10 Things you should know before buying Instagram account for your business

Buying Instagram account can be one of the best shortcuts for getting fame as well as a follower base as it is. Moreover, there are some business owners who are looking for buying an Instagram account for their new business in order to access a big number of followers. Buying accounts on Instagram, though may be a blessing in disguise for some of the new people on Instagram, it might also act as a bane for some. They say that”Little knowledge is dangerous” and it is true in this case as well.

10 things you should know before buying Instagram account for your business

Before you buy Instagram accounts, it is imperative that you know the following important points specially for the business owners:

1) Buy at your own risk: Buying Instagram accounts is against the policies of Instagram as you are not allowed to sell or transfer any aspect of your account to other users. You should know that if Instagram gets to know about it, they can even shut your account down, which may lead to loss of money, time and efforts.

2) Some accounts may not be real: When you buy an account on Instagram, you should know that sometimes, the account and the person behind the account sometimes may not be real, and you might face a problem when you realize it. There are chances that they are bots and might disappear after some time.

3) Do a background check on the seller you buy your followers from: Make sure that the account you are buying is being sold by a person with genuine intentions. Go through their comments and their profile and do a proper background check before making your decision.

4) Do a thorough check: Your Instagram account won’t be of any use if you are a fashion blogger and your followers are full of people who’re interested in education or fitness. Hence, do a thorough check of all the followers that you get. Make sure that the account you are buying is actually real and not just a fake account with bot based followers.

5) It might reflect on your brand image: There can be a chance that when your actual followers get to know that you are buying the accounts and not growing them organically, it might reflect badly on your brand image and you might also lose on your genuine followers. Social Tradia says there so many startups and small companies that prefer to buy an Instagram account to promote their brand instead of starting a brand new page with zero followers.

6) Use a payment service which is trusted: Be sure that the payment that you are making should belong to the same account of the person that you are talking to. If he/she persuades you to send the money through a third party, a friend or a family, it is not a good option. You can use PayPal any day.

7) Engagement by the fake accounts will only act as a disadvantage: The followers that you earn by buying the account can sometimes be a disadvantage to you when most of the comments become generic. Those followers may even comment on something which is not even related to your posts.

8) Your account might get spammed: Spamming is the main issue that you might face when you purchase an account. Chances are that your Direct Messages and comments are filled with spam messages and comments. If by chance, you have provided your Email ID, then your mail ID may also get spammed messages.

9) You might even lose out on genuine followers: People might visit your page and while going through your feed might notice that some of the comments are not genuine. This would create a bad image of you and your page and you might even lose out on your potential followers. It is basically useless because the followers on the account that you have bought will not even bring traffic to your website and will never even share your product or even buy it.

10) Middlemen might also be fake: A lot of you might already know that if Instagram recognizes fake accounts, it shuts them down. There are some of the middlemen who promise to protect you from scams as well as fake followers but beware from such services because even they can be shady and untrue. Do yourself a favor and do not fall into those scams.

Being a rapidly growing platform, Instagram is increasingly being used by brands and individuals for generating a genuine following. The practises like buying Instagram accounts and followers may do more harm than good. With strategically developed strategies, you can easily attract organic followers to your profile. You just need a good strategy in hand and you’re good to go!

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