5 Best A/B Testing Tools to use in 2019

It is not easy to make random strategies and apply them as they can bring many risks with it. However, with the help of A/B testing tools, businesses can make decisions based on the acquired data. The most successful businesses around the world use these tools of controlled experiments, which is also called split testing.

Whether you are trying to make your website better or create a successful performance marketing campaign, A/B testing lets you check realistic interactions. From increasing your revenue to your reputation, A/B testing helps you achieve everything. And A/B testing tools are what help you run successful tests. This blog will help you identify the best A/B testing tools that you must try to get the maximum results.

5 Best AB Testing Tools

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Here are the best A/B testing tools available:

1. Optimizely

Optimizely provides you with a set of powerful yet simple A/B and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools. This tool is a top CRO platform that offers help with more than just A/B testing.

Using this tool, you can send personalized messages to various audience segments as well as recommendations similarly, we see on Amazon. Also, you can send content recommendation with the help of this tool. You don’t need to have web-developing skills to implement the easy tools of Optimizely.


2. A/B Testing Kit by HubSpot and Kissmetrics

You can optimize your marketing efforts with the help of Kissmetrics. The tool generates A/B test reports also helps the user know whether the changes made in the process have increased the revenue or not.

When you download this tool, you get an A/B testing tracking template, an instruction guide, and a calculator for checking the statistical significance of your A/B tests. If you are starting to use A/B testing, or if you want to track your ongoing tests, you must use this tool kit by Kissmetrics and HubSpot.

AB Testing Kit by HubSpot and Kissmetrics

3. CrazyEgg

You get heat mapping, A/B testing, and usability testing tools with the Crazy Egg software. You will be able to test all the different variations of every page present on your website with this tool. You just have to add one code to the pages on which you want to do your experiments.

With the help of Crazy Egg, you can also build your A/B tests even if you don’t have any experience with coding. Other than this, you also get tools for intuitive conversion tracking and reporting with CrazyEgg. You should consider using the A/B testing tool from CrazyEgg if you run a small business.


4. Google Analytics and Google Optimize

If you are looking for free tools that will provide you with the best A/B testing and data collecting solutions, Google Analytics and Google Optimize are what you need. There is a paid version of this tool, but you can get a lot done with the free version itself.

Many features come with both the Google’s tools. However, you need to have professionals who know how to tweak the settings for advanced tracking to get the most out of these tools. Hence, you may want to hire someone with technical knowledge. You may want to go for the Google Analytics 360 suite if you have already established your brand.

Google Analytics and Google Optimize

5. VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)

You should use the Visual Website Optimizer if you are looking for a tool that is simple and has an easy installation procedure. You will be able to make different variations of your website quickly. The tool also has dashboard features that let you see details. With these details, you can understand what appeals to the visitors more. You can set up different campaigns in just a few minutes using this tool. Also, this tool works on various platforms.

You can create Split URL tests, A/B tests, and multivariate tests using a drop-and-drop editor with the VWO suite. Other than this, you will also get a SmartStats feature that utilizes the Bayesian statistics to help run tests faster, provide you with more control of the tests, and come at more precise conclusions. This tool is trusted by various brands of different industries, like eBay, Virgin Holidays, paper help services, etc. Hence, you should also give it a try if you are looking for running successful A/B tests.

  • Price– Free trial, price starting at $199/month
  • Available athttps://vwo.com/

VWO (Visual Website Optimizer)


You should use A/B testing if you wish to get maximum conversions on your website. You will get everything from an effective free tool to complete enterprise solutions in the above-mentioned list. You just have to find out the right tool for your business. You should know the specific needs of your business and choose the one that helps you fulfil your business goals.

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