8 Upcoming Technology Trends by 2020

8 Upcoming Technology Trends by 2020

Many technology trends have high chances of fizzing out with the passage of time. On the other hand, there are many technology trends which are going to gain popularity by the coming year. The following list explains the trends that have set their positions in the top list of the technology trends.

8 Upcoming Technology Trends

  1. Artificial Intelligence

In the present scenario, artificial intelligence is one of the top technology trends from the past several years. Further, it will continue to position itself in the year 2020 as well.

Now, even the computers can know about the what all is happening in the world just like the human beings. With the increase in the computing power and data, the major AI competences were effectively possible. Such a boost in the data has encouraged the advancement of AI from the past two years. Keep in mind that the more data AI will have, the faster it becomes for it to learn.

Since the enhancement of AI is being carried out speedily, there are high chances of AI actively taking up human tasks by the coming year.

It is very clear that artificial intelligence is being extensively used. AI is able to see by the feature of facial recognition, it can listen (amazon echo being the best example), for the speaking purpose we have Siri in existence. So, by the year 2020, AI will come in the list of the technology that doesn’t require any sort of human interference to perform tasks.

  1. Natural Language Processing

In a couple of years, the Chatbots would have reached as a good number of businesses are now using it to redefine the user engagement. Thus, it has been found that by the year 2020, Chatbots will definitely reach a different level with the use of NLP (natural language processing).

Now the computers, devices and the apps will be directly able to know the exact meaning of what all that is being said. Thus, in this case, there is no chance that the meaning of a particular thing is being misunderstood in any case through the integration of NLP.

Also, the users don’t have to talk in the technical terms as the machines can now understand the user language. This is one of the biggest advantage that the users will get.

  1. Block Chain

Blockchain is increasing at a very high rate and is expected to be on the top of the technology trends that are going to arrive in the year 2020. Today, blockchain technology is not used in the number of industries but there are high chances of it getting mass adoption.

Do you know that cryptocurrencies are one of the essential elements of blockchain? If you are the one who is unaware about what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are, will surely begin to carry out the routine operations with their use.

  1. IoT

IoT is the technology that is placing itself in the list of upcoming technologies that people are going to experience in the coming years. It has been found that IoT has been relaxed in getting connected with the devices. But, the story is completely different in case of the future.

You might have observed today at your homes; every product is smart. Each and every product right from the TV, the microwaves, the voice-enabled assistants etc. will get new entrances within very less time. According to the predictions, it has been found that in the near future, around 75 billion people will get connected with the enhancement of technology.

  1. Edge Computing

One technology that has not been talked about in the market is edge computing. You must not know that edge computing is the component where everything related to content gathering and information processing is done close to the source of information.

Reduction in the data mission time and connectivity issues, and greater functionality are some of the benefits of getting surrounded at the edge of the structure.

Since, edge computing is one of the protruding parts of the upcoming technologies in 2020, there are high chances of it getting augmented attention in order to boost the intelligent networks. Thus, edge computing is an essential addition in the top technology trends.

  1. Prescriptive Analysis

The current period is of predictive analysis along with the software the notifies according to the behavior of the users and the past interaction. In the coming years, the excess of gathered user data will be helping your business in a very different manner.

Thus, the technological world in the year 2020, will be giving the businesses the information related to the way the users will react, will help them know they need to act on seeking such a response from the users.

  1. Facial Recognition

By the year 2020, your face is definitely going to become a significant technology. Initially began with iPhone X, the face ID process will be taken forward by a plethora of industries who would be making use of your face for a number of applications.

Talking about the current scenario, your face is used to unlock the phone but the upcoming technology will allow you to unlock your house, car etc. through the use of internet. And yes, you may even be able to get cash in your hand from ATM just with the use of your face.

  1. 5G

A year from now, the world would be under the influence of using fast and speedy internet connections. Much to your surprise, 5G will be finding its place in the top list of the technology trends very soon. You will get the advantage of high internet data transfer, and reduced latencies. Even the students will get a chance to study online by availing ‘write my essay’ services.

The great benefits of 5G will make it possible for the autonomous vehicles and the wireless VR to work with reduced technical obstacles.

But, here the question arises, how fast would 5G work? The anticipated answer to this is that the movie that downloads within a day through a 3G network, will be downloaded within 3.6 seconds with the 5G network.

So, all the aforesaid technology trends are going to observe higher adoption by the year 2020. Gear up to use all these trends and make your life much easier and relaxed.

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