25 free software and tools to scale your startup in 2020

25 free software and tools to scale your startup in 2020

Whether you’ve just launched your startup or planning to launch your business, this blog is a must-read as we have listed FREE tools to help you manage your business effortlessly startups and small business founders. We have compiled this list based on our experience of working with many startups and small businesses.

To make this blog easier to read, I have categorized the tools based on the need or department, so, happy reading!

For making your initial steps easily


It is a great web-based tool that can help you find the perfect domain name for your business. It consolidates several modern name generation techniques into an uncomplicated user interface which makes hunting for an available domain name effortless.


World Lab is another powerful business name generator that generates an exclusive business name from a list of more than 7.2 million existing names.  It also allows you to create a free account to access the world lab forum to get support from the business community.

There’s a way for Logo design too


Renderforestlogo maker assists you to produce eye-catchy logos in seconds. There are more than 20,000+ logo designs available exclusively on their website. With this logo maker, you can create for your company for free. They also offer you plenty of other services like making Intro videos, explainer videos, etc.

What will you do for creating a killer designs online?


Fotor is an online assistance for creating images and editing. With over 300 million users, it is one of the most used editing tools available in the online market. It grants an extensive set of editing tools and preset templates, making it simple for any individual to craft appealing visuals, including infographic pictures, ad banners, social media pictures, etc.


Vismeis the design tool to produce sturdy visuals in the form of infographics, presentations, and pictures. Visme helps to turn out tedious data into striking visual forms all from its browser based application.

To manage all your projects easily


Trello is the only tool you’ll need to manage all your projects at a single desk.  It is a tool that is completely free, easily accessible and has multiple add-ons. Indeed, It was a great collaboration tool; that, allows you to keep all your tasks on track, as well as to store all your stuff in one place.  Trello also has other features like calendar tracking, instant share, search box, preview materials and more. Since it is available on mobile devices; it helps you to stay on top of your business anytime everywhere.


For a startup, it is very important to concentrate on growth and be consistent in noting and tracking every document without missing anything. Google G Suite makes this hard part easier by managing everything using your Gmail account. It manages all your business documents, emails, meetings, conferences, and many more. Google suit also has the ability to keep all your business activities in track and allows reading and writing the entire document on all devices without any limitations and hassle-free.


Google keep is an application that mainly concentrates on taking-notes, developed by Google in 2013. Google keep application is available on the web as well as android and iOs, hence it is easy to use across multiple platforms simultaneously. Besides this, it also allows you to create important memos lists, images, and voice notes, manage them, and share them across multiple networks and devices. Additionally, you can also pin the notes and the images to prioritize the most important task and split up bigger tasks into the smaller task. Also, you can share the important notes with team members to keep everyone consistent on their tracks. Google Keep also has program reminders as well as location-based reminders to keep yourself on loop for making your day easy.

Business Analyzing

#9 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great tool that notifies your business website traffics and conversion. It enables you to find out the flaws in your website and helps you to improve your conversion. Google Analytics also provides data on user behavior on your website.

#10 Google Search Console

Google Search Console or Google webmaster is a web analysis tool developed by Google for free. With this tool, you can analyze and identify crawl issues in your website. It also analyzes your websites on and off-page factors. Google search console is mostly preferred by SEO professionals to make your site well-optimized and SEO friendly.

Market Research


Google trends is a prominent tool to help you to observe business trends based on their popularity over time and different regions/languages.  It works by tracking the social media activities, recent trends and latest news.


It is an tool excellent tool that makes your business market research an easy- peasy task. It helps you to  create all varieties of forms and polls, surveys, questionnaires for your research. To influence your communications to try  type form’s exquisitely presented, professional-looking forms that can be made online easily. Typeforms support to Collect and fetch feedback from online clients, carry out market research, collect job applications, manage online payments and many more.

For creating attractive Presentation


Google slide is the perfect choice to create perfect presentations for all your business needs. This software is designed to produce eye-catching presentations with numerous numbers of themes, templates, fonts, video templates, animations, and many more with no cost at all. Also, Created presentations on google slides can be edited and re-composed any time without any interruption. Moreover, it allows you to work with chrome and Microsoft extension where you can convert PowerPoint presentations into Google Slides on any devices.


