10 Reasons to Buy a Tablet

Back in the day’s tablets made a drastic change in the market. People were drawn to them by the fact that tablets have bigger screen than Smartphones and small dimensions than Laptops. Nowadays tablets have dropped in price and are more affordable than ever. Today we will give you 10 Reasons to buy a Tablet.

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1) Portability

Perhaps the deal breaker when it comes to buying tech. People want something small enough to the point that it’s not getting in their way but also big enough to use in day to day tasks. Tablets tick both boxes in this category. They are bigger than smartphones so their displays are easier to use and they can’t run only few apps that big laptops can so chances are you are better off with a tablet. Another great feature of tablets is that they can be charged anywhere and they don’t require big power adapters.

2) Big screen

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you are unable to see what’s written on your smartphone so you have to bring the bright, shiny display close to your face to read a paragraph. Even worse than that is the way your friends look at you when you do that. That problem is eliminated with a tablet. Due to the fact that tablet has bigger display, the text will show up bigger and it will be much more comfortable to read and do all the tasks that normally you would do with your smartphone.

3) Different OS

In world of mobile tech there are two dominant groups of people, Android guys and iOS guys. Some people love having functionality and diversity of Android system and some like safety and speed that iOS system can provide. No matter which category you see yourself in, tablets have got you covered there. They come in all the popular systems of nowadays including Android, iOS, Windows etc. This is great news because now you don’t have to worry about switching systems, getting used to different layout and style or about compatibility regarding documents.

4) Wide price range

The problem with tablets back in the day of their first releases to the market was their price. They were new technology that world hasn’t seen before and they were quite expensive. Today you could get a good, quality tablet for cheap as 100$. There are even better deals if you hit used market. You could get a top of the range tablet for as low as 200$ if you don’t mind buying second-hand. It’s truly a device that can fit all budgets and all your needs.

5) Accessories

Lots of people who are considering buying tablet instead of laptop will say that they prefer having the feel of a physical keyboard and that they want good speakers for those long skype calls. With tablets you could buy an inexpensive keyboard that you can simply plug into the connector and be set. Same thing applies for speakers. The advantage of this setup is that you still get all the functionality of a laptop but have the option to take the keyboard off and comfortably take it with you. Granted, this option is available on some laptops but those cost way more than tablet’s.

6) Great for reading

Topic that we touched upon a bit in the earlier text but still one that requires its separate paragraph. Before tablets your only option for reading documents that are not In paper form was trough e-readers as no one would buy expensive and heavy laptop just for reading books on their way back home from work. Tablets do a great job of replacing e-readers. They have great resolution, adjustable screen brightness and overall a big screen. You can read every article that you can on your Desktop or Laptop and still open documents such as PDF files or Word documents.

7) Storage is not an issue

With modern day advances of technology we’ve come to realize that our biggest issue is not enough memory on our devices. Both us and you have encountered with the annoying “Not enough memory” popup on our screens. Today we have more cloud-based storage options than ever. Some are free and some are payware but they all serve the same purpose. Withcloud options such as OneDrive you can connect your Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet on the same account which enables you to easily transfer data. If you are not a fan of cloud-based storage tablets have got you covered there too. In almost all of them you can add inexpensive micro SD card and you will be set.

8) App choice

Today we have more apps than we ever did have. From apps that tell you time in different regions of the world, trough games and productivity apps, to apps that can even tell you your speed in a moving vehicle. Almost everything that you need is out there on our favorite app stores. Tablets benefit of this too. They have pretty much all apps available that Smartphones have. This interconnects with system options so you have all the same apps for your Tablet that you have for your smartphone.

9) Battery life

Lately there has been a huge advance in battery technology. Batteries are lasting longer than ever, are more stable than ever and require less time to charge.Laptops have big batteries that need to power lots of system so some of them won’t be able to serve your needs for the entire day. Tablets have lesser systems that they need to power so their battery lasts longer and you can charge it anywhere hustle-free. With Laptops there are power adapters that are big, clunky and non versatile. With recent development of quick charge technology tablets are more than ever clear winners in this category.

10) Great backup device

If you don’t have your mind set on switching completely from Laptop to Tablet then we have another purpose for your tablet device. You can use it as a backup device when in need. Toddlers find tablets as great source of entertainment and you don’t have to worry about them breaking expensive piece of equipment or calling contacts that you don’t want them to. You can use your Tablet in the kitchen to help you with recipes or in the workshop for manuals. Tablets have great amount of use in our lives.


If you are looking for something more than smartphone and less than laptop tablets are great choice. They are greatly priced and have lots of features which are all the things that we need in 21st century.

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