6 Amazing Tips: Before Listing Your Residential Property for Sale

Are you thinking about listing your house? Obviously, you are. Perhaps that’s that reason as to why you showed up at the right place. In that case, we are here to share some amazing tips on pre-listing preparation. So before your house hits the market, what does it take for it to show nicely and be desirable to buyers? So let’s dive in:

Emotions at First – Capture the Experience

Before you move into your new dream home, it’s a great idea to capture the experience. So before you leave your home, start packing or start renovating and maybe before you even start cleaning, take some photos and catches in the raw. That’s how you and your family remember this house, and you can look back on those memories when you move into the dream home.

Choose the Right Person

Frankly, this is one of the most crucial aspects of the whole process. Make sure that you find the perfect realtor to represent you. Working with the right person is going to ensure that not only you’re going to feel comfortable and understand everything, but also you’re going to have a smooth transaction. Choose someone who’s reputable in maybe your local neighborhood having great numbers who knows how to negotiate. A friendly person would be a big plus.

Pets and Children

Do you have children as well as pets at home? Most of you do for sure. These little champs can just pack a punch. There are many families that might be the target buyer for you, but they may be the ones who don’t like to have pets. Or perhaps the ones who won’t appreciate you having that weird kids’ drawings on the wall. So make sure that you clean up all of that mess. Moreover, keep your pets out of sight during showings.

First Impression

Another important aspect of cleaning up and free listing preparation is your landscaping. It’s the first impression that your buyers are going to get when they see your house. So just make sure that there is the proper lighting first of all. Also, ensure that your garden is neat that all your shrubs are clean that there’s no angry bushes or piles of dirt anywhere.

How you point all these things out? Just put yourself in the buyer shoes and take a look at your curb appeal. See how maybe what you could do better if it could be a little painting or maybe something else, etc.

De-clutter Your House

Honestly, it’s one of the most significant steps that must not be overlooked. It’s probably a common sense. Just de-clutter your house. If somebody can walk in and there’s a ton of mess awaiting, that’s not going to be a very desirable home. So just make sure that your house is de-cluttered and clean.

Finding the paperwork

At this stage, you might not find this really important. But at that time when you’re in a rush, getting offers and negotiating, you won’t have enough time to do this. In fact, you might be stressed out with having one more thing to do. So if you got some new furnace or maybe an air conditioner, find those papers and put it as an attachment on the listing to entice buyers while putting your property for sale in Sharjah if you’ve done any renovations or updates. This would surely turn up lucrative.


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