12 Benefits of the Elastomeric Roof Coating

In the present era of technology, innovative technologies have offered the best solutions for residential and commercial roofing. Now you don’t need to replace a roof in case of any problem. Roof coatings offer perfect solutions for most of the roofing issues.

An elastomeric coating is a liquid coating meant to be applied on low slope roofs. Homeowners use it to paint the metal roofs, concrete roofs and membranous roofs. The process of application is the same as applying the regular paint, but the elastomeric coating offers many benefits. Let us explore more about the elastomeric coating and its benefits.

What is Elastomeric Coating for roofs?

What is Elastomeric Coating for roofs


An elastomeric coating is a category of products that have waterproof and weatherproof properties. They are polymeric products that when applied, create a sealing layer on the roof the offer protection from existing leaks and damage.

Since these products are highly durable and versatile, they can be used to repair any type of roof and roof damage. The components in elastomeric products form strong bonds with the finished products to form a durable membrane across the roof.

Since most of the roofs have drains and other objects sticking out, it is essential to spray a coating around them. When it forms a coating around these objects, it creates a single surface to enhance the strength of water-resistance of the roof.

The elastomeric products have a property of being elastic. Therefore, they can flex and do not crack easily. Some of them have high elasticity as they can stretch to as much as 500 percent. Other types of roof coatings might develop chips or cracks with the changes in weather conditions.

Elastomeric coatings offer additional benefits and help homeowners to keep their roofs and homes cooler. There are also elastomeric coatings that you can paint over to add a new colour to your roof. According to roofing experts, these elastomeric coatings can last over a lifetime if maintained properly.

An elastomeric coating may last for 15 to 20 years, and after this period, homeowners may need to reapply the coating. Let us check all the benefits of using an elastomeric coating on a house roof.

There are basically four types of Elastomeric Coatings.


Ideal for low-sloping roofs and flat roofs, this substance. It is a decent vapour barrier, and it is capable of withstanding heavy water power. Butyl coating works very well on roofs made of asphalt, modified bitumen, and single plied roofing. A major benefit of butyl elastomeric coating for flat roofs is that it can resist the pressure of stagnant rainwater. Therefore, it becomes a perfect choice for homes in the locations that experience heavy rains in the season.


This is one of the most durable and widely used materials for coating a roof. It is more efficient for the environment than some coatings. Acrylic is best for high and multiple-pitched roofs. It’s especially great for roofs having a positive slope. It has a longer life than other types of coatings, and you can also easily clean it. The material is environmentally friendly and highly suitable for all locations. Homeowners in the US and hilly countries have roofs with a slope, and they can use acrylic coatings on them.


This is the perfect choice for waterproofing and sealing leaks for those who have the EPDM rubber roofs. It is a good choice for single-ply roofs because it does not require special pH rinses and is versatile. Adding a coating of polyurethane elastomeric can help enhance the overall protection of your roof. Polyurethane is especially good and highly suitable for roofs that are made of modified bitumen or TPO or PVC material.


This is the best coating component for roofs made from polyurethane foam. It can repair certain types of weathering and can be easily re-applied over previous silicone coats. The main reason is that a silicone elastomeric coating exhibits excellent weather resistance. If the foam was recently sprayed or if a new layer was needed for the protection, it is a great option.

When you want to coat your roof for added protection, it’s hard to think of a better option than elastomeric coating like rubber. It can be applied to any surface and will exhibit excellent durability while adapting to weather conditions. With many different options to choose from, you can find the coating that will work best for your roof.

Benefits of Elastomeric coatings

Protection from the elements.

Protection from the elements


Some places are prone to winds, storms, and strong thunderstorms. These types of winds and storms can pry off the seams in wooden roofs. This can enable the rainwater to enter the substrate that can get trapped in the roof. An elastomeric roof coating protects your property from winds, thunderstorms and rainwater. The protective coating retains itself on the roofing even in the winds and rainy conditions. However, as everything has a lifespan, these coatings also have, and you need to replace them every 10 to 12 years.

Adaptable to changes in temperature

The temperatures in any location do not remain the same throughout the year. It changes with the season to season and also during 24 hours in a day.

Once applied, an elastomeric roof covering will provide superior resistance against any weather condition. Since it acts much like rubber, it can stretch itself when the temperature rises and then return to its original shape when it cools.

By doing this, it resists cracks and breaks that are common in other materials due to changes in temperature. Due to the strong sealing of this coating, it is very good for energy efficiency. Cold air and heat remain inside, while it protects the interiors from the external environment.

Multipurpose Coating

It can be used on almost any type of surface. This includes metal roofing, single layer applications, accumulated applications, modified bitumen, and more. It can also be applied to freshly sprayed polyurethane foam.

Homeowners have different types of roofs depending on the locations and the environmental conditions. For example, people living in plains have flat roofs while those living in hilly areas have slope shaped roofs to allow water and frost slide away.

