7 Essential Tech-Gadgets to Take with You on Your Next Camping Trip

What better way to spend the summer vacation than by going with your kids on a thrill-filled camping trip? It would serve as a beneficial diversion from the non-productive and lazy lifestyle that they’ve come to adopt in the holidays. Not only that, it will teach them a thing or two about survival and teamwork. There, in the heart of the great wilderness, your kids will learn some of the most important lessons of life and will come back with a fresher spirit than what they first went with.


However, you cannot completely divorce this great adventure of yours from technology. I know that you intend for the children to put their iPads down and look around them, observing the wonderful nature in all its glory. But this doesn’t mean that you rough it up and go back to the primitive ways of surviving in the wild, sleeping on leaves and starting a fire by knocking two stones against each other. Because that would be regressive and not convenient at all. In order to spend some quality time, allow the latest technological gadgets as are mentioned below to make your camping trip smooth, bump-free and even more enjoyable.

Camp Stove 2:

Can you think of a gadget that would cook your food and charge your phone at the same time? No? Well, let me introduce you to the ever-useful, sleek and eco-friendly BioLite CampStove 2. This gadget comes with an elaborate, integrated system. It burns wood on top, creating the necessary fire for boiling your breakfast eggs, all the while converting that heat energy into electricity at the bottom. You can use this stored electricity to recharge your phone, your LED flashlights, and other gadgets. This updated version comes with a smart LED dashboard display which shows how much battery power is left and what’s the current status of the fan. Other than that, there are convenient add-ons like the USB cable attachments, a grill and a lightweight KettlePot etc. to go along with it. Weighing only two pounds, it’s the perfect camping tool.

Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag:

No matter how warm it is during the day, the nights can get pretty cold in the wilderness. With the surrounding temperature on all low, your body starts losing its optimal heat, making it extra hard for you to drift off to sleep. So, you need to take extra precautions regarding this camping element, especially when the kids are around. ThinkGeek’s Hot Pocket Sleeping Bag does precisely this job. With its custom trademarked insulation system, this sleeping bag technology heats up under two minutes to the most perfect temperature, allowing the body to become comfortable and cradling you into a restful sleep.


In the category of wearable tech, this Casio Smart Outdoor Watch stands out as the best gadget for camping. It has a dual-layer display, water-proof structure, shock-proof quality and comes with a complete set of complex sensors, which measure everything from trekking activity to the atmospheric pressure etc. Its innovative design and strong resistance make it ideal for your next big adventure.

Bluetooth Speaker:

How to pass the time? With music, that’s how. It’s the innate power of music which brings people closer together. You might have seen in various camping movies how characters sit in a circle around a fire, singing and playing communal tunes on guitar. If you know how to play an instrument, then that’s great. But if you don’t, then let these super-cool Bluetooth speakers help you in spreading musical joy around. This Ultimate Ears gadget is shock-proof, water-proof, gives a 360 degrees surround sound and a wonderful audio experience. Tune your music from Spotify, Amazon or iHeartRadio over a network connection as acquired from Spectrum internet plans or some such, and you’re good to go. If you don’t have internet access and are off the grid, then simply plug your USB into the speaker’s slot and play the music.

Solar Shower:

Unless there is a natural hot spring nearby, it might become really difficult for you to take a shower in the great outdoors. And you simply cannot go without washing yourself for days on end and then coming back home smelling like a dead rat, can you? Let me present you with a gadget that’s become a basic staple for expert campers: Coleman 5-Gallon Solar Shower. Using its smart technology, this gadget catches the sun’s rays and converts them into solar power to heat the water that’s put in its PVC made bag. It comes with a convenient shower head, a strong handle for carrying it around, and an off/on the valve which makes it easy to operate for kids too. Now, you can easily take a luxurious hot shower even in the wilderness, feeling fresh and revitalized.

Camping Lamp:

The only source of light in the great outdoors is the expansive night sky, dotted with shimmering stars, which is not enough to prevent you from getting lost in the woods. What you need is a viable source of light which burns throughout the night. Let me present to you the BioLite Camping Lamp, which is eco-friendly, and has a light range of about ten meters as a lamp and a hundred meters as a torch. It comes with a SiteLight set, comprised of two or more overhead dimmable lights connected over a run-along cord to the main light. The bundle also includes a PowerLight, which comes with its own power bank battery, USB rechargeable, making it run up to 72 hours. The lights have a dimming and an emergency strobe mode too. Cool, right?

UV Filter Bottle:

Clean water is an absolute necessity for when you go out camping with your kids. This Camelbak All Clear UV Filter bottle brings drinking water in your reach, wherever you go. With its smart UV technology, it eliminates around 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and protozoan from ordinary water and makes it feasible for drinking.

So, the next time you decide to head out on a camping adventure with your kids, make sure to pack all of these gadgets along.

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