10 Reasons: Why Erasmus Scholarship Is Great For Every Student

Erasmus program is an initiative of the European Union. It is a student exchange program that was started in 1987. Students from all over the world, and within Europe are eligible to avail this scholarship.

More than 30000 students have applied till now for the Erasmus program, of which almost 1500 plus students have utilized this platform to pursue a master’s degree. They have shared their culture, values and acquired high-level education in different countries of Europe.

Why Erasmus Scholarship Is Great For Every Student

You can easily apply online for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. The applications are open till the 10th of January 2020. There are several benefits associated with this program.

Reason to Go For Erasmus Mundus

International scholarship programs are always beneficial for students. They not only allow students to strengthen their academics but also help to improve themselves in many ways. It allows you to explore a different country and live a new life. Let’s discuss some reasons why you should go for Erasmus Mundus this year.

1. You have a Chance to Travel

What would have been your answer if someone asked you about your favorite work in your spare time? You might have said traveling; the same goes for me. In fact, everyone loves to travel, discover new places, share different cultures and to make friends around the world.

However, it might take a lot of time and money traveling to countries. So, why not choose the Erasmus program, continue your studies after bachelors and have a chance to travel,

  • Spain
  • France
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Netherlands

This way, you will not waste your time as you are pursuing a master’s degree in a reputable university.

2. Learn More Languages

Apart from the fact that you only need to speak and understand English as all the Erasmus courses will be taught in English. However, visiting other countries will enable you to learn their language and master another.

Universities offer language classes in order to cope up well locally. But, I can understand it may cost you, and you might not be able to pay extra to learn the local language.

What simple thing you can do is ask your new friends to teach you their language. In exchange, you may offer to teach your language to them.

3. You Receive Financial Support

This is a significant perspective relatively few understudies think about. All Erasmus scholars get a study grant. It is based more on, where are you from and where you are going to study. It also depends upon factors like what you are studying and what are the expenses to live in any particular country? On average, a student receives about 300 euros a month.

Usually, this amount is not enough to bear all your expenses but will cover most of them. Most importantly, you can focus more on studies rather than working part-time to manage your financial needs.

4. Source of Inspiration and Motivation

Being a student, we face different situations. We sometimes suffer from disappointments and demotivation due to several factors. And I’m sure you might have also suffered similar conditions.

So, a semester or a year with Erasmus Mundus is the best way to bring back the real you. It can turn out to be an inspiration for your plans. Or, maybe it could work as a real turning point for your professional career ahead.

This is the high time to take a step ahead, move forward from your home university and hometown, believe in you and achieve more.

5. Make New Friends

Everyone likes to make new friends, and till now you might have friends with similar language, culture, and tradition. But Erasmus will allow interacting with new people with a different language, culture, thoughts, habits, and values.

Make New Friends

Such interactions boost the way we think, understand and practice. Along with that, you learn different things from them and teach them some yours.

6. Innovative Approach for Learning

A change in the environment is very important to think beyond the limits. Many brilliant students just keep themselves to their degrees and do not go for innovative ideas.

One of the dissertation writing services named Crowd Writer concluded in their paper on students studying abroad,

Traveling out of the town helps students think broadly. It helps them live independently and manage things on their own. They gradually learn to cope with multiple tasks at a time. This is what makes them innovative learners. They start thinking differently, accepts challenges and come up with new concepts and unique ideas.”

You get an opportunity to learn new technologies in the university.

7. Work Opportunity

You can always work along with your studies. This is what different scholarships offer you. But what benefit Erasmus Mundus has which makes it stand out among others.

Erasmus Mundus provides you with an opportunity to work abroad after completing your education. There are several trainee opportunities for the students studying under the Erasmus program. You can either pursue an internship opportunity or can look for a job after your masters. Even job placements are awarded to highlighted students.

This is the best opportunity to train yourself as a professional in Europe and keep updated with the best of technology.

8. An Upgraded CV

You might have heard from seniors and professionals that international experience matters. Your grades may not impacts a lot, but the factor that you have lived abroad and managed things solely, inspire companies to hire you.

And Erasmus Mundus provides you with an opportunity with an A-one experience on your CV. Along with a high level of education, it allows having wider job opportunities after your masters.

9. Discovering a New You

Erasmus not only gives you a chance to study abroad, make new friends, travel and explore the places, but it is also a chance to discover yourself.

After getting a chance to study with Erasmus, you will be able to manage difficulties in a better way. You will learn to cope with a hard time. You will feel a change in your mental toughness.

You will see a change in yourself. You will then be more tolerable, open towards new things, and more appreciative of life.

10. Figure Out Your Future Plans

We are often confused about choosing a particular career path after our studies. Going for Erasmus will help you out selecting what you are going to do. Things will be a bit clearer. The courses you study abroad will guide you through your professional career.

About 1 out of 10 Erasmus students have started their own business, and 3 out of every 4 is thinking of a startup. Maybe this year you will pass out as a successful entrepreneur.

While Concluding, I would say that…

My words cannot describe the significance of the Erasmus program. I would suggest you go for it, have a new, wonderful and learning experience. It will not only improve your academic part but will also enhance your personality.

I wish you the best of luck for your master’s degree with the Erasmus exchange program.

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