5 Amazing Tricks to Liven Up your Laptop

Everywhere you look, you’ll find people surrounded by devices of convenience. It is the mode of the 21st century, after all. Whether it is a workplace, a busy street or a homely residence, technological tools abound. From high-powered industrial IoT to automatic vacuum cleaners, we are highly dependent on such gadgets and gizmos.


One of the most important tech-tools that have become an indispensable part of our lives is a laptop. Yes, this portable computer is the medium through which we maneuver our jobs and our education, and satisfy our informational and entertainment needs. Our exhaustive use of it makes it crucial that we take care of these devices the best way we can.

Check out the following surefire tips which will re-energize your worn out a laptop and make it as good as new. The longer it runs, the better it will be able to cater for us.

1) Protect with External Covering:

Can you even think of using your expensive smartphone without the protective cover? No, because there are chances of it dropping to the floor and breaking up. All that money going to waste. That is why you cradle it and use it super-carefully. Similarly, your laptop, no matter how rough and tough it may look on the outside, is still a delicate machinery on the inside. Machinery that could definitely go haywire if your Starbucks coffee spilled on it. Plus, if enough external scratches build up on the slim screen, it could most probably distort the visual display and make it difficult for you to smoothly use the laptop. That is why, you should cover the laptop with a protective shield, which is available in many innovative designs throughout the market.

2) Clean Crannies and Nooks:

Have you got a vinyl flooring in your house, which you spent hundreds of dollars on? Then, you must know how irritating it is when grime settles between the tiles and makes it erode from the sides, destroying the whole look and making your money go down the drain before time. In the same way, a laptop is a high-powered electronic device, with a complex internal structure. It naturally attracts dust particles and whatnot, which fly in from the openings, like the key margins or the fan, and get accumulated in various crannies and nooks of the machine. If unchecked, these dust particles even start hampering with the functions and adversely affect the overall performance. That is why you should regularly clean your laptop with a cloth and a brush, and keep it spick and span to avoid any destructive circumstances.

3) Avoid Overusing:

I know how much you love pulling gaming all-nighters with your friends, and binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix using your Spectrum TV online subscription. But you should know that the excess of everything is bad. Such over-usage is bound to put a toll on your laptop’s battery and lead it to overheat. Overheating brings the delicate internal wiring in the danger of melting. If the wires to melt, then nothing can stop the laptop from malfunctioning. To avoid such a drastic situation, just time your usage and bring it to the level of moderation. Let your laptop take a breather. And even if you do have to use it for longer durations of time, then make sure to expose the fan side to the open so that the air keeps circulating.

4) De-Clutter:

Let me present to you a scenario. Imagine a room, which is filled to the brim with objects. Dirty laundry lines the splotched, carpeted floor. The magazine rack is bent with haphazardly placed collections which no one even bothers to reads anymore. And the dressing table is littered with jumbled earrings and necklaces. Makes you cringe, doesn’t it? Well, the same is the case with your laptop. Clutter builds up everywhere and it’s up to you to check its flow. Those redundant, energy-consuming programs running in the background? Force close them. Those unnecessary files sitting in your drives? Delete them. Those digital waste items building up in your RAM? Remove them. Those glitches, viruses, and malware hiding in your system? Annihilate them with anti-virus/anti-malware/firewall protection. Clear up the clutter the best way you can and your laptop will thank you.

5) Save Energy:

When you live on your own and have to pay the bills all by yourself, you know the value of conserving electricity and the overall energy. You go about from room to room turning off lights and unplugging appliances that are not in use, to keep your monthly budget in balance. Similarly, you should take care of your laptop, energy-wise. Keep the brightness on low, and your sound level down when not in use, and especially make sure to turn off the Wi-Fi or the hotspot as it drains the battery more than anything else. Put your laptop in hibernation mode when you go on a break so that it sleeps and saves energy.

Irrespective of the kind, you should most definitely take care of your laptop to ensure its longevity, and in this mission, the aforementioned tips will help you.

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