6 Insanely Efficient Ideas on Digital Marketing to Grow Business

Sean Collins had started his retail business with a limited amount of capital. After years of struggle, his business’s revenue began improving. He attributed the growth of his business to effective practices of digital marketing.

Like Sean, if you’re already promoting your business through the internet or connected devices, then congratulations! You’re already on the right track.

You can implement digital marketing to grow your target audience, engage with more leads, close more deals, establish your business’ authority in your industry, and so on. It is a powerful tool and can contribute significantly to your online presence and positively impact your business’ outcome.

In fact, everything you do to maintain your digital presence counts toward developing your brand awareness. When you’re recognised by your target audience that’s half the battle won, and it will also start reflecting in your business’ bottom line. And one of the most excellent ways to create an online presence is by using digital marketing. Here are some intriguing perspectives to ponder over.

1. Local SEO is crucial

In today’s business landscape, most people search for service providers who are closer to their homes. You should start focusing on SEO strategy in particular areas through the use of region-specific keywords and website content. It will help your site rank higher in search engine results for those areas, enabling your business to grow in new cities and communities.

To succeed in this endeavour, you must ensure that you are using regional-specific keywords throughout your site and that the contact details of your business (name, address, phone number) are consistent across the web. Regional landing pages, schema markup, and local link building strategies are super important for success in local markets.

Bonus insight: In case of local SEO, it’s important to leverage Google My Business. Also, you need to present the title and meta description in your website content depending on the areas your business is serving.

2. Understand that (online) reputation is everything

In 2019, it will be crucial for all businesses, to have a proper online reputation management strategy in place. Your consumers are probably writing reviews for your services already. Now, it’s also essential to find out where your consumers are reviewing you (Google, Yelp, or Facebook, etc.) and prepare your strategy accordingly.

Asking the consumers to write reviews for your business on Google can result in prospective leads from new consumers. Good reviews from past consumers will elevate your overall brand image and will also encourage the prospects to try your products or services.

Bonus insight: If a customer chooses to leave a bad review, make sure to respond to their complaints as soon as possible. Reaching out to disgruntled customers, promptly and positively, will show potential customers that you care about their concerns. Take Nike’s online reputation management strategy, for instance.

Bonus insight

Source: Smartinsights.com

3. Drive the point home with a great user experience

A seamless user experience can be Holy grail for your digital marketing activities. This means you need to ensure that your website is fast and easy to navigate through, as this will elicit a better emotional response from the visitors of your site. Websites with intuitive navigation, faster loading speeds, and strong cross-platform functionality often provide the best user experiences.

Moreover, providing a great consumer experience will never go unnoticed by search engines. In fact, two of the most essential search engine ranking factors in 2019 are website speed and responsive design (mobile-friendly design). Making sure that your website is smooth and fast is imperative for the success of your digital marketing endeavours.

Bonus insights: When talking about the UX/UI of your website, Airbnb hits right out of the park. The brand has managed to deliver information swiftly without overwhelming or boring the consumer. It masters website design elements like the depth and contrast, along with simple colour combinations to establish a distinct online presence. Airbnb literally allows the users in and makes them want to stay put.


Source: Readwrite.com

4. Implementation of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the tried, tested and yet effective digital marketing strategies that exist. It helps build relationships with your consumers (both prospective and existing) through targeted messaging.

Your consumers may not open every single email you send. Even then they’re highly likely to remember you when it comes the time to convert (as long as you can steer clear of their spam folders).

For instance, if your company offers assistance on primary homework help, you need to craft your email content in an appealing manner.

Bonus Insight: HubSpot reveals that email marketing works best if you offer relevant, valuable information that will allow your subscribers and leads to take action. This may involve discounts and sales, new products, informative videos and more.

You can even segment leads by where they are in your conversion funnel and send targeted emails to move them forward. BuzzFeed serves as a perfect example when it comes to email marketing. Their emails contain a short and crisp subject line and text which matches the kind of content they produce.

5. Strong social media presence for the win

Social media marketing through different platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, can be an outstanding way to grow the brand of your business.

While using social media, make sure to utilise every platform diligently. Try not to spread yourself thin across multiple platforms all at once. Make sure to share news articles, pictures or videos that will allow you to build brand awareness and connect with the followers in a meaningful way.

In our experience, the major aspect of a successful social media strategy is incorporating the right blend of both paid and organic content on social media. See to it that your website has a Facebook Pixel installed on it, so that you are able to retarget visitors and implement custom lookalike audiences for advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Bonus insights: Lush Cosmetics is a brand that utilises a specific hashtag for its user-generated content. Within Lush Cosmetics’ Instagram bio, they ask their followers to “Share your #LushLife with us!” This allows the fans to submit their own content directly to the brand.

Bonus insights

Source: Sproutsocial.com

6. qLeverage influencer marketing

The era of micro-influencers is upon us. So, it’s time for businesses to leverage the popularity of these influencers. This is what influencer marketing is all about. With influencer marketing strategies, you can reach out to a wide network of social media audience by getting a renowned personality with a sizeable follower count.

Simply put, it means that rather than marketing to your target audience directly, you rope in influential people in your niche to inform them about your business and brand. Businesses have already started realising the potential of influencer marketing.

Bonus insights: According to the stats published in influencermarketinghub.com, 63% of businesses intend to invest more in their influencer marketing strategy in the years to come. For example, beauty influencer Jaclyn Hill created an eyeshadow palette in collaboration with the notable international makeup brand Morphe.

Bonus insights

Source: Oberlo.com

Winding it up,

Being consistent in your digital marketing strategy will allow you to boost your company’s visibility perfectly. Over the past decade or two, digital marketing has grown so much that organisations can’t ignore it if they’re serious about the growth of their business.

However, it’s interesting to note here that not all of these methods will work in your business’ favour. So, it is better that you don’t get too attached to one of the digital marketing method. Use the information provided in this post to keep adapting and improving.

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