7 Of The Best & Most Efficient Pest Control Companies In The US

Pest Control Companies In The US

Whether we like it or not, homes and establishments have an environment that contains elements that are naturally attractive to pests, rodents, and insects. These pests can cause major inconveniences in our lives as they have diseases in tow and can harm our health as well as our properties.

Get rid of them now and start by going through our list of pest control companies that you can count on. Although there are a lot of companies to choose from,  this list was narrowed down according to customer reviews, presence, National Pest Management Association accreditation, and work guarantee.

1. Terminix

The company is said to have more than 85 years of professional experience in the industry. What started out as just termite removal services company has grown into a comprehensive pest control techniques, including insulation services to prevent reoccurrence, and intrusion of roaches.

Terminix also gives a 30-day work guarantee if they service your home. On the other hand, a commercial account with them gives the customers a premium 90-day service free of charge, and a money-back guarantee of 110%.

It is also worth mentioning that the company has one of the best customer service support. Rather than just sticking to the usual hotline-tree, they also leveled up their communication facility by live chat via their website.

2. Orkin

This pest control firm services which cover almost the whole country and specializes in both residential and commercial area. They have an efficient system by researching the active pest levels depending on the season and adjusts repellents in accordance with their assessment. This way, waste on the chemical is minimized and what the customer will have is a tailor-fit service.

Moreover, Orkin offers a broader work guarantee with its  60 days of courtesy service monitoring.

Pests have the tendency to survive on a single session, thus an extra 60 day period follow-through may be required for a possible second treatment. And this is without an extra cost for the customer.

3. Eco-Wise Critter Control

While almost every company on this list can be franchised, Eco-wise takes it further by its certification program that gives local pest control companies the opportunity to earn accreditation with Eco-Wise’s standards which are based on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a standard system that promotes using both pesticides and non-pesticide alternatives as infestations solution.

If a company is affiliated with this program, it simply means that their approach is by making use of biological and cultural mechanisms to relieve pest problems instead of letting chemical pesticides doing all the work. If you’re invested in green pest control, Eco-Wise sets the standards in creating awareness and giving certification to other companies.

Eco-Wise also empowers homeowners by encouraging them to have an active role in pest management. The company believes that by doing so, success is easily achieved in weeding out the current infestation and at the same time,  avoid future ones.

4. Truly Nolen

The company has a unique eradication program for pests, termites, and rodents. They specialize in scrutinizing the behavior of pests as the weather changes. Truly Nolen observed that different species may plague an area when it’s humid, and another kind if it’s cold. Their program includes quarterly treatments for the change in seasons.

Because of this, Truly Nolen mainly conducts its work on states where the weather is erratic and extreme. Thus, they are mostly found servicing Southern and urban areas or anywhere in which the pest condition may be harsh.

Furthermore, customer reviews and previous clients mostly suggest that Truly Nolen is one of the most economical when it comes to cost.

In addition, the company is present to 30 other countries as well.

5. Rentokil Steritech

The firm is also known as Ehrlich, just Rentokil or even Steritech. They are all the same company that provides a program they call “Pestfree365.” This one of a kind service is periodic monitoring which implements both prevention and attack pests in a whole year period. Upon your request, they can also guarantee that a technician is there within a 24-hour time frame. Customers can be assured that the technician will continue to go back until the concern is addressed.

While other companies have their own other unique extra services like wildlife, and termite administration, fumigation, Rentokil has more value-added services to choose from. Their scope also includes odor control, and vegetation management, heat treatments, drain line servicing, birds or fowls solutions, and fly extermination.

Although Rentokil is relatively new in the industry, its operation is focused on innovations;  continuous development, studying and researching for solutions. Rentokil played major part in introducing devices that can transmit electronic waves that affect pests. Rentokil is breaking away from the traditional methods of pest control as they fine-tune pesticides to be more efficient without harming the environment.

6. Massey Services Inc.

The company has a service history of over 80 years cementing them as one of the most reputable pest control companies in the country. Their pest control operation is focused on both residential and commercial properties. While their headquarters is located in Florida, it also has a presence in 4 other states with an available 24-hour service.

Massey provides a good variety of services which include comprehensive pest prevention coupled with an eco-friendly pest control program.  Among other companies on this list, Massey boasts an exclusive offering of green pest control methods, cost-free installation, a unique 30-day money-back guarantee, and assured return service.

7. Bell Environmental Pest Control

Satisfying home and business owners since 1963, Bell’s main office is located in New Jersey and is currently services seven states. What’s unique with their method is the utilization of trained K9 dogs to uncover hidden infestations, and afterwards exterminated by a method called “instant freezing treatment.” The method of Instant Freezing is promoted to be as chemical-free and they have been using it to achieve their goal called  “Zero-Pest Zone System.”

Furthermore, its Zero-Pest Zone System is said to be efficient in extinguishing roach infestation regardless of how severe it is. Additionally, customers also find Bell’s 24-hour service remarkably responsive. And to top it all, Bell Environmental assures its clients of a results-based guarantee. If you want to try getting rid of pests on your own you can also try doing your research, Check out this quick 2 minute read  guide on bee control.

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