8 Types of Visual Content Your Brand should Create Right Now

Currently, it’s important for every business to create some form of visual content. Such visual content can be YouTube videos, status updates, blog posts and so many other things that most of the bbig brands are using on a daily basis.

It has become crucial to produce regular content in order to ensure the success of a brand. Be it a blog post, a Facebook post, a Youtube video, the idea is to keep your customers engaged and hooked to your content on a daily basis.

But these are the things that every business is using these days. So how does your business cut through the noise and make the content visible? The answer lies in Visual content.

Visual content is a little different from the same old text-based content that business houses are uploading. Of course, the interface of the text-based content changes for the different social media platforms, but at the end of the day, those status updates are all about texts on blank backgrounds. Visual content is a better tool that can be used to communicate with clients because it makes use of bold fonts, catchy color palette or engaging images. With all this by your side, you will have a better chance to ensure that your clients stop scrolling through their feed to check your content.

Most business houses post content on multiple platforms on a daily basis. Are all these content gathering the same amount of engagement? No, they are not since they are all the same. However, with the use of visual content, you can increase the chances of making sure that your content gets some amount of engagement.

To that end, let’s delve into the top 8 visual content ideas that you can use to create your own business image!

Use Attractive Photographs:

Before you get into this, think about how many photos you click on a daily basis and share. Quite a few, right? Well, this is the habit which most people have these days. So make photographs one of the top elements to be included in the visual content list. If a photograph is taken well, it can do wonders for your brand.

It’s a great idea to incorporate behind the scene images. Something like what goes on in your office. How the team participates in meetings, production of new products and such. Photos give you a great opportunity to flaunt your products and your expertise.

Motivational Quote Cards:

Everyone has a motto which they have engaged to or connected to in some way. These can be quotes of famous scholars or pearls of wisdom which have inspired so many. The best part is, these can act as amazing visual content!

Motivational Quote Cards

Quote cards are super easy to create. All you need is a right quote, a good shareable design and a little creativity to create an amazing quote! However, while creating such quotes it’s important to keep the design simple so that the primary focus is on the text. Of course, it is a good idea to boost the text with a nice picture, but it should not affect the legibility of the content. To ensure this, it’s important to choose a readable typeface, an applicable color palette and balance the contrast between everything.

Effective Call To Action:

An effective Call To Action is a fantastic tool which can be used to force your visitors to perform an action. In addition to that, some effective words to go with the call to action can ensure engagement for your product amongst your customers.

Effective Call To Action

Visual call to action can take your message to a whole new level, as it provides an individual with a plethora of opportunity they can grab. Your text combined with a  striking color palette can go on to highlight the most important elements of your communication.

Use Of Branded Images:

You probably have your brand logo and the primary designs sorted, that way you have a fair idea about how your brand looks like. With all that sorted, it will be easy to create the branded images. The best thing to do is to treat the brand as a character.

Additionally, consider the selling point of your brand, voice, and tone while creating branded images.

Data Visualization:

Take it or not, data can look very boring. Even the most interesting piece of information or data can look dull if not presented properly. Visual content can help you in that regard. Even if you want to share some interesting data, make it fun using vibrant colors and good texts.


Do not be under the impression that visual content is all about stationary things. If pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are worth some million then! In fact, videos play a crucial role in enhancing and enforcing your brand.

This is true because studies say that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! In that light get into the video market which is open in nature. It has a huge potential and thus must not be neglected.

Tricks of Trade:

Does your product or service come hand-tied with some sort of knowledge? Be it a recipe, a life hack or a tutorial, when knowledge in any form is shared with the customers, it creates a bond.  Visual content plays a good role in this regard. If you share steps or tips with your customers via the visual medium, they will not only engage with it but also share it around. Additionally, when they see the final product and look at the easy steps that were used to create it, they would be more interested in sharing the content.


If you run a business that is completely digital or a website based business, a mobile application, then consider sharing informative screenshots. This is similar to a brand flaunting their product. With informative screenshots, as visual content, you can flaunt your service.

Many companies make use of screenshots to show how their products work. While video of the same can be an option, this too can be tried. Additionally, sharing screenshots of customer reviews are also an interesting way to go about it!

Create dazzling designs! Use visual content to win your customers.

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