7 Steps to Create Video Testimonials That Drive Sales

When you are looking for ways in which you can boost your sales by attracting more customers online, then you need to make your online content more attractive and relatable. Gone are the days when ads and promotions were very robotic, impossible, fiction and even silly to some extent. Today, the audience has become cleverer and to gain their attention, you need to come up with content that is out of the box, true, relatable and also very appealing. Written testimonials by previous customers did have some impact on the leads and sales because customers today are convinced to make buying decisions only after another customer like them shares their personal experience and reviews with them.

7 Steps to Create Video Testimonials That Drive Sales

But the trend of written testimonials also began losing its impact for a few years, as people easily thought that such views can be scripted. To break this trend, marketers came up with a better and brilliant plan that is going to stay for really long. This new trend is the act of uploading video testimonials on your social media pages, website, and other digital places. A video testimonial is a properly shot video of a customer sharing their experience about how your product has helped them.

But not everyone manages to create a striking video testimonial. To make a video testimonial work, it needs to be very genuine, relatable, apparently true and also interesting. A powerful video testimonial not only entertains the audience but also convinces them about the benefits of your product, so that they can make an informed choice soon.

If you are wondering how to create a video testimonial that can drive sales, then here are 7 factors that you must read:

7 Steps for Creating Customer Video Testimonials That Drive Sales

1. Ensure that the Content is Relatable

Many people create video testimonials that often do not contain matter that people can relate to. The script should have everyday affairs and incidents that happen regularly in people’s lives. A good and human story will make your ad more believable. It will make people think that the same things have happened with them too and hence your product might actually make a difference. For example, if you are selling detergent powder, you can talk about the lint issues and how your product has totally banished the problem of lint. These are small issues that no detergent selling company talks about and when you advertise them openly, it will make people trust your brand more.

2. Ensure that the Background Matches with the Script

It is also very necessary that your background in the video matches the content of your script if you want to make it more believable. For example, if you are selling a sweater, then you need to show the background as snow-covered peaks or a family sitting in front of a fireplace, to make your content more realistic.

3. Video Testimonial for Lead Generation

You can effectively use your video testimonial for lead generation. When you upload your testimonial on your landing page, you can persuade customers to buy your business products. This will create awareness in the customers who have just visited on your business page. This is the best method to convert leads into sales.

Video Testimonial for Lead Generation

4. Upload your Testimonials on Social Media Channels

Today people are constantly browsing, watching videos and also ads. When you create a powerful video testimonial with a good message for the public, uploading it on social media will drive maximum viewership and hence more leads, with a higher chance of being converted into sales. Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, etc, today have lakhs of people online at the same time, and when you upload your testimonial, many people will be watching your ad at the same time. They will also share it with their other friends and this way, you get maximum viewership.

5. Hire a Professional Customer Video Testimonial Company

Another crucial step to creating an impactful customer video testimonial is to hire a professional company who does only this. A customer video testimonial is not a Facebook video that you upload with your friends and family. It needs to be professionally made, without flaws, and yet have a natural appeal to it. A professional video testimonial company knows the tricks of the trade and also has fine editing skills to help you create impactful testimonials. They often choose their actors, make them practice the script, shoot the interviewee on video with proper questions, backdrop and dress code and finally edit it to make it look perfect and flawless. This is no layman’s job and you need a pro if you want to make your video look classy and great.

6. Add Some Good Cut Ways to Make it Visually Stimulating

Instead of making the video script sound like a long single-story or dialogue of one customer, you can add engaging bits or images to make it more appealing. You can add small shots of the client arriving in the office, talking to his staff, asking for a cup of coffee and then finally expressing his personal experience with your product. This will create interest in the audience to view the full video and then also think positively about your product.

7. Keep it Short and Sweet

Finally, a good video testimonial should be short and sweet. Do not create long and boring videos. Ensure that you convey all your messages regarding your brand and product in the short video. Nobody likes to listen or watch too long videos.

If you follow all the above-mentioned steps in creating your video testimonial, you will showcase a great one to your audiences, impress them and also drive maximum sales. Classy video testimonials have a great impact on the audience as they make them believe in your brand and your products too. These are great weapons to boost your sales.

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