It is the top-notch presentation tool for free. With this tool, you can create an appealing, efficient, and exceptional presentation rather than traditional slides for your business needs. The templates of Prezi are customized and mainly focus on the specific target customers that result in the conversion of prospects into clients.

Business Marketing


Instagram has become the most vital social media platform. It is one of the most popular photo-sharing social media platform, that has a huge following. Every small business should consider using this platform to reach their business to the world. From gathering insights to marketing the business, Instagram helps business owners to reach their market and to acquire global inquiries. Business owners can advertise their products, boost their brand exposure, and improve sales using Instagram.


Facebook groups are extremely helpful marketing platforms, that can create a tremendous impact on your business growth. We know that among all social media, Facebook stays at the top place with the majority number of users. To target the specific group of people you want to reach, a Facebook group can be used as the main marketing tool instead of Facebook pages. Through Facebook groups, your business may get massive visibility and it aids even more value to the brand name.


Reddit is a Massive social platform that connects different communities in one place. It is a community with 234 billion users where the average page visit per month is considered as 8 billion. Reddit has many features to generate leads to your business so you can introduce your business simply to the world without following any complicated marketing practices. It also offers you to provide reliable and approachable customer satisfaction by helping peoples who are following you on Reddit. Also, you can organize Ask me anything form to introduce your business to Reddit users to ask about your business and collect feedback to know about their experience.


As a business founder, you may find difficulties in managing all social media accounts single-handily. HootSuite is the one-step solution to this problem, it allows you to manage all your social media accounts on one platform and get analysis about them easily. It is specially designed for social media management, where you can schedule and post all the social media content in advance and can be saved as a draft for future posting. From managing posts to interaction with Direct messages and comments from social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram can be done using Hootsuite. Hootsuite also allows you to keep in touch with your social media accounts consistently, it can be accessed in mobile devices as well as desktop simultaneously.

Accounting management

#19 WAVE

Wave is an account management software that allows you to track receipt, invoices and business accounts easily. It is a platform where you can handle all your financial accounts, total income, and expense tracking and many more. Using a wave account you can link your business bank accounts, manage your credit cards, online payments without any mess from a single Page. Since it is cloud software you can access this tool from any mobile device and any location easily.

Customer Relation Management


Hubspot CRM (customer relationship management) is a Client-focused business tool to improve the customer-client relationship. Additionally, it helps the business organization to maintain good communication with existing clients, new clients and people who are approaching you for business. With a single click, you can see the client profiles, history of interaction, customer information and many more.



MailChimp is the best software for budding businesses that needs marketing software to increase their visibility. Mail chimp is considered an excellent marketing platform that offers attractive email templates for free with automation, reporting as well as customization. On the other hand,It also helps you initiate a free marketing campaign to increase your business sales for free. Using free version, you can send 12,000 emails per month which assist you to grow your business. It is a well-balanced software for email marketing that gives you good user-experience.

#22 YAMM

YAMM or (Yet Another mail merge) is an exceptional tool that can increase your sales using email marketing. YAMM is also an extension of chrome which offers you to connects with your Google mail account to manage your mails. It also allows you to send bulk emails to all your clients with a 100% accurate delivery standard. You can also customize your mails easily and track and check their current status. With YAMM, email marketing campaigns are made easy.


Omnisendis the perfect choice to increase your sales effectively through email marketing. It offers multiple marketing platforms to increase your business sales effortlessly. Through Omnisend, communication is made easy, also you can manage email, SMS, Facebook messenger, push notifications, Whatsapp, Viber and many more. It also has other features such as customizing templates which can make the email creation very easy for newbies.

Work Automation


Zapieris an amazing work automation tool that connects all your apps at one desk.  By connecting all apps at a single desk, you can automate and synchronous data between multiple platforms.


IFFTT (IfThisThenThat) is a free web-based software that makes it easy to automate the workflow of your business. This platform helps to connect all your apps through a single interface

That’s a Wrap

I hope you got a better idea about the available list of Free software which can help you to manage and grow your business. Feel free to share your thoughts or your favorite applications in comments

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