5 Tips on How to Maximize Your Social Media Profile

LinkedIn isn’t the only social media platform businesses benefit from, nowadays, popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are taking over – and are very helpful when it comes to running a business. Here are 6 tips on how to maximize your platforms for your law firm business:

6 Tips on How to Maximize Your Social Media Profile

#1 Promoting Your Blog

The best way to improve your SEO and to increase your website traffic is to create a blog – writing about relevant topics and tips your viewers would be interested in reading. Once you create a post, you can easily use your social media platforms to promote each post to bring in more traffic.

#2 Engaging With Hashtags

Hashtags are what makes social media so unique. When you use specific hashtags you can easily connect with like-minded users who are also using the same hashtag. Find out what popular hashtags are used in your industry and more specifically in your location, and join in on conversations. For example, #Chicago Lawyer is a popular hashtag lawyer in Chicago use. Head on over to that hashtag and see what others are saying about the topic or what photos they are posting and engage with them.

#3 Always Be Consistent and Post Often

We may have all heard social media never sleeps, and it’s true. In order to attract more followers and help your rankings on Google is to always stay active on your social media accounts. However, don’t just post anything, post things that are relevant to your industry and educational information that people may want to know.

#4 Engage With Your Audience

The most successful law firms not only are staying active on social media but they are also utilizing their chance to connect with their audience via social media. The best way to approach this is by posting polls or surveys for your clients to engage in, posting something with a call-to-action or open-ended question. Responding to your comments left on your Facebook or Instagram page in a timely manner is also a way to engage with your audience.

#5 Utilize Video

A video is the new trendy tool to use on social media and is another great way for lawyers to demonstrate their expertise, while also giving viewers a chance to feel connected to them by hearing their voice and seeing them in action. Using platforms such as YouTube create videos that are relatable to your firm. For instance, maybe you could do a series of videos of your lawyers tackling various issues. Snapchat and Instagram Stories could also be a great chance to give quick helpful tips to your audience daily.

As social media is quickly evolving; it’s an excellent tool to be utilizing for your business. Social media isn’t just for fun but it is meant for helping you grow a successful business. Good luck!

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