Top Trends That Will Shape the Future of Mobile App Development

Top Trends That Will Shape the Future of Mobile App Development

The trends in mobile app development regime keeps on changing year after year. Here is an extended note on the trends that will shape app development this year.

Smartphones without a hint of doubt are the most relevant piece of technology we are using today. We turn to our phones every now and then to fulfill even the subtle requirement of our survival. And the rage of social media apps has added more to our liking of using mobile phones. Right from their inception apps have always attracted the users.

Much like software development, the world of mobile app development has now surpassed all the possibilities of innovation with the creation of useful apps. There are exceptional apps out there for the users that offer every kind of information to them. While the technology is escalating every single day, every mobile app development company is trying to cash on the opportunities to get more and more users as their loyal customers.

The technology in mobile app development keeps on changing year after year. With the arrival of new trends and techniques developers get innovative ways to bring forward exceptional applications for the users. Here is the preview of the trends that will shape the future of mobile app development in 2019.

Augmented and virtual reality

AR and VR has changed the scenario we look at mobile apps. Pokémon go is a fine example of the same. The technology helps users perceive the things in reality and offers an augment view of the things even if they are not real. Well the technology has already helped gaming, tourism, and real estate industry to grow enormously, it is yet to make its mark in mobile app development domain.

Till now augmented and virtual reality have only been used on head-mounted devices. But the technology holds all the potential to develop apps that could bring imagination into the reality. 

Rise in wearable devices

All thanks to the innovative wearable technology that Apple for the very first time brought to us. The craze has now reached to an extent where everyone of us wish to own a wearable device. Be it Google Glass, Fitbit, or Apple watch, all cutting-edge technology represents the best example of wearables.

That said, wearable is not limited to bands or head-mounted devices anymore, smartphones apps are also getting into the race of including similar elements in the devices. Apps like Zomato and Uber have already started using the IoT element that, of course, wearable devices use.

Popularity in M-Commerce

M-Commerce has become one of the popular trends that make purchasing easy for the users. It gives the freedom to do the cashless transactions with using various debit and credit cards along with other payment methods. Moreover, the adoption of Apple Pay and Google wallet by the users is one sign that they are too liking this new method that offers cashless transaction.

Coupled with wearables, the trend of M-Commerce is all set to go places. As the trend is getting favorable support from the users, it will for sure become much more prominent in the times to come.   

Location-based services and beacons

The spirit brought forward by IoT and wearable is going further with location-based services and beacons. Beacon acts as smart tracking system to offer location-based information to the users with the help of Bluetooth technology. Beacon-devices can be used to locate things if users anyhow lost an item. However, it is important to have the required connection in these devices in order to help locate the missing item.

Beacons are extremely useful for use in apps developed for security and logistic purposes. Beacon is also an award-winning technology to use for navigation purposes even for defense purposes.  

In the conclusion

All the above-mentioned trends have the potential to change the trends every mobile app development company is working on today. Some of these trends are already prevailing currently and promise to remain there for a longer time period.

Other techniques that are in their nascent stage have also got the potential to be prominent as soon as they get adopted by the developers. All these trends are exceptional and are sure to play a prominent role to change the fate and the face of technology we use today.

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