11 Creative Ideas for Custom Mobile App Development

11 Creative Ideas for Custom Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is the process by which mobile software is developed for mobile devices. These applications can be either be pre-installed during its manufacturing or can be run as software on a web browser by sending it through a server side or client side processing to provide an interactive application like experience. Application software should consider the long array of screen sizes and intensive hardware specification because of the competition demanded in the present market. Mobile app development has been steadily growing, in revenues and jobs fields. Mobile applications are first tested within the development environment with the help of emulators and later subjected to field testing. Emulators provide an economical way to test applications on mobile phones to which developers may not have physical access.

Following are some creative ideas for Custom App Development: –

  • IoT Powered Applications: –

Internet of things is the new technology hitting the market in the present scenario. The comprehensive use of sensors and remotes had added curiosity to this aspect of science. Connecting different electronic gadgets, home security and vehicles from one single operating system is what IoT works upon. The various application of this technology is visible in smart home parking, water quality monitoring, smart office system and life size BB druids and many more. If it is used judiciously, it would surely bring a lot of change to the world in the next decade. This has not only ensured a secure and safe environment around yourself but had created enhancement in the achievements of technology in the world.

  • On-Demand Apps:-

These apps have revolutionized the present world by providing facilities on demand. Just you need to have is a phone by your side which would not only bring a great change to this world but also will enhance the level of living standards. Nowadays, people don’t go out to eat food or go to a spa to have a message. Using on-demand apps gives you an immense amount of facilities to take advantage of. As per the data of Harvard Business Review, on-demand had shown immense upliftment in its use with 22.4 million users every year. Being at any place, whatever you desire gets fulfilled in a moment of the snap is the basic agenda of such apps.

  • Augmented Reality in applications:-

The first application which showed the impression augmented reality was Pokemon Go. Augmented Reality has not been explored yet completely. If implemented wisely, any business can have large leverage to solidify its business with enhancing productivity. Though it is being used much in the gaming sector it can be utilized in the shopping, education, medical, and tourism. Augmented Reality had stepped its feet in the grounds of exploring varying jobs and profession. It can be widely used because it relates your devices with your present moment and also stimulates a user- friendly environment around you.

  • Virtual Reality:-

It is an interactive computer generated experience which takes place along with a stimulating environment. It mainly incorporates auditory and visual feedback. This immersible environment can feel like a real world moment or fantastical. It gives you a 360-degree virtual aspect of anything. It is basically used in the gaming sector and its usage in gaming arena creates more zeal in gaming for the present generation.

  • Tax invoicing apps:-

It’s a tough and hectic time when you use to give your taxes but ain’t able to get notifications regarding it or unable to calculate how much to pay. Tax invoicing apps are meant to calculate your taxes and even notify you to pay it on time. Appeasing this tension would help you to dedicate more time on the activities which require your more attention. Generating invoices would be add on feature of this app. Such apps help in letting you pay taxes on time whether you are busy with your hectic schedules.

  • Social Insurance and Telemedicine apps:-

Regarding the issue of several diseases spread across the country make doctors factotum. Telemetric is an alternative to it and even advantageous for the people living in remote areas. Previously, people there use to stand in a queue waiting for their chance to get examined by doctors. But, now they won’t be having such issues because telemetric proves better in such cases. It is a digital model offering clinical health care to someone living in remote areas or the one who doesn’t have access to resources.

  • Artificial Intelligence:-

This field of science is too vast for a person to understand because this technology creates humanoid having ‘human thinking’. AI helps not only in creating robots but also can help a country’s defensive association. Creation of Sophia, Siri, and Google Assistant are well examples of AI implementation.

  • Chatbot Apps:-

Chatbot are the apps which had led e-commerce to a  new level of extensive usage. Knowing and tracking your day to day activities and answering all your queries without any irritation is the work of your chatbot. A chatbot is more implemented in any field because of its user-friendly aspect and integrated environment gives the user a sense of realness. Who doesn’t like to have a system answering every query without getting exhausted?

  • Instant Messaging apps:-

Living across the world and still maintaining the relationship or being in touch has been a great issue since last few years. But, now messaging apps had reduced the sense of seclusion from a person and being at one place one could chat or talk anyone across the world free of cost. The enhancing features in such messaging apps had upgraded the number of users every year. Video calling, voice calling, money transactions, group making has led messaging app to a new direction which had not only included only present generation but also our past era too. Exchange of photos, audio sharing, and video sharing had added beautification to all these apps. Such apps cater to the needs of a person to socialize much and communicate with anyone at any moment of time.

  • Blockchain Apps:-

In the present world, everyone is running behind having economic stability and Block chain is such a platform which created immense popularization of e-commerce. There would be no individual who wouldn’t be aware of the block chain. Buying and selling of bit coins and crosscurrent had increased the chances of the safe and secure transaction too by block chain apps. It has become a key aspect amongst the commercial sector of the world. Even some researchers feel that in a few years, block chain will overpass the Internet. There are many fields which can utilize the basis of block chain such as payments and money transfer, smart contracts, distributed cloud storage, notary and networking IoT.

  • Graphical Restaurant Reservation System:-

Whenever you decide to have a wonderful dinner at a restaurant but after reaching there you look over the crowd and unable to find vacant tables there. The picture in front just makes you get yourself deprive of the fact of eating there. But, GRRS had created a nice aspect of having a proper non-traffic situation in a restaurant. Tracking traffic of every table and providing the availability of those tables on an app creates a pleasurable opportunity for a customer to have a portion of wonderful food there. Reserving and booking your table online also doesn’t create much hustling.

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