17 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales Instantly for Your Store Promotion

With millions of apps in the Shopify App Store, you have many options for improving the functionalities of an online store. Whether you want to improve email marketing, have in-depth analytics, or add customer reviews, you can find an app for everything.

Operating and growing an eCommerce business is not as easy as you think. There is enough more to oversee, including email marketing, speed optimization, shipments, and much more. But, there are many opportunities to choose from. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the 16 best Shopify apps to help you manage your store and add new functionality.

Top Shopify Apps to Improve Sales Instantly for Your Store Promotion

Spotify is full of valuable and powerful apps to help you monetize your store. Lots of merchants these days rely on the platform for their e-commerce store promotion. This platform has squared competition because of its excellent support, modern interface, and much more. It is considered one of the valuable app stores on the market.

There’s no correlation; Shopify apps are far more clear to install and use than other platforms. We deemed it an immeasurable idea to highlight the 16 best free Shopify apps with much to pick from. Find the best apps that ensure to improve your store promotion by improving your sales.

1. Oberlo


Are you seeking a small business idea? Or need a place to sell your products? Oberlo can assist you in sourcing a supplier. With a powerful app, you can search for a marketplace of products to import into your Shopify store. When you get an order, you can fulfill it through the dropshipping supplier and Oberlo. They will ship the product to customers for you. Now you don’t have to worry about packaging or shipping the product by yourself.

2. Omnisend


More than 87% of customers believe that businesses need to put effort into providing a seamless experience. All-in-one omnichannel suite, Omnisend authorized users to leverage complex automated marketing workflow. Users can integrate different channels such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and many more.


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Combining intelligent segmentation for ultra-precise targeting can help brands ensure that their message is relevant no matter which customers they are engaging with. A retail email campaign can snap with Omnisend using a simple drag and drop email builder that enables users to customize every factor of a campaign without the need for HTML knowledge.


Free Trial: 15 days.

Price: Depend on subscriber list;

Standard Plan: Starts at $10/month with 1000 subscribers

3. Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Product Reviews app allows users to add customer reviews to the products. It provides a way for customers to provide you feedback and encourage other customers to get the needed product from the store. Product reviews are crucial, especially when you consider only 2% of consumers do not look at reviews during the purchasing process. The content published in customer reviews can help in SEO as well.

Product Reviews app

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4. Free Shipping Bar

Free Shipping Bar

According to the NRF report, more than 34% of customers purchase online if brands include free shipping. The free shipping bar enables you to display your free shipping provided in a slide-out bar, show progressive messages to assist shoppers in reaching your free shipping entrance, and compliment consumers when they meet it. Around 75% of customers expect delivery to be accessible on orders under $50, up from 68% a year ago.

5. Klaviyo


Users can get the Klaviyo app from the Apple store. It is one of the valuable and effective email marketing automation app alternatives. With a feature-rich app, it becomes crucial for them to send cart abandonment as well as newsletters to customers. They can even send emails based on what customers have purchased in the past.

Around 40% of shoppers prefer to shop from retailers who offer personalized shopping experiences. And using Klaviyo, it becomes easier for you to provide your customers with more innovative product recommendations.


Trial: Free till 250 contacts

Price: Variable pricing after 250 contacts

6. Plug in SEO

Plug in SEO

Plugin SEO retains an eye on the webshop and executes sure the SEO is intact. Once installing the app, it will automatically detect all SEO aspects of the store, including blog content, broken links, keywords, and other SEO problems. It is one of the most becoming choices for SEO.


Sends email alerts;

Gives free instructions;

Checks and enhances SEO to increase organic traffic;


Trial: Free

Premium version: Starts from $20 a month.

7. Sumo


Unlike the big eCommerce stores, Shopify business proprietors constantly struggle to understand precisely what and how to market and improve their stores. As a small business owner, you’re wearing multiple hats in the company, logistics, sourcing, and sales, all while leading the team. However, it isn’t easy to set everything in the Shopify store even if you understand the perfect marketing strategies.

To solve issues, Sumo built a solution that enables you to set and forget proven marketing and sales strategies in less than four to five minutes. Sumo has launched shortcuts to reduce Cart Abandonment Shortcut, increase average order value shortcuts, grow average order, and more to come. With Shortcuts, the Shopify app provides you with practical and most straightforward methods to turn your visitors into eCommerce customers.


Free Trial: 14 days for eCommerce Plan;

Price: $79/month after free trial.

8. Order Printer

Order Printer

Order Printer facilitates you with more straightforward and quicker print receipts, invoices, labels, packing slips, and much more. Creating templates to suit the requirements or print in bulk to speed up the shipping method. You can even customize the branding on the printed materials, which generates a consistent and cohesive brand experience for customers.

