Augmented & Virtual Reality – Boosting Education Industry by Empowering Students

Education industry has come forward to very great extent than what it was during our time. I am damn sure you’ll agree to my sentence without any explanation. But, it has come forward too much that you’ve ever think about it. Gone are the days when students go to the local library to prepare their assignments and spending too much time identifying which book will give them the most relevant information. Then there was the phase of eLearning in last many decades where all the information used to be available on internet just with the click. It has given a boom to the industry.

VR app development

Technology has helped a lot to many industries like media and entertainment industry, wearable app development industry, and has not kept education industry also behind. In the recent years, Augmented reality and virtual reality has been evolved and benefitted education industry very highly.

Augmented Reality

Enhanced version of reality made possible with the help of technology using virtual power. It means that it enables people to do and feel what they actually won’t able to do in reality.Your most favourite game ‘Pokemon GO’ or the most used app “” is the example of Augmented reality. It’s the AR technology mostly used in your very convenient devices like Smartphones, desktops, tablets etc.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is totally different than your real world! A dream, fantasized world recreated or simulated with the help of technology is known as virtual reality. It takes you to the different world of virtuality. To experience it, you need to wear a headset or a special device that take you through the different experience.

Virtual Reality and Education Industry:

This is the revolutionary change given to the industry helping students to learn and study in a very practical way. It allows students to experience it live. In the history lecture students can do a trip to world war II or Ancient Mahabharat days whereas in science they can really experience how the chemicals mixed up and generates the other gases!

There are various companies providing such headsets helps students to understand and learn well in very easy manner and the effect is also long lasting. Lot many such wearable app development company provides world class extravagant apps used for study and learning purposes in education industry.

Benefits that Virtual Reality Provides to Education Industry –

Increased Collaboration Among Student

Virtual Reality creates great social interaction between learners and has given a radical change to the education industry. It creates the experiential learning wherein individual can experience the things in real and lives long lasting impact on the students. They can enter into the simulated world that increases the collaboration. The ultimate aim of all this technological VR is to attract, engage and connect the users using what they actually like e.g. media and entertainment industry.

To Understand and Learn Subjects Better

The places where you have been or the tasks that you’ve performed lefts great memory in your mind. It is also said that if you want to learn different languages or different cultures of particular country, visit that place and experience the people, their languages and cultures. What if you can do all this within your four walls! Yes, Virtual Reality has made it possible. Students can visit New York twice a week just with their headsets. This helps them to understand and learn the things better while experiencing it live.

Virtual Speech has launched Language VR app that teaches you the different languages of your choice. You just need to sit with your headset and install mobile application and you’re all set. It will take you through different places and show you the objects and teach you what it is and how to pronounce it. And lot many other things…!

Mondly Languages is also the similar kind of mobile application.

Generates students Interest and Enhances Motivation

The technology keeps the user engaged with its 3D virtual realities and 360 degree videos. It connects and engages the people such that they fully give their attention. Gamification in study, rewarding techniques in assignments, motivating assessing tactics motivates the students to learn and study more. This forces students to think and imagine the scenario improves their IQ and EQ and knowledge.

Delivers One on One learning

Students just need to wear a headset and that will take them to different world where he’ll fully away from his real life. It’s a personal wearable device that definitely gives personal experience and also the one on one experience. Many of the times, introvert and shy students not able to speak in a group or they don’t feel comfortable in groups and this affects their learning and growth. It also helps slow learner to understand and learn in very well manner.

VR Trends & Statistics of Education Industry

The industry is recently started but has picked -up the race and booming at high level. As per the forecast made by Technoavio for 2018 to 2020, It is expected that Global Virtual Reality Market of education industry to grow at a CAGR of over 59% until 2022!There is very high trend of Social VR spaces.

It has created enriching experience for all the level of people and students. Depending on the age group different kind of virtual reality is created and that has successfully engaged the people to very great extent. Not onlyin terms ofteaching but also it has provided great level of supporting devices that improves the productivity and ease of operation to the education and other industries.

Various schools and colleges has implemented the concept and gained a lot. Starting from Nursery to Primary school students to College and doctorate students, specific system for learning is developed to boost the industry.

Concluding Note

A virtual reality technology that has the strong capacity to represent real-life experiences virtually by technological simulation and recreations. Advantages it provides is seamless and thus demanded and accepted highly. Yet the advances it has shown is yet the beginning, let’s wait for many more to come!

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