The Development Roadmap to Creating Video Streaming App

Creating Video Streaming App

There is no exaggeration if we say that video streaming apps are the new replacement for TV. The growth of HD video content and the corresponding demand of people consuming it confirms that video streaming apps are the future. TVs stand no fighting chance in front of these sophisticated technologies called video streaming apps.

Video streaming is the most sought-after trend, in light of the fact that videos account for one-third of all consumed content. For online marketing, the pre-produced video content would rule the roost. Businesses embracing video content in their hard-hitting commercials are reported to have benefited tremendously. As per the data by Cisco INC. videos are to generate 80% of global internet traffic by the end of this year.

The Rise Of Streaming Apps Over Traditional TVs

  • Consumers of video stream apps rate their viewing experience with video streaming app far better than the ones relayed by an outdated television.
  • The streamed content of video also outweighs traditional television in terms of quality. For example, viewing 4K video content through video stream app is feasible which cable television can’t provide.
  • The televised shows are not within the control or preference of the users, but video stream apps allow users to be in full control of what they watch based on their individual preferences and choices. Also, the kind of “watch on the go” facility that your mobile video streaming app offers is not feasible with classic television.
  • This report reveals that mobile devices contribute to watching more than half of the videos by consumers.
  • According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, mobile video streaming apps would contribute over 50% of traffic surge every year until 2020. Together with that, the likelihood of a tremendous surge in the number of mobile phone users is also stronger.

Streaming Apps Ruling The Roost On The Web Today

  • Instagram– Perhaps the most popular live broadcasting app today because of the way it has allowed users to express themselves photogenically to the world.
  • Snapchat– A great messenger app that self-destructs the short-lived video/pictures after being exchanged and viewed. Today it boasts of impressive audience constituent of over 170 million daily.
  • Twitch– A great video streaming app having a large fan base of game enthusiasts. Companies sponsoring it include game publishers and gaming hardware suppliers.
  • YouTube Connect– A sui-generis treat for mobile YouTubers, users can live-broadcast content from anywhere in the world using internet access.
  • Facebook Live– Meant for Facebook users to stream video content, and organize their own video blog.
  • Periscope– The brainchild of Twitter developers, Periscope can be used to live-stream videos and comment on them.

Developing A Video Streaming App: Key Parameters To Consider


Custom user profiles

The profile-centric streaming app is good for video streaming app development, considering it facilitates the identification of a particular user within the framework of applications consisting of interpersonal communication. Further, it could be very useful in the situation when monetizing certain accounts which are very popular is to be considered. For the app to be able to recommend customized video suggestions include all essential personal information of the users.

Innovative search mechanism

The profile-oriented video streaming app development must have an innovative search functionality to allow creating more and different sets of filters to bypass difficulties such as lack of formalism, too many symbols, etc.

In-app video storage

It would sound awesome for users to download videos to their mobile device and watch the footage later. Also, the worth of mobile video streaming app is greater if it allows users to watch the content in real-time.

Live video streaming feature

Make sure that video streaming app must equip live features as an important factor based on this report, stating that 67% of users love to stream video content.

Compressed video

The quality parameter for streaming video is the frame rate of 25 FPS. Considered the lower end of the comfort threshold, this acceptable frame rate allows the seamless streaming of the uploaded videos. Consideration should be on determining the standard speed of the playback, memory, storage capacity, and factor such as permissible bandwidth. Video compression and decompression are mandated for a seamless video streaming experience. Using special algorithms and proprietary codecs H.264 and H.265 allows video compression for high-quality video content.

Communication between streamers and the audience

Group chat in real-time or live comments is a certain key parameter that must be added to your video streaming app. These features permit direct communication between the streamer and the audience and ensure that real-time engagement is increased. In this fast-paced social interaction on the web, commenting option is a valuable attribute for accentuating the importance of your video streaming app.

The feature of monetization

While watching videos free of cost should be a mandatory privilege on your video streaming app, just remain focused to monetize potential video content drawing huge traffic counts. The same would generate for your passive earning resources. What you can do basically is to allow users to support the streamer by donating some money, and encourage for premium subscriptions to personal consultations.

Extensive market research

If you want to promote your video streaming app for the mass audience, consider undertaking extensive market research. Let your streaming app under the beta testing phase for the audience to fetch their informative feedbacks. This way, you could address the problem areas of your app that need fixing for its final and snag-free release.

Other Key Parameters In Brief

  • Allow users to keep abreast of the schedule of the live events, using the Google event calendar.
  • Keep users updated with the latest news stories with the features like subscriptions and push notifications integrated to your video streaming app.
  • Use Analytics to supervise user’s preference, spent time on channels, clicks on ads, and different sorts of data sourced from specific user-actions.

The video streaming development roadmap in brief

  • You must be aware of your business vision that your app can help you materialize.
  • A list of specifications detailing all the features of your app.
  • Prioritize your target market base, server architecture, and database schema, and decide if the native or hybrid solution would be your preference.
  • Create stunning UX and UI for your app.
  • Conduct activities, from initiating MVP to testing and then implementing key changes based on the user’s feedback.


Video streaming app development could spell great business leverage if incorporated to your business. In light of the rising importance of video content streamed worldwide by users over their smartphones, we can say for sure that tomorrows’ businesses hinge very much on the quality of the video streaming app as an efficient mechanism for empowering your brand personality and escalating its growth to your target market.

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