3 Important Reasons Why Web Design Agencies should use Professional Email Signatures

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Imagine meeting someone at a conference, for instance, Mr. X. He mentions that he has been looking for an excellent web design agency to redesign his old website. In such a case, you are left with two options. Option 1, you hand over Mr. X your business card. Or, option two, you borrow a scrap of paper and quickly scribble your contact information.

Obviously, you’d go for option 1 because it is professional and memorable. Only a fool would give his contact details on a loose paper that can get lost within seconds. Not to mention, the ink can wear off by the time Mr. X recalls that he had your contact details in his back pocket.

Moreover, option 2 leaves a poor impression on your potential client. If you apply this situation to the body of your email, you will notice that, without an email signature, you’ve been sending blank papers for professional emails.

This translates into a poor impression, no clear contact details, and a generally bland email. Not so surprisingly, these are the ingredients for a failed email marketing campaign for your web design agency. Even if you’re sending out an email separately, it fails to make much of a lasting impression on the reader.

With that being said, let’s dive deeper into three chief reasons why web design agencies should use a professional email signature:

1. An email signature gives a quick overview of your services

The outstanding features of an ideal email signature include your agency’s name, contact details, and your social channels among other things. Along with this, the signature showcases a pop of color in the form of the picture or logo used in your sig line.

Check out what most professionals use in their email signatures below:

An email signature


Such an email sends the following message to your reader:

  • It looks professional
  • It quickly introduces your agency
  • It shows off your logo that strengthens your brand identity
  • It boosts credibility and trustworthiness

Let’s look at these points individually. Professionalism is an essential element that draws several clients.

When you send out a bland email, your prospectscatch whiffs of scam from it. However, your web design agency’s logo in the signature affirms your identity to the reader. Thus, it aids in building trust. Most companies use email signatures as part of their branding strategy. You can further your branding strategy with the help of a sig line too.

What’s more, email signatures give a precise picture of your contact details. The details, in itself, can serve as a call-to-action or you can add a separate call-to-action as part of the signature too. This means that you are giving your client the easiest way to get in touch with you.

In fact,WordStream reveals that emails with a call-to-action boost 371% clicks and 1617% sales. Put simply, an email signature can yield more clients and improve your profits. Thus, the chief takeaway here is that a professional email signature boosts your agency’s visibility and attracts more clients.

2. Professional email signatures boost email response rate

A professional email signatureis appreciated as a low-cost marketing tool that returns significantly. Essentially, it is a digital business card for a web design agency or any other company for that matter. It is a surprise that itis so frequently overlooked.

While this may be hard to swallow, there is substantial evidence backing the claim. A case study tracked the role that a sig line played in improving the response rate.

As part of the investigation, 600 emails were sent out. 200 of these emails were sent via Gmail, and the other 200 were sent via a branded email address. The remaining batch of 200 emails was sent using both an email signature and a branded email.

The emails that were sent via Gmail got a response rate of 8%. There were only 16 positive replies out of the total 200. The branded email address-based emails witnessed an improvement in the response rate. About 43 positive replies out of 200 were received, which swelled the response to 21.5%.

In the last batch that used a custom email with a signature block, the response rate crawled by three times with 59 positive replies. Here is a look at the response rate of the last batch of emails:

Signature block


The lesson learned is pretty simple- a professional email signature boosts the reply rate. Since email marketing is nowhere near declining, an email block can prove to be helpful for your web design agency’s cold marketing strategy.

3. Email blocks serve as an additional tool to attract traffic to your business website and social channels

By now, it is clear that a professional email signature helps attract an increased audience to your web design agency’s business page. The call-to-action embedded in your email signature drives people to your website. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Sig lines can also boost engagement on your business’s social media profiles. You can choose to add your social media icons to your email block as shown below. Naturally, the interested parties would click them, which multiplies your audience.



Such a step spirals the trust that the user puts in your web design agency. Your business’s online presence positions your web design agency as an authentic and trustworthy business. Social media presence humanizes your ventures. Not to mention, 81% of small and medium initiatives use one or more social platforms.

Numerous potential clients interact with a business on their social channels before working with them. Hence, in addition to using WordPressCRM plugins, you can tap into a broad audience via social media. To this end, a professional email block helps drive people to your agency’s social channels.

Bottom line

Summing up, a professional email signature gives a quick look into what your web design brand is about. Simultaneously, it delivers pertinent contact details to your potential client. It poses your agency as professional and authentic while driving more audience to your website and social channels too. Lastly, these boost the response rate to the cold emails that you send out as part of your email marketing campaign.

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