9 Simple Steps To Build Your Brand On Twitter

Are you looking for reliable advice on how to grow a Twitter brand? Go through the following steps on how to build your brand on Twitter.

Can you develop your brand on Twitter, really?

Yes! A top creator on Twitter has built a brand even though it comes from a small town that many people don’t even hear of, working since early 2009.

One of the famous brands noticed above 3.8 million tweets and also 24 interactions on social media. They ranked the topmost marketers depending on a mentions count that they received on the platform.

You may think, how can a guy from a small town compete with all the people globally using Twitter? Branding.

Brands on Twitter opens many ways for you to develop it. It provides you with tremendous opportunities that you can’t miss out on.

I am here to provide you the simple steps to follow to improve your brand on Twitter.

Complete Your Profile On Twitter

The first step is the basic one; completing your Twitter profile and providing all details helps you lift you from zero to a hero.

Completing your profile is like dressing up. It furnishes the impression of who you’re.

To complete your profile on Twitter, you can:

  • Provide a clear picture of your brand. Also, mention what you do.
  • A perfect(clear) image of your face.
  • A perfect cover image.
  • Add the links to your pages(LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.)
  • A compelling bio on the platform.
  • Add a link to your blog site.

It is very crucial to bring your profile image consistently with what you utilize on other networks. So that people can recognize you easily. In simple words, change your profile picture once a year. I see many people using an unclear picture of their childhood image.

Maximize Twitter Video Content

A tweet receives a cent percent engagement with hashtags, so always remember to add it to your content. People watch more than two billion Twitter video content every day. That becomes a 68% year-on-year build in the calendar year 2019; it clearly shows that video content has attained its spot on Twitter.

A record says nearly 35% of people accepted that they go to the Twitter platform to watch video content. The tweets with video content acquire 10x extra engagement than posting tweets without any video content. These factors make the video content an essential thing for brands and businesses on Twitter.

Tips for managers of social media

  • Give stunning content related to your client’s business or brands. Think of your primary audience and notice the comments. If your video content is strong, then your account’s natural growth will follow.
  • Always maintain your Twitter tweets short. Video content with a minimum tweet than a longer one has a 15% higher brand and total view time and message recall.
  • Make video content website cards. It allows your audience to take some actions and produce a 3x more CTR(Click Through Rate).
  • Encourage the audience to follow. Be direct and unique.

Offer Incentives

Encourage the engagements(likes, comments, and retweets) to get your brand or business seen and acquire huge fans on Twitter. The best way of obtaining this is by offering some incentives.

For example, you can launch video content about your exclusive products for some retweets. Otherwise, you can offer prices and discounts on your products once you reach several followers. Don’t forget that it is to gain more fans, so it should be a direct CTA(Call To Action).

Tips for managers of social media

  • Always have an attractive CTA(Call To Action) that will gain your engagement and growth.
  • Work with more incentives.
  • Produce your unique branded hashtag to bring your tweets very easy to get on the platform.
  • Use the visually stunning imagery to grab interest.

Example of a Tremendous Profile On Twitter

Example Of a Tremendous Profile On Twitter

A profile on Twitter that rocks.

Here is an excellent instance of a powerful and complete profile on Twitter from Mark Schaefer. His profile completes perfectly with a stunning bio on what he does, and the cover picture of him perfectly delivers what he is doing for a living.

Be Active On Your Brand On Twitter

Think that you are working out. The faster you will grab results when you are most consistent with your brand on Twitter.

Spend more time connecting and engaging with others if you are new to the platform. Be active every minute of the day without taking a rest; Upload frequently, and engage with others.

If you have a group of audience in a strong relationship on the platform, then spend nearly an hour every day on maintaining a strong relationship. I suggest you schedule your Twitter content and share it out. Get many ideas on content through the top creators on the platform. You can be active on the platform more if you plan early.

Being more active on the platform helps you to get noticed. It’s a strategy that many follow on the platform.

The Five Powers

When you start your Twitter journey, you can do a routine to:

  • Engage with the five people who you know.
  • Also, engage with the five new peoples.
  • Follow the five new peoples.
  • Reply to your five tweets.
  • Retweet trendy five tweets.

You can do this every day for long days. So-called “The Five Powers.”

Example Of An Active Account On Twitter

Example Of An Active Account On Twitter

Madalyn Sklar is an excellent example of one who has correctly branded herself. She acquired a schedule or routine that she follows each day without fail. She has her unique gifs and also responds to every tweet she receives. How great is that? Madalyn is one of the most significant consistent people you get on Twitter.

