Why You Should Use Angularjs For Web Development: 7 Reasons

The increasing evolution of mobile technology along with the latest technological development has changed the face of web technologies. There was a time where the website and web application with a simple user interface were able to generate the desired result. These days are now gone. The time has changed.


The current scenario of the mobile website requires some sophisticated and effective web frameworks. So that they can provide the things or information that a customer needs. The web frameworks have gained a lot of popularity in the field of web development. It has many unique features and functionalities which help you in web development.

As the technology is evolving rapidly, there might be a chance that new technology may emerge anytime. However, the web app development is now influencing the current marketplace. Even though various applications have been there around for a long time, now those applications are turning indispensable.

Both the businesses and individuals have realized the importance of the web application. This is the reason for which most organizations have developed the e-commerce web app and influenced the online platform. However, the important question here is what is the best platform the developers must use for app development. One of the best platforms is Angular.

Things that you should know about Angularjs

The AngularJS is a popular JavaScript MVC framework. It is developed by Google to help the developers to build properly designed web applications. This framework minimizes the impedance mismatch between document-centric HTML and new HTML constructs. It let the browsers know about new syntax through directives. It comes with a lot of attractive features such as:

Why use AngularJS?

1. Reduces the code writing requirements

Some think that all the developers love to write codes and they can do it for a lifetime. Well, it is true that writing and developing codes can provide the name and fame but not every developer like to do it. With the AngularJS, it is very easy to eliminate these processes. It comes with unique features which make the process of web app development much easier. It facilitates parallel working.

2. 24×7 support from the big community

The platform backed by larger community support. Many experienced professionals continuously work in core development. Besides, this web app development is much popular among the developers. It offers different printed materials and resources online to help new developers.

3. Highly customized with unique directives feature

The pattern language that the AngularJS used is the HTML. It uses the directives to develop new codes or syntax and memorize all the coding information according to the behavior. This is a major feature of the platform. These directives have made it possible to build logic which speeds up the development process.

Apart from this, you can easily change the functions of the HTML and can develop customized HTML tags. When you properly employ this feature, you can easily develop error-free web app without investing much time.

4. MVC pattern for web app development

AngularJS works on the basic principles behind the MVC software design pattern. The MVC, also known as Model-View-Controller pattern means lots of different things to different people. It enables the developer to develop web apps most simply. It distributes the data, logic, and view and the rest of the work is carried out by AngularJS. It doesn’t traditionally enforce the MVC, but rather closer to Model View ViewModel (MVVM).

5. Dependency injection

The AngularJS comes with dependency injection. It is a subsystem which helps the web app developer by making the process a lot easier to understand and examine. DI enables you to ask for your dependencies, instead of looking for them or create them by yourself. For example, when you say you need A, the dependency injection creates and provide that to you. To acquire the access, all you need to do is add the service as a parameter. After that AngularJS will automatically detect and provide the service when required.

6. Provides filter flexibility

Another reason for which the developers prefer to use this web app development platform is, it provides outstanding filter flexibility. The filter refines the value of the app before showing the result. It works as a standalone feature when it comes to data transformation. Besides, you can use the pre-existing filters and can also develop your filters.

7. Data-binding

Data-binding is one of the coolest and useful features that you can enjoy with AngularJS. It saves your time by eliminating the time that you need to write different codes. It offers two-way data binding features. The two-way data-binding manage the synchronization between the DOM and the model.

If you are still looking for a perfect platform for web app development, choose the AngularJS to come up with a perfect app.

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