3 common problems with the brakes & their solution

Other than tyres, there’re various important parts of a car namely brakes that require special care. Braking mechanism is used constantly which is why it suffers from wear and tear. Ignoring maintenance would raise serious problems, putting you and others on road in peril. Here’re a few warning signs you should pay attention to with the brakes alongside their solution.

  1. A pedal with no resistance

Many drivers face this particular problem where brakes would feel spongy or soft; pedal barely has any resistance when engaged. If the pedal sinks all the way to the floor without exerting any pressure, it’s a warning sign of a leaky brake mechanism. Such leaks are extremely hazardous that increases the risk of road accident so make sure you avoid driving unless the problem has been identified and resolved.

The first thing to do is check the brake fluid levels from underneath the bonnet. In case you’re unsure of how it must be done, check vehicle’s user-guide or manual but, the best solution is taking the car for Infiniti service in Dubai where it’s analysed and mended by professionals. If the brake fluid levels are correct and there isn’t any visible sign of leak, chances of an internal problem are there. Also check the master cylinder right above the brake pedal which might be leaking.

  1. Vehicle’s pulling to one side

In case you notice the car’s pulling either to the left or right when brakes are applied, it’s an indication of many different problems. A frozen calliper is among the most common issue where ‘calliper’ refers to a disc brake system which squeezes two pads against the rotor, creates friction thus reduces the vehicle’s speed. Rust, corrosion and previous car accident might’ve cause the calliper to become stuck while lack of maintenance is another reason. Such issues would result in uneven pressure on the pads causing the car to pull to one side.

To fix this particular issue, all you need is cleaning and lubricating the calliper mechanism with a special maintenance kit or, take the vehicle for Infiniti service in Dubai where other problems would be checked as well. That being said, cleaning and lubrication of the calliper is trick and if the problem is serious, there isn’t any alternative but replacement. Indeed, it’ll cost more but initial investment would solve the issue in the long run. Other reasons can be flawed master cylinder, worn rotors, leakage of the brake fuel and collapsed braking hose.

  1. A vibrating steering wheel

Shaking or vibration of the steering wheel is another issue driver face commonly when brakes are applied. This may happen for many different reasons such as damaged front propeller, loopholes on the aerofoils/rotors due to excessive heat or, issues in the pad impression. A general rule of thumb, whenever steering wheel vibrates or shakes unexpectedly, the source of problem’s possibly in front of the car.

Resurfacing of the rotors is one solution but, if they aren’t thick enough to be resurfaced, might as well have them replaced altogether. In case you’ve disc brakes in the vehicle, they might need replacement as well


All these problems can put you in serious danger so always have the vehicle in top condition for the safety of everyone and everything.

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