10 Best Link Building Tools and Software in 2019

10 Best Link Building Tools and Software in 2019

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Increasing the ranking of your site depends on both offsite and onsite factors. If you are in the game of SEO, you may know that off page SEO is as vital as on-page optimization. From among two hundred SEO factors of page ranking, using online marketing tools for backlink building is the most populous. The advantage of SEO tools from many surveys show that backlinks include close to twenty-three percent of all factors of ranking since it tells the search engine about how other websites perceive yours.

  1. Ahrefs

By far Ahrefs are great tools for optimization. It does well in competitor analysis, keyword ideas generation, site audit and so much more. As for the process of generating links, Ahrefs gives you the allowance to see top pages by the growth of connections, broken link analysis, and top pages by links. It is possible to see outbound links of the site, anchor texts in use, and broken links of the whole site. It is possible to see sites with links to broken pages.

  1. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is among the biggest backlink database in the world, meaning that it knows all things about links and online marketing tools. It possesses billions of links in the database. It has a game-changing feature that analyses links on websites daily. Backlink data is known as Fresh Index. It is possible to get reports on backlink gains for your site and competitors.

The free version of Majestic is perfect for tracking and auditing the backlink profile of your site. It is crucial since it helps you know how individuals see the site outside and functional content. You can also build relations with linking sites to get more links and grow.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is among the best online marketing tools for link building. It is among the best tools for professional bloggers. It gives you time to check the backlink profile of your competitors and strategize on your prospecting steps to get the same links. This is good for bloggers that do not know how to build links and where to start on functional links. You type a domain of the competitor and select the backlink option found on the left side of the panel.

  1. Link Explorer

Link Explorer is among the most used and common SEO tools. It is quite straightforward in doing link analysis aspects. It helps research backlinks, automated or manual link spam that may invoke a penalty from Google, and hunt opportunities for backlinking.

You can check spam score that shows about the link types pointing to a particular site. This tool is among the best online marketing tools that can assure you success.

  1. Raven link building SEO tools

Raven tools are more like a suite of link building tools specializing in outreach management and competitor research. It possesses in-depth competitive analysis that will help you know the keywords your competitors are using to rank. These tools also offer marketing tools that are beyond link building. Raven tools provide natural link queuing features that help you outreach for building links. It also offers additional SEO tools that help you do several things on one platform.

  1. SEOquake

SEOquake is the best browser extension for SEO analyzers. It offers you quick access to a lot of data for all sites you visit like a page’s social signals, keyword difficulty of the query, and a report on external and internal links of a website. The good thing is that when you type a topic on Google, extensions stay on the browser and gives you details about the sites that are competing you.

  1. Broken link builder

By typing a phrase or keyword, the broken link builder will hunt down hundreds or dozens of broken links quickly to provide you with the best opportunities for link building. Their powerful and simple SEO tools allow you to grow your link profile and get low-hanging fruits on the internet which are ripe for picking. Regardless of your industry, your site or your client’s site, the broken link builder can come up with a long list of outreach opportunities.

After you locate your link building opportunities, broken link builder simplifies the creation of content and allows you to minimize the time spend on activities of link building and enhance profits.

  1. Whitespark

Whitespark is among premier online marketing tools for SEO and link building for SMBs. If you want to curate local links, whitespark surfs the local web to locate excellent link building opportunities that are in the same line with your location and company. It adds more than help when you are building your backlinks. It also helps you to get testimonials from customers, audit your list of citations to optimize the search engine presence and maximize your social proof and local reputation. With services beginning at twenty-seven dollars per month, you get an incredible bang for your money, and this tool should stick to your radar.

  1. Followerwonk

This is another tool from folks at Moz. It is quite a less conventional tool for link building. You can say that it is not a typical link building tool. It allows you to track and analyze users on Twitter, search bios, and compare users. While its application for link building may not be obvious, you have to remember that building links is relationship building.

With followerwonk, you possess the power of finding excellent link building opportunities which lie dormant in your twitter account. If you realize you have a following of a particular influencer, or recognize that several followers have blogs that are blowing up, it becomes easy to leverage the current relationship with these people to get links of high quality.

  1. Link miner

It integrates point blank SEO chrome extension with Majestic SEO to make generating backlink and sourcing counts easy. It is a great tool that will help anybody serious in prospecting to get to the next level. Link Miner allows you to check for pages for broken links instantly. It shines in its ability to dive deeply into links. It is possible to find the total number of links with one click, URLs of top links, and referring domains.


The link building tools above are the best online marketing tools for you to develop your SEO strategy if you want to achieve success. The link building software and tools are useful to help you get an edge in the competition. Online success depends on your prowess in link building. Go for SEO tools that will give you success in all efforts of building links.

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