to let their minds run free. The tool to allow them to dream and inspire. The tool too research and plan. The tool to change the entire world.

The internet is the world at our finger tips. It is the portal connecting every single person on this planet. It is the source of information, ideas, theories, entertainment and every single person should have access to it. The civilized world we know today was constructed by the interchanging of ideas between people. We must give every student the ability to think and form ideas based on fact and principle. We must allow them to cement their minds full of knowledge and information that can impulse them to do great things for the world. If a few minds long ago have made the world we know today imagine what the young bright minds of today can accomplish. It is our duty to aid the young in their search of success and knowledge. We must continue to promote and encourage their enthusiasm to learn and give them the tool of the internet to push all limitations.

The future is very bright and the young minds of today will go forth to do great things. We most condone the idea that every single student must have the possibility to learn and dream. They will supersede all boundaries and do the unthinkable and we will be the catalyst to their success. Having Wi-Fi for each student will ensure that they all have the opportunity to whatever they dream off. They will change the world, they will become a network, a wave of new thinking that will revolutionize the world. The youth will not be stopped and their ideas will not go unheard, they will do the unthinkable. Their potential is unimaginable and as Jose Rizal put it, the youth is the hope of our future.

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