8 Essential Apps for Digital Nomads

The life of a digital nomad is not always exciting or full of parties as you might think. Digital nomads often come across problems with their productivity because they are consistently changing platforms that offer new experiences and sometimes it can get difficult to get used to the new environment.

Exposure to a new culture and moving to new locations may sound appealing but you have to convince yourself to sit down at your desk in order to get the work done. Digital nomads spend several hours on a single task and instead of enjoying the freedom of their life; they end up diminishing their productivity.

In this particular article, you will get to know about eight applications that are designed to help digital nomads enhance their level of their productivity and become more efficient. So, if you are suffering from a real lack of productivity, take a look at the applications listed below and boost your work morale as a remote worker.

8 Essential Apps for Digital Nomads

  1. Trello

This is a project management application built to track tasks pertaining to a particular project of a company. Trello enables you to organize your projects into boards by creating individual cards for every single activity. After creating the boards, you can add people to the card so they can upload necessary updates regarding the project.

Another great feature Trello offers is that you can tag your colleaguesso they can easily see the updates and check work progress. When you are working remotely, you have to stay in touch with the people so that you can understand the assigned tasks and complete them before the deadline. If you are working in a multinational organization with thousands of employees, then Trello is a must because it allows individuals to track their tasks easily without creating any confusion amongst the workforce.

  1. Asana

Asana is also a project management tool that is widely preferred by digital nomads due to its user-friendly interface. This application allows you to track your projects and tasks so that you can finish your work on time and forward it to the concerned department.

Asana is a fantastic tool for boosting your productivity because it provides all the features at one place including reminders, to-do lists, and group chats. Therefore, if you are working in teams, Asana is the best application for you.

  1. Slack

Slack is an instant messaging tool that enables you to get in touch with your colleagues in case you have queries. All the conversationson Slack are saved so that the required information can be found when needed. Slack is perfect for companies that are working with remote teams from all over the globe. These teams can easily set up a group chat and discuss the tasks amongst each other in order to mitigate the risk of misunderstanding and confusion.

With Slack, you can also share files and create new threads for different topics so that people who were not present in the group chat can easily understand the gist of the message when they log in.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is an application that allows you to take notes and share them with your colleagues so that you never miss anything important. You can also clip online articles by creating a different note so that you can easily access them when the time comes.

One interesting feature offered by this application is scanning. Evernote can scan the paper in your hand in high quality and you can save that document for later use or for sharing purposes. There are several documents that you have to share with your colleagues on a daily basis and this is where Evernote can be very useful for making your routine tasks much more convenient.


  1. LastPass

LastPass is a plugin commonly used by digital nomads so that they can store and manage passwords for a variety of websites. In order to use this tool, you will have to sign up for LastPass and add the plugin to your internet browser so that you can save your login credentials for the websites that you visit regularly.

LastPass is a useful tool for people who have many clients and face difficulty in remembering all the passwords.

  1. IA Writer

IA Writer is a text editor that enables you to concentrate on your writing so that you don’t lose focus. It is an outstanding tool for any digital nomad who does not have a long attention span. This application can also be used on various other platforms like iOS, Android and Windows. You can also use the Pro version in order to get additional features.

  1. Expensify

Tracking business expenses is an essential part of every organization because you have to control costs in order to maximize profits. However, tracking expenses can be a tricky task and you have to be very careful with calculations. Expensify makes this task much easier for digital nomads so that they can easily keep track of their expenses and continue to thrive in the market.

  1. Headspace

Productivity does not just rely on the tools that are available on the internet; it depends on your motivation to work as well. In order to enhance your productivity, you need to have the right mindset so that you can focus on your work and complete the assigned tasks efficiently. Headspace is an application that helps you relax in your free time so that you can concentrate on your work by clearing your mind.


All these applications are extremely useful for digital nomads looking to increase their productivity in order to prove themselves as highly efficient professionals. It is worth mentioning the fact that you will need a stable internet connection like Charter Spectrum Internet in order to use these tools to their full potential.

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