10 Benefits of Video Sharing Website That May Change Your Perspective

Video Sharing Website

Video has become a crucial marketing tool and most businesses rely heavily on videos to grow their business. However, many video content creators have not yet come to grip with the power of video sharing. While other forms of content are also vastly popular, it is hard to neglect the popularity of multimedia. The young generations are glued to YouTube and other video sharing platforms are much more likely to viewing business advertisements through these platforms than directly visiting the business website. However, that is not the only reason why you must focus on publishing your content on video sharing platforms. Even with so many obvious reasons to adapt videos to their content strategy, the number of businesses that leverage it is less. This is because most of them are not aware of the immense potential that video sharing websites hold.

Here are 10 powerful benefits of video sharing websites you need to know:

Instant playback

In the early days, if you wanted to add videos to your website, the only option was to upload it in the form of a link. Similarly, the visitors had to download a video completely before watching it. However, the rise of video sharing websites has completely changed the scenario. Video content is served in a way that viewers can instantly play the files without downloading it.

Extensive library

To maintain a competitive edge, video sharing sites expand their video databases regularly. This benefits their customers by offering plenty of choices to choose from, all in one place. Another advantage of video sharing is access to unique content that they otherwise will not have access to. For example, if you take YouTube, customers can get access to old classic movies that they never had the opportunity to access. Movies made back in the 1940s are now digitized and available on video streaming sites like YouTube.

Piracy protection

Allowing your visitors to download video files makes it easy for your content to be pirated. But with the advanced technology available now, a video sharing website that allows visitors to download files can easily secure their content from piracy. A good and robust video CMS will be capable of protecting your videos by making it tough for people to save a copy to their devices if you don’t want them to.

Videos build trust

If you are a business into video production or a video sharing website, and if building trust to expand your customer base is the goal, videos help to build long-term relationships. Video content is likely to engage viewers and ignite an instant connection. If you are serious about content marketing, you must be serious about video streaming too. Not just normal videos, even promotional videos can foster trust. Effective video marketing presents your products and services in a conversational form to your customers. Over 57% of customers say that videos give them the confidence to make online purchases.

Search engines love videos

Considering the engagement video creates, it is evident that videos have the power to increase the time spent by visitors on your website or channel. For the same reason, longer exposure builds trust and signals search engines that your website has rich content beneficial for the target audience. Moreover, as Google now owns YouTube, there is a considerable increase in how much videos affects your search engine rankings. To have the entire benefits, ensure your videos are optimized and have catchy titles and descriptions. You can add a link back to your site, products, and services to convert your viewers to customers.

Video engages even the laziest buyers

Video can be a great tool for educating, but it is not complex to consume. The modern audience doesn’t have time to browse long product descriptions, instead, they want to see products in action, even if it is a product or service, they prefer consuming it in the form of videos. Video streaming can capture a wide audience and works on different levels. Video streaming has the power to engage even the laziest customers.

Ease of accessibility

Another benefit of video sharing websites is that they are accessible easily from almost any type of mobile devices. A smartphone and a stable internet connection is all that a user needs to access your video library. The technological advancements enable users to watch their favorite videos in the devices they use. If you have a video library in your website, use a good video sharing CMS that includes a transcoding solution compatible with a broad range of video types and automatically converts them to different formats according to different devices.

Notifies about upcoming videos or broadcasts

Modern users are always online, and your video sharing website has the advantage to notify them about the upcoming broadcasts. You can easily remind your viewers about the upcoming episode of a show or a series, so that they can tune in to your channel for the same.

Notifications sent at the right time will ensure that your users don’t miss new videos from you. This will ensure you don’t lose your audience in the long run. Moreover, notifications can also help you feed the interest of your audience.

Features of community building

Any video sharing website comes with social features that help to build a strong online community. You can encourage users to invite their followers from social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to interact with each other on your site, discuss new videos, and participate in polls.

Get other websites to embed your videos

Every time your video is embedded on some other website, it is counted in favor of your content. The more the people embed your videos, the higher is the chance for it to be ranked in the search results. Additionally, using video sharing websites to upload your content makes it immortal. It helps to repurpose the content you have once created without having to spend a lot of time. Repurposing content is an effective form of content marketing that helps you to reach an audience who loves to watch such content.


The 10 benefits of video sharing websites show how much videos can help to boost your online presence and grow your user base. What’s more? There is no sign of it slowing down in the near future. The more videos you have and the more you promote them, the better positioned you will be in the industry. Besides the benefits briefed in the blog, there is more to video sharing. When you are creating videos already and have it on your channel, you can incorporate them into your email marketing campaigns. Moreover, if a branded video has an entertaining element, users are more likely to share with their friends. Hence, make sure you maintain an entertaining tone in your videos to engage your users to gain the most out of it.

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