5 Tech Driven Trends You Need to Know in 2018

You never want to go out of fashion, do you? You do follow fashion trends, bucket list trends and what not! All these are served on your platter by the internet, the ultimate savior! Tech-driven trends, on the other hand, have made their appearance again and again. Trends have been dominating our lives from time immemorial and now it is increasingly becoming technology oriented since it is such an important part of us in today’s scenario. By following these trends you are actually taking part in the commercial activities, sometimes unknowingly. Now, allow me to enrich your knowledge about such trends for you techies out there!

1. Life coinciding with super apps

Superman may be fictional but super apps will still come to your rescue no matter what. You can blindly rely on this technology. Super apps become a part of your daily life. So what does it have in store for you?  These apps cover important segments of our life such as the financial, communication, utility purposes, lifestyle, and retail. Basically, this mobile app amalgamates all the facets of your world into one single unit. Most Asian customers have willingly accepted and adopted these revolutionary apps that serve the all-in-one purpose. Such apps provide a well defined and a well-knit experience. In China, WeChat has come to be extensively used and is a typical example for similar apps. WeChat has more than 1 billion users and gives an idea to the world an image of the future prospects of the world. The Internet is advancing everyday and this app just shows us a little glimpse of it.Moreover, life has been even simpler for you when you can literally order to smartphones to do some work! This has been made possible by the ‘voice search technology’. Nowadays, apps like Google and Apple allow you to go to the voice search option and you can speak to your smartphone that will recognize the words and operate according to the instructions. So basically these apps are taking care of you completely so that you don’t have to work at all and the world is at your fingertips!

The Western countries with all their might are trying to incorporate more and more features to the core effects of their share of apps such as Facebook, Apple and Google. But guess what? They are a little behind of their Chinese contender. Now: this is because they have not been able model an all-in-one app. The features found in the Chinese app are only found in a fragmented fashion in the apps formulated by the West. However, they are continuing the process of upgrading the technology so that it can serve as a super app in future. For example, Google arranges for a series of different apps which has a specific functionality unlike how WeChat operates as an integrated super app.

2. Subscriptions or keeping tabs

You must be knowing about the process of subscription?  The idea of subscribing newspapers and magazines is very much remote. Since technology is controlling every aspect of our lives, this business has spread on the internet as well. Internet acts as the medium between the companies offering such subscriptions and their customers. This facility can be effortlessly accessed due to technological convenience. Advancement of artificial intelligence has empowered the companies to gather piles of information about people and their preferences, who have social media accounts. You might be wondering: what do these people do with loads of information about random people? They use this information to send a box full of surprises! Confused? Here’s the deal: the customer needs to subscribe to a particular company and pay a stipulated amount for it. Against this amount of money, the company, in turn, sends a box of delightful items unknown to the subscriber.

So does this trend get better or worse? Only time will decide. This is because in the future the subscribers will end up with unplanned and unwanted items in their homes. The commerce sectors dealing in this business that continuously require restocking will in all probability become an automated process. The future holds completely technologically operated commerce sectors. The companies go through the search history and retail history of shopping sites to make their assumptions.

3. Importance of data resource

Nowadays something has acquired more importance than other essential commodities, and that is data! The highly important companies are no longer our standard oil company or car companies. Apple and Google are ruling the world with the most widespread business. So, all these companies do acquire data like contextual information, purchase history and preferences but if they cannot make a head or tail out the data then it is of no use! In the next that company will be most successful who can decipher the pattern of the data they have. Everybody wants a unique range of options for themselves which abide by their taste and technology will deliver all of it in the upcoming years!



This mad scramble for and finally acquisition of data has allowed the companies to build a direct relationship with customers on the receiving end. Customers get served with customized recommendations and offers. Here’s the deal, all of us are individuals and we have different preferences and choices! Therefore a survey has found that around 60% of the millennials want to portray their individuality on the internet as well and the Gen Z and other youngsters share this particular sentiment!This is crazy: Artificial intelligence legit places your search history and information in format so as to make a story on your life.

4. Internet for outlets

I was wondering how we will live our life without internet! From booking show tickets, to shopping online to ordering food, we all are dependent on the technology! Time has evolved from when we used to do all this in person. Actually our requirements are changing due to our hectic schedules. We want all services at out fingertips and easier to access at all times! The various companies have also provided these amenities and hence competition has increased over the time. Considering all this, we cannot overlook the importance of the local outlets or outlets in general. Shifting to online services is not equivalent to ignorance of the other physical shops either in terms of purchase execution or brand engagement. But that situation is not far away when such outlets will also be under the dominance of the internet. The companies are coming up with better technological advances and making use of the acquired data and brand information. As a result even this aspect of the human life will be controlled by apps and offer the customers an in-person experience!

5. Going crazy over mobile wallets!

It is neither possible for you nor me to carry huge amounts of cash everywhere and especially unsafe when traveling alone. This is being considered by a lot of companies and they are offering with the facility of e-wallets. Apps like WeChat pay, Alipay, Apple pay enable the users to create an account on the net that is linked to the bank accounts. These also offer a prospect of paying using you credit or debit cards.

Chinese wallets such as Alipay and WeChat Pay are spreading their reach towards the west. This is actually a profitable trend because it increases the purchasing power of an individual. Ever imagined what all you can buy using your e-wallets? Let me tell you!! From electronics to movie tickets, to payment of fees, buying food and the list goes on! Tourism will get a new boost when travelers will move around freely covering various nations and communities!!

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