9. OptinMonster


OptinMonster is known for its Exit-Intent technology, which assists pop-ups when it detects a user leaving. It has decided to enter the eCommerce game as well. The Shopify app has similar features to Sumo, providing pop-ups. Floating bars, scroll boxes, welcome mats, inline forms, and much more.

One of the exciting things about OptinMonster is that it enables users to display pop-ups based on custom display rules targeted to Shopify pages, collections, products, tags, articles.


Free Trial: No

Price: $49/month

Best Used: Email list building

10. Metrilo


Tired of having your CRM, email marketing, and analytics all over various dashboards and apps? You can consider using Metrilo to rescue. With this Spotify app, you can have everything from a one-stop solution. The platform enables you to automatically identify sales channels that are valuable to store and show you where you are losing business with complete funnel representation. It ensures to boost your sales and profit to a great extent.


Free Trial: 14 days

Price: $119/month

11. Digital Downloads

Digital Downloads

The Digital Downloads are the best Shopify apps you can consider using for free. The easy-to-use app enables you to make digital product sales on the Shopify store. Consumers get access to content immediately, and product updates are automatically forwarded to the consumers. You can mix and match to include brand products that are digital and tangible in a single order.

12. Form Builder

Form Builder

No matter whether you require a form on-site to collect ideas to enable customers to submit orders or something else altogether, this Shopify app is the best option to do everything. You can customize and create orders, inquiries, contact, and other types of forms on your Shopify site. It can enable the setting up of automated messages for confirmation responses.

13. OptiMonk


OptiMonk is very popular for its exit-intent pop-ups and has come a long way since its establishment. The tool offers all sorts of retargeting and pop-ups options that you can utilize to capture leaving visitors in the store. OptiMonk integrates with Messenger, enabling you to build a whole channel of your ideal customers.


Free Trial: 14 days;

Price: $29/month;

Best Used: for email marketing.

14.  SmartrMail


SmartrMail makes email marketing very easy for eCommerce stores. If you find email apps unintuitive and clunky, then developing manual newsletters with SmartrMail is an easy and quick option. The product details are automatically inserted from the Shopify store; there are plenty of advanced automation features, including automated flow and abandoned cart emails.

The standout feature of SmartrMail is their Recommendation Engine, which identifies the product individual customers are more likely to purchase. It automatically sends personalized product recommendations to consumers at the perfect time.


Free Trial: 15 days

Price: $29/month

Best Used: for email marketing.

15. Recapture.io


The Shopify app focuses on recapturing lost revenue, with abandoned cart recovery and the best tools to segment and target email campaigns and pop-ups to develop an email list. This even includes compliance with Google interstitial guidance as well as auto-syncing with Mailchimp.

Recapture.io is sleek, easy to use, and straightforward. The Shopify app enables users to around five minutes setting up significantly to boost revenue; they boast around $60 million in lost revenue recovered since 2015.


Free Trial: 15 Days

Price: Free for analytics features,

Advance Features: Starting $49/month

16. Mailbot


The virtual email marketing assistant, Mailbot performs everything you require with regards to email marketing. Easy to use app facilitates you to focus on generating traffic and manage your inventory efficiently. With advanced consumer segmentation as well as personalized follow-up emails, the virtual email marketing assistance helps you boost sales to your store.


Free Trial: 15 days

Price: $29/month

17. NotifyVisitors


For shop owners looking for a user-friendly shopify app to give a boost to their store, NotifyVisitors is the perfect choice. This app allows shop owners to create powerful email campaigns, Sms campaigns, push notifications and many more. Moreover, this app helps you customize campaigns with just a few easy steps.

With NotifyVisitors, shop owners can drive conversions on autopilot and increase customer engagement in real-time. The powerful features include customizable templates and easily understandable reporting which makes this app a must-have for shop owners. In addition, customers who use NotifyVisitors love its ease of use, comprehensive support system and value for money.


Free plan starts at $0/month

Startup plan starts at $49/month

For the enterprise plan you need to contact them.

Ending Note

No matter whether you want to promote your OTT platform script, delivery platform, or any other, it would help if you considered using the best apps and other tools that help you achieve desired results in a short time. Shopify provides excellent functionality and adds versatility by enabling access to different apps in the Shopify marketplace.

However, we encourage you to explore more apps than the above-listed one to look at the app store. One of the enormous suggestions to convert better is using the premium Shopify themes developed especially for an eCommerce store. The app will also help you build an eCommerce reputation, retain customers, and boost your sales.

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