7 Solid Strategies to Improve the Conversions for SEO

Figuring out how to boost the conversion rates for your website’s SEO? You’ve landed at the safe place –

When you are set to measure your website’s success, the conversion rates have a crucial place. High conversion rates on SEO implies that you are doing a great job and heading towards your goal. If the number is not encouraging, then you will have to build Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) strategies.

You might be wanting visitors to come to your site for different reasons such as filling a survey form or email sign-ups or purchasing your products, which is termed as SITE GOALS.

A systematic approach to augment the percentage of your site goals refers to Conversion Rate Optimization. Understanding the actions and movements of users on the website are a prerequisite to CRO. You should be sure where and what to optimize for CRO.

Hence, to advance in CRO, your focus should be to improve the user experience to get higher conversions.

So, let us discover a few optimization techniques to improve your site’s performance with time.

1. Create compelling content

A great content serves multiple purposes. First of all, it improves the ranking of your website on search engines. It also helps in link building activities. A high-quality marketing content opens up great conversion opportunities. Therefore, curate fresh and original content for your website. Therefore:

  • Keep the content clean, precise and to the point to make it easy for the audience to comprehend.
  • Create content with conversion in mind.
  • Use call to actions to create a sense of urgency.
  • Generate useful content to make them stay longer on the page.

Pro tip – Ensure that there is no duplicate content on your website. Presence of duplicate content affects the ranking on SERP.

2. Use great visual elements

How long a visitor stays on the website is as equally important as the number of visitors on your website. The duration for which each visitor stays on your website improves your ranking on search engine and is very critical for site’s success.

Pro tip – Divide your content into sections and convert it into visual elements or videos to engage your audience.

When you incorporate videos in your content, visitors will take time to stay on the website, which will again improve your page ranking. Everything depends on how long they stay. A duration of up to 30 seconds is poor while a duration of 2 minutes or more is commendable. Somewhere in between? Incorporate more engaging visual content to your website.

65% of people are visual learners.”

Just adding high-quality and high-resolution images is not enough.

Here’s the secret – Optimize your images by using keywords for image ALT tags. Adding keywords to the images has a positive impact on your conversion rates.

So, the next time you publish a content, determine if it will be best served as an image or a video.

3. Implement long-tail keywords

Users search for specific queries. And to search them, they write random keywords. Nowadays, SEO focuses more on semantic search. Keywords are the essence of the entire optimization process. Hence, to offer what the visitors are searching for, start optimizing your keywords.

Long-tail keywords estimate for 70% of all web searches.”

So, here it is – short and generic keywords can bring a lot of traffic to your website but long-tail keywords can bring quality traffic to your website

For example, people who are looking for weight loss techniques may search “weight loss methods.” It will generate a large amount of generic content. Hence, people may also search “ how to lose weight fast” or “ top methods to lose weight”.Achieve a balanced mix of short and long-tail keywords to grow your conversion rate.

Achieve a balanced mix of short and long-tail keywords to grow your conversion rate.

4. Apply HTTPS security and testing

Whether you are an e-commerce website or a business website, your audience looks for security on the website when they are filling forms or submitting their personal details. However, it is impossible to improve conversions without a security standard maintained. Even if you have an SSL certificate, use a URL crawler feature on your website that finds the possibility of non-HTTPS URLs on your website.

A well-defined URL helps users to easily understand the website and stay for a longer time on the website.

5. Try A/B testing

A/B testing or split testing defines testing of two versions of a similar webpage. By applying ‘two sample hypothesis testing’, you arrive at which version of the webpage will be best and secure to offer. Because of its relevancy and security, visitors will be more inclined to stay on the website. Hence, there are more chances of conversion.

6. Organize your website

An organized website is crucial from the viewpoint of user experience. The entire aim of keeping the website organized is to enhance the user experience. For the ease of potential conversions, ensure-

  • Site speed – A slowly loading website diminishes the interest of users and even gives a negative impression about the company. Moreover, a decision for conversion can happen in a fraction of seconds. Users get frustrated when they experience more seconds in page loading and leave the website.
  • Navigation issues – Users navigate to your website through following links. If your links are inappropriate or broken, then the visitor gets highly disinterested and returns from the website.

Ensure that you conduct an SEO audit to remove website’s broken links to allow the flow.

7. Use the entry page ‘scent’

Imagine if a user clicks on an ad and lands on a different page than expected, it is surely a waste of time and hampers conversions. It is important that the source and the landing page are same.

You can assure your users that they have reached their targeted page by implementing ‘information scent’. The SCENT (Single Offer, Clarity, Emotion, Need, Thank You Page) sequence entails if the buyer has stayed on the page till the final stage or has left immediately.

Pro tip – Start by having a well-defined and clear website structure and layout. Always ensure that the H1 heading matches with the title tag.

By applying the above-mentioned strategies, you can avail the following advantages:

The Benefits of CRO

  • Better customer insights – Acquiring many customers for your business will not do any good, but getting the right one will. First and foremost, you will be able to track the key audience and comprehend the customer’s needs.
  • Higher ROI – Higher conversion rates happen on making most out of resources and acquisition efforts. An increase in conversion rate implies that you are getting more customers and there is a rise in the ROI.
  • Great user experience – CRO extracts what works on your website and what not. When users feel easy to navigate on your website, they stick around. By improving the user experience, the visitors feel empowered and engage more with the site.

Final thoughts on CRO

Besides inculcating the keywords, it is important that you follow these strategies for higher conversions. The benefits won’t be seen overnight and hence you will have to conduct regular SEO audits, consistently test the landing pages and then you can see your conversion rates improving.

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