The actual angle of the roof doesn’t even matter. Unlike other roof coating materials that are used in buildings with flat roofs, elastomeric coatings can be used for slant and sloped roofs.

Maintain energy efficiency.

Maintain energy efficiency


Elastomeric coatings are an inexpensive way to restore and maintain the old roofs. In addition to roof protection, roof coatings can also enhance their energy efficiency. Many manufacturers make reflective coatings for the roofs. These coatings reflect the heat away from the roofs, thereby preventing them from heating and transmitting them inside the building. This can help maintain the internal building temperature and reduce the building’s energy requirements. These coatings also enhance older commercial roofs by preventing stagnation of water and enhancing the life of roofs.

Longer roof life

The external environment in most locations is full of dirt, dust and other pollutants in the air. Elastomeric coatings offer a seamless layer to any roof. It also offers protection from exposure to pollutants, ultraviolet rays, and salty air. A single application of elastomeric coating can extend the life of your roof by more than 20 years. Also, these materials are renewable, and you can recoat your roof after every ten years to extend the life of the roof.

Easy repair and maintenance.

Repairs are made easier as the coating needs reapplication only to damaged areas. There is no need to scrape, disassemble, waste materials, or complex machinery. A small team can repair it in less time than it takes to repair a traditional roof coating. The cost of repairs is also less as it does not need frequent repairs. The reason for the low cost of repair is the simplicity of the process and no need for complex equipment and workforce.

Elastomerics are monolithic, durable and engineered to match weather conditions.

Due to the flexibility and acrylic-based elastomeric, they adhere well to virtually any roofing substrate. A dual compound, 2 layer roofing solution is created by applying elastomeric over spray polyurethane foam. They are indeed the most popular roof coatings in any location to withstand high-intensity winds, storms and debris. The protection from such elements makes elastomeric the perfect material

No disruptions to the environment during installation

A major advantage to the installation of elastomeric coating is that the process does not disturb the environment of your home. The system creates very low noise and an odour that allows you to continue with your day to day routine. Installing a new roof costs more and also take a time of few weeks. However, restoring your existing roof with an elastomeric coating is a fast, cheaper and less disruptive process for your building. So, your family members can live their daily routine with peace when the workers perform the process of roof coating.

Benefits for Businesses

Elastomeric roof coatings are beneficial not only for homes but also for businesses and their offices. Let us explore the benefits of these wonder coatings for businesses.

Perfect Installation: There is a reason for the roofing system to be uninterrupted. When the commercial roof covering is installed correctly, it will be 100% seamless and resistant to decay and wind. The seamless lining is waterproof and can be repaired or repaired later.

No downtime

If you have a business, it will fix faster than commercial elastomeric ceilings, when you have to tear down the entire ceiling. This will facilitate the workflow, and there will be no workers left on the roof for long periods of time trying to fix a commercial roof. Therefore, you can continue with your business processes and daily activities with your employees to serve your clients.

Choose your Color

Choose your Color


Businesses have a special colour theme for their office that reflects their brand and brand image to customers, and partners. Therefore, it is best to choose the same colour for the roof coating to maintain its brand image. When using commercial elastomeric ceilings, you can choose any type of colour that matches your business colours.

Lower cost

As the elastomeric roof coatings last longer as compared to other roof coatings, they don’t need replacement sooner. In addition to all the environmental benefits you can enjoy with the coating, it will cost you less in the end than when you would have chosen to replace the entire roofing system. Despite the higher cost of installation, it saves money on utility bills over the years.

Green Roofs

Elastomeric coatings are environment friendly and called as green roofs due to the reason they protect the landfills. Also, they reflect most of the light and heat falling on them that saves the money business owners spend on cooling or heating the interiors of their offices. Studies have shown that elastomeric con saves up to 30 percent of the energy spent on maintaining the interior temperature of buildings. The property of reflection makes them green roofs for any business and environment.

When not to use elastomeric coating?

As specialists in roof replacement and roof maintenance, we make sure to recommend roof coatings to building owners if their commercial roofs will benefit from it. However, some ceilings are not suitable for ceiling coverings. For example, the roof has surface preparation problems. Also, it is preferable to achieve roof replacement if there is a loss of adhesion of the roof system and extensive wet insulation in commercial roof systems.

Final Words

Elastomeric roof coating is a simple but effective method to enhance the protection of any roof. The best benefit of this coating is that you can use it on any type of roof regardless of the material, shape and size of the roof. Whether its tile roof restoration or improvement of any other roofing material, you can use an elastomeric coating to enhance its protection. In addition to the safety of your roof, it also enhances the energy efficiency of your house and in turn, reduce your energy bills. So, homeowners can consider elastomeric coating as an investment and save the money over the years that other people spend in repairs and energy bills.

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