15 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Voice Recorder

If you use your smartphone for recording purpose frequently then you might be intending to get more out of it. Sometime few of your finest recordings needs to suffer from the Distortion and the background noise. But your recordings will now suffer anymore. Here are some creative tips and tricks to improve your voice recordings.

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1. Use external Microphone:

Sometimes your inbuilt microphone is not enough to help you to make a crystal-clear voice recording because it is fixed and you cannot move it much. if you will try to move it you will notice hindrance in recording. So, it is better to use a tested external microphone.

2. Stay away from the source of wind:

if you are recording in your living room sitting near the fan then the voice of fanwill definitely spoil your recording so it is a better idea to find a place which is away from the source of wind.

3. Make sure your device has enough space:

Before you start recording Make it sure that your device has enough space otherwise in the middle of an awesome recording you will get the error message to make more room to proceed with the recording.

4. Try a third-party application:

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Sometimes software makes a lot of difference. If you are done with trying many ways to improve your voice recording quality then it is worth giving a try to another third-party application to record audio. You can find many applications on the google play store and app store for this purpose.

5. Keep an eye on volume meter:

Most of the default of the third-party recording applications shows you the volume meter on which you can notice the frequency of the recording. You should keep an eye that it should not go very high and should not me remain at the lowest level.

6. Start recording well on time and do not rush to turn it off:

While recording something which you need to be crystal clear and sharp you should start recording a little prior to the starting of conversation and settle the device well. You should practice the same thing while ending up the recording do not be in a hurry to stop recording.

7. Do not use earphones when you are recording:

If you are recording your own voice putting earphones then you are making a blunder mistake. Your ears should be free while recording your own voice because sometimes you become louder as you are not hearing your own voice.

8. Save your recording with a correct name:

Another tip is about saving and organizing your recordings. Keeping your recordings well organized is also equally required. While saving your recordings you should be careful about the name you are giving to the file because it will make it easier for you to find them and in case you want to edit or add something to the recording then it will be easier.

9. Do not place microphone near speakers:

Placing the recording device near a speaker can create hindrance in your recording because of the magnetic field. Specially if you are recording using your smartphone then you will most certainly observe some disturbance in your recording.

10. Refine your recordings using a third-party software:

After you are done with your recording you may find so many places where you need to make a change or remove ambient noise. Making a recording again and again may consume time. So, it is better to use a third-party software to enhance the existing recording most of the third-party applications help you to remove unwanted Noise in background.

11. Tips to Improve Your Call Quality Monitoring:

If the case is you own a call center then checking quality of the calls is of course an important aspect for you so if want to check quality of your call records then here are some quick tips for this purpose.

12. Prepare a check list.

For an efficient monitoring you need to create a check list which will help you to monitor calls effectively. check list should include all the parameters under which you want to check the quality and while monitoring call you should stick to the checklist.

13. Focus on the yield behaviours:


While monitoring calls you should focus on the yield behavior which means that you should make sure that the calls are focusing to provide better service to the customers and agents are spending worthy time over the calls.

14. Provide regular feedback:

Regular feedback is must to make the flow smooth and free from all the hindrances. Feedback should be 360 which means you should regularly receive feedback from the agents and should also provide them the same on regular basis.

15. Monitor as much calls as possible.


It is not enough to monitor just a few calls you should monitor as many calls as you can this practice allows you to keep a sharp eye on what are the trending issues and how they can easily be resolved and if some agents are lacking anywhere you can instantly correct them.

Save best calls for training purposes

Best practice sharing is the key to success in every enterprise. So,once you start recording calls you should keep marking or separating the best calls which you can use earlier for quality and internal training purposes. These calls can be an example for the new agents or you can use them to improve the call quality of your existing agents.

This is how you can Improve your voice recorder and can make clear voice recordings which may help you in many things and if you own a call center then now you can make it simpler for your agents and for yourself to deliver the best to the customers.

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