11 Content Writing Secrets Which Professional Writers are using

content writing secrets

Each day, the content writing field welcomes a new batch of writers across the world. These writers hope to leave a positive impact on the publishing (print and electronic) world. The best of these new writers are the one who is well aware of the fact that it is hard to succeed overnight. Therefore, they struggle a lot, follow their established seniors, and make changes in their writing to establish themselves in the market.

If you are one of these writers, you need to know the secrets of professional writers. Here are some of those secrets for you:

1. Look for new ideas all the time

Look for new ideas all the time

Professional writers are always open to new ideas. Like them, you need to keep yourself engaged in conducting in-depth research and reading source materials. You need to develop sharp observation skills to find out all the possible ideas on a new topic. When you come across an idea on a topic, start thinking over it, and use your own words to elaborate the same. Usually, an idea doesn’t come immediately; there is an array of ideas, and you have to choose the best one.

2. Make no excuse

Pro writers never say that they don’t want to write on a particular day. They are always ready to think over a topic and start writing soon. To establish yourself as a professional content writer, you have to follow a no-tolerance policy. The most important task that you have to do is to write. You need to write more every day. Further, you have to stop saying that you have written nothing for a week. You need to develop a practice of writing something every day and stop all the doors of justifications and excuses.

3. Set a schedule 

Set a schedule

Some writers find it easy to sit down and start writing any time in a day or week while some like writing at the same time every day. However, every successful writer follows a time-table for their writing work. They always stick to their writing schedule.

You need to create your own routine for content writing. It should be based on personal peak and productivity time. Suppose that you feel better at writing something in the morning. You should schedule your time by keeping this in mind.

4. Develop your own style and voice

The difference between professional writers and amateur writers is the skill of creating their own style that draws readers and encourages them to come back. The pro writers develop their own voice by giving their personal touch in every piece of their writing. These writers can write something on a topic which has been written many times before. They find a way to make those ideas their own. To be a successful writer, you need to create your own style and develop the skill to convert the earlier topic into an original one.

5. Break the writing project into small pieces

Break the writing project into small pieces

Like professional writers, you should break your writing tasks in small pieces. With this, you will find that completing a big project is more comfortable and you can complete it within a realistic deadline. It happens, as you focus on the first part, but not the entire project. You go to the next section as you complete the one. In simple words, breaking down a writing task is helpful for you.

6. Maintain the content length

As a professional writer, you have to write content with a word limit. Sometimes you write a content piece of 1000 words, and sometimes you have to write the content with less/high word count. Professional writers value the content length and write the same in or around the mentioned word limit. To be successful in content writing, you should maintain the specified range. You can keep the word count 10% less or more, but do not go too much beyond the mentioned limit.

7. Give your best in the first paragraph

You know the introductory paragraph is valuable. It is the one that encourages the readers to go ahead in the write-up and read every word until the end. You know most of the readers scan the write-up before they start reading it. In scanning the write-up, they go through the first part and decide whether they should read the entire topic or leave it. Therefore, you shouldn’t do anything that can stop visitors from going through the whole write-up. Always, give your best.

8. Stay focused on the single topic

Keep in mind that your write-up is the best one when you write it from your heart & soul; you have no distractions during the writing. It means that you should stay focused on the topic you are writing at present whether you are creating a web copy, article, or thought-provoking blog. Once you decide the topic to write on, you should stay focused on that single subject until you complete it. In simple words, stay to the point and be precise.

9. Take breaks 

No one works or can’t consistently work throughout the day. It applies to a writer too. Pro writers have a sound familiarity with their time in writing the best content of any length. They know it well that how long they can work in a single sitting and rushing to a content piece will never be good to anyone (writer and readers). Therefore, they take small breaks when they need. By taking breaks, they feel fresh, and their fresh mind enables them to think better and give their best.

To establish yourself in the content writing field, you should avoid continually working in a row. Take small breaks as per your needs. In your breaks, walk around the place or take rest to refresh your mind.

10. Do editing and proofreading

Do editing and proofreading

We all are human beings. As human beings, we make mistakes in different parts of our personal as well as professional life. So, it is clear that content writers like others can make mistakes in their write-ups. However, professional writers make no mistakes in their content. You know content with errors makes readers irritate, and hence, they leave going through it. Whether you are an established or amateur writer, you should edit your written content as many times as you can do. Edit the content after some time when you finish it. Suppose that you have just written a content piece. Take rest for half an hour or come back to it the next day to do proofreading/editing. With this, you can come across your mistakes that were not visible at the time of writing or first editing after the completion. You should edit your write-up until you don’t have satisfaction from your work.

11. Have a balance between consumption and creation

We need to feed our brains to give our best. In content creation, you can do your best when you have ideas. And these ideas come from reading. Reading books, blogs, articles, social media, and news articles helps you generate ideas and convert those ideas into your own words.

Here it doesn’t mean that you should read too much. If you do it, you have a lack of time to create. Further, you should not read everything. Reading your favorite blog or articles related to your interest is beneficial for you.

Apart from the above, you should have a close eye on your progress and create action triggers to establish yourself in the content writing field.


The tricks mentioned above are the secrets of a successful content writer. These tricks are the one which is applied by a digital marketing agency, content writing agency, and content writing company while creating custom content for their clients. You should follow these steps if you are serious about your content writing career.

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