Have You Try To Rotate A Video With Movie Maker

It is not uncommon to need to rotate a video because it has been recorded with the camera crooked. Luckily, it has easy solution … And free.

Here You will Lean How to make Rotate Video with Movie Maker Step By Step

These steps are for Windows 7 (see how to rotate a video in XP):

1. Download Windows Live Movie Maker.

After installing it, open the program by entering:

Start -> All Programs -> Windows Live Movie Maker

In your main window click on Add video and photos.

Find the video you want to rotate with the file explorer that opens new window. Double-click on desired file, when you find it. It is added to Movie Maker.

Use the edit buttons to put the right video (see the image above). Each time you click on them, you will rotate it 90º to the left or right, depending on which one you press.

On the left, there should be a preview. Click the Play button to see that the video has been rotated. Press again to pause playback.

When the image is ready, as you required, and then saves the corrected video.

2. Record the video

Click on the Movie Maker menu.

Click Save movie. You have several options:

Recommended for this project. You must choose that oneby default. Balances quality with the size of the video file that is stored.

For high definition screen provides the highest quality video at the expense of being larger.

Burn a DVD. If you want to copy the video to a DVD after creating it, (the wizard to create a DVD starts).

For the player, it is saved with an average quality that does not occupy too much.

For email,your quality is the lowest. It is convenient if you intend to send the video by e-mail. The file is smaller.

The video is recorded in all cases in the format of Windows Media Player (WMV).

NOTE: You also have the option to save it for mobile devices such as Windows Phone. Alternatively, to customize the size and quality of the output file.

Click on the option that you prefer. Choose the folder where to save the video.

By default, it will be calledmy movie.wmv. Change that name if you want. Use a DIFFERENT one from the original video. Therefore, you keep the two.

3. Press Save.

When the process finishes click on Open folder. It takes you to the one that contains the saved video.

Close the Movie Maker window. Click on No when asked if you want to save the changes in the movie.

Play the new video or DVD to check that it is as it should be.

4. Turn the video on XP

To rotate a video in XP, go to Start -> All Programs. Right click on Windows Movie Maker.


Click on the top left in the File menu. Choose Import in collections. Find the video you want to rotate and double-click on it.

On the right, you will see a preview. Moreover, in the central part the “clips” that make up the video (usually several).

Click on the clips and, without releasing the button, drag them to the white boxes on the bottom.

IMPORTANT: You have to drag all the clips that are in the order in which they appear.

Click above on the Tools menu. Select Video effects.

In the middle part above, (where the clips were before) you will now see several effects. Use the vertical scroll bar to locate the one that rotates 90.

Click on that effect and, without releasing the button, drag it over the clips that you have previously put down. You have to do it for each clip.


You can also use the Rotate 180 or Rotate 270 effects in the same way if necessary.

Verify in the preview that the video is already right. Save the new video

5. Save the video in XP

  • Open the File menu above again. Choose Save movie file.
  • Select My Computer and click next.
  • Change if you want the name of the video. It is saved by default in the My Videos folder, under My Documents. To choose another folder use the Browse button.

6. Advance with Next.

  • There are three possibilities. Click on Show more options to see them all:
  • Better quality to play on owncomputer. The video is saved with a medium quality and a not very large size.
  • More suitable for file size
  • Define yourself the size you want the video to have. The quality adjusts itself.
  • To set the size, click on the DOWN arrow next to the value of the current size (4 MB in the example).
  • Other options
  • You have several qualities and sizes available. Including the AVI video format. Choose the one you want in the drop-down list.
  • See below the size and quality that the recorded file will have in each case.
  • Click on the alternative you prefer and then click next.

7. Click on Finish The video plays. Check Windows Movie Maker Rotate Video Ready to Play.

Close the Windows player and Movie Maker. Choose Do not save the changes made to the project.

The video already rotated will be found in the folder where you have chosen to save it.

There is also some good option to flip video or rotate in your desired form. Some of software like movavi or some free version tools works great. You may go how to Flip Videos With Movavi Rotating Video Editor paid tools too.

Let us which one you like most!

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