10 Amazing Tips to succeed in your MLM business

10 Amazing Tips to succeed in your MLM business

The multilevel Marketing, in my opinion, is a more democratic Affairs on Earth.

First, because all that start has the same chance of success or failure, everything depends on you.

Second, because your success depends on when you went into a Multi-level Marketing company. I know many people who in one year made fortunes and others that have failed miserably jumping from one company to another for years.

And third, because the investment required to get into a good company of Network Marketing is often less than R $1000. What other business so promising allows investment so low?

But, what means that success depends on you?

Means you need to first LEARN and then act.

In this article I will offer 10 amazing tips to help you on your way to success in multilevel Marketing.

Let’s start?

1 Tip: adds value first, the money comes later.

You can leverage your network Marketing Business distributing “free stuff” to your potential partners. Doing this you create a stronger bond with your audience, besides having the chance to develop long-term relationship, educate their customers and provide best solutions for them. This article that you are reading is an example of this

The internet came to facilitate your work. Check out all these ideas of things that you can deliver for free:

Consulting via Skype or WhatsApp, Workshops, Webinar, online lecture; EBooks, PDFs, Checklists; Analysis of customer’s needs; Facebook group; Courses, short courses and lectures; Physical book (that you will buy and will refer to the customer at no cost – remember: it’s a gift!); Physical product or service of your company; Subscription/purchase software or application; Tickets to any live event etc.

2 Tip: WhatsApp is your faithful friend!

Buy a cell phone chip for your Multilevel Marketing business. Disclose the number to your contacts and ask them to add in the phone book.

Make such disclosure through your website, Facebook, business card, email, anyway, everywhere I can.

Then, create groups or lists of transmission to maintain relationship with your contacts, answering questions and offering special content.

Sales and signups will increase gradually until you are unable to attend more. Various partners in Bee Better have been through it!

3 Tip: answer the TOP 10 Questions and Sale Too!

Probably your future partners or customers have several doubts about your products or services. Instead of answering one by one by telephone, e-mail or Facebook, create simple and quick videos answering the TOP 10 questions. Post on YouTube. It’s free!

If you don’t want to record videos, you can write 10 articles and publish on your blog. Spread this content over the internet and see how you will begin to be searched for by people interested in your products and services. It’s amazing!

4 Tip: Offers warranty and sale up to 30% more!

By law, companies are obliged to provide guarantees of their products and services. In fact, that’s the least one would expect from a quality company.

Why not take advantage of this incentive and confidence in your website visitor and selling of 10 to 30% more?

How does it work?

Make it clear in your marketing communications that you give guarantees, showing large icons and banners pointing to the warranty.

In addition, mention it in the text of your site, in videos, on Facebook, on WhatsApp, anyway, where can.

Believe me: it can increase sales by up to 30%!

5 Tip: the power of powerful words.

Find out which are the most appealing and relevant to your client and use them in campaigns on the site, Facebook posts, etc.

Follow the step by step:

Do a search with your client (can be online).

Copy all the answers of your customers in a single text.

Paste your client’s answers and create a cloud of tags.

This tag cloud shows the most used by its customers, indicating wants and needs.

Now just use the same words in your text and you will be much more persuasive.

Here’s a quick course on the techniques of persuasion. Always works!

6 Tip: ask your future partner or customer.

Ask your future partner or customer what he wants and fulfill his wishes.

Check out this email I sent to the visitors of my blog:

“Hello, how are you?

It’s a pleasure to talk with you again. I’m about to release a new Multilevel Marketing training online, but first I would like to ask what subjects are most interesting to you. If possible put 2 or 3 subjects in order of importance, so I can launch a training that may meet your needs. I will be immensely grateful for your participation.

Hugs, Ben Popov”

I received over 100 responses and found that 70% of people who followed my blog had interest in learning how to recruit new distributors for their teams. After that I spent to create an information about Multilevel Marketing recruitment, created a separate list with people interested in the subject and subsequently launched an eBook relevant to them.

I sold little more than 50000 real this eBook in less than a year. And I had no idea what my audience wanted. All it took was a simple email!

7 Tip: turn negative comments in sales!

Has received some negative comment on the internet? Instead of being sad or angry, I try to stay calm and reverse the situation intelligently.

I’ve done up new sales from a complaint from a customer. Here’s a model of response to a negative comment:

“We treat the reviews carefully to stay constantly improving our business and fixing our route. Fortunately, the vast majority of the feedback we receive is constructive and allows us to serve people with increasing quality. People who know us know what we do and WHY we do it. That’s why we have earned the trust and sympathy of them over the years. Regarding your criticism …”

Then you go on with your explanation.

Note how the response is polite and intelligent. (Much better than sending the client to … well, you know).

8 Tip: YouTube is your best Seller!

Use the “call to action” to lead potential customers to your site.

If you post videos on YouTube enable this option. She has worked like a charm in my business!

9 Tip: Use Powerful Posts on Facebook!

What are powerful posts? Are those who attract attention, generate tanned and comments in droves. And the main: generate sales!

Some types of powerful posts:

Ask for feedback on your product;

Share a “secret” information of your company, type: “did you know that our fragrances come from the Middle East?”

Share a personal story;

Cite a statistic of your business;

Publish an inspiring phrase;

Publish breaking news;

Ask the opinion of fans about any subject;

Question: “what would you do if …?”

Share an info graphic;

Ask for help;

Publish pictures “Before and after”;

Request a recommendation (from book, event etc.).

10 Tip: learn to say no!

One of the main reasons of your business doesn’t go forward faster is the lack of focus. Get out of the third schedule. Not that delay your business commitments.

Here are 7 ways to say “no” without hurting:

Right now I can’t commit my time because I have some priorities to address, thank you for understanding;

Sorry, I’m in the middle of an important project at this time, we can talk next week?

Sorry, at the moment it would not be in my priorities, but I will note here to think about it further. Thank you for understanding;

Now I can’t. But I will think about it and talk more forward;

I guess I’m not the best person to help you with that. Why don’t you talk to so-and-so?;

Have you tried search somewhere how to do it?

I’d like to do that, but now I really can’t.

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