Pursue Leaders

We hope you have heard of these words before; it doesn’t matter what you know; it matters who you know. Follow your influencer leaders in your niche or industry.

Lists On Twitter

I suggest making a leader list on Twitter for you to merge with. Bring it by:

  • Saying hello
  • Responding to their tweets
  • Retweeting their tweets
  • Helping them if they accept

Take a spark through following their accounts on other social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Instagram is the platform where most of the people are personal when compared to other networks. Use some individual posts of them, which makes you start a Twitter conversation.

For instance, on Instagram, if you see someone, you need to talk to them at the gym. If that exact person uploads on Twitter about something after a few days, respond to the tweet and give a touch like “How was your day at the gym?”.

You can also ask someone you need to engage with, “How was your birthday” if they recently celebrated their birthday. It is simple and gives a personal touch asking them how they are.

Your niche or industry leaders connect you to many experts in your niche or industry if you are strongly linked to them. It leads you to get to know who all are in your niche or industry.

Give Values To Your Tweets

Value brings more context to your stunning brand on Twitter. Here are the two easy ways you can give value.

  • Share your post
  • Share others post

I suggest doing both. Measure a ratio for those Twitter tweets; try to maintain a balance of 50:50.

Upload Personal Posts on Twitter

Yes! Upload personal posts. Most are not a fan of this, but why only you? Because we all are human.

And also, I am not a fan of uploading only hard content. It feels insincere and robotic. Uploading a personal post of a picture of your dogs, you, your favorite thing, favorite foods, or anything BTS(Behind The Scenes) adds human elements. It makes you stand out from the crowd. Naturally, personal posts will be the most engaging content for many on the platform.

People feel that they are attaching to a person rather than having an avatar. And those personal pictures, including your glorious selfies, will help. It brings more memories to you.

Join Chats on Twitter

Chats on Twitter are necessary. The people you get during chats time are the perfect people to engage with. They are sincere and more active on the platform. Many top profiles on the platform engage with the people in chats still now.

They also allow people to get connected with their community. Any encourages you too to do that. Join, and you will acquire a community where you can get help if you want. Don’t forget to start all these things by adding more values first.

Most-liked Chats

Some chats on Twitter I suggest you join are:





You can also get invited as a guest for the chats on Twitter if you provide values continuously. Being a guest is a great way to gain credibility.

Follow People Who Are Active On Twitter

Everyone loves to follow the more active people on the platform who regularly share the tweets and are actively engaged. Following is the easiest way to attach with the people and gain your follower base.

Following people helped to grow your brand effectively a few years ago, and it still works now. If you acquired more followers to your brand, it’s a good sign to develop Twitter likes to your tweets, thus increasing engagement tremendously. It helps to reach your tweet to a broader audience within a short span.

Keep a Blog

The blog is an essential element that has helped many to brand their account on Twitter. It is an excellent platform for the short type contents for having your voice and engaging with the people.

If you try to show your expertise to grow your brand on Twitter, then a blog manages it to the next level. Your blog is the place where you can bring your expertise. Blogging gives more context and is the best complementary network to your brand on Twitter. It will go hand in hand.

Many creators on Twitter think of it as their thoughts and the platform as the voice for their opinions.

Grab The Benefits Of Videos

An easy method I analyzed that worked best are videos on Twitter. People who utilize video trends on the platform stand front. Just think of recording content or a reply to share.

Twyford is an excellent example of producing video content on Twitter. I loved his unique way of using video content to respond to posts & comments on Twitter. It makes you stand out well on the platform. I engaged with many people on Twitter, but he is more memorable than anyone because of his video content.


Yes! It’s a brag.

If you are mentioned in any article, listed in any, follow list, listed in any expert’s list, saw results, and tested something or anything related to your brand or business, just Tweet it! Grab the brag here.

The primary reason to tweet like this is to show your followers that you have done something right. It also multiplies the contexts again that you are a great expert on something.

Many users on the platform aren’t utilizing this simple technique. They left it off by not saying anything about this small victory. If you didn’t use this technique, then people on the platform won’t get you. It’s a simple way; moreover, utilize it, and grab more engagements.

Be Creditable

I kept the perfect for last. It is to be yourself and genuine. Many will say to be professional on Twitter. Just leave those words and bring your unique style to the platform. Add some fun to your tweets. That’s always real in internet media.

The same rule sets to the content too that you are going to share. Suppose you didn’t interest in sharing personal pictures or any quotes. It’s okay, leave it.

Give the stunning practices but always be you at every second.

Summing Up

Building your brand or business on Twitter is incredibly possible even if you do not get success on the platform to date. Be strong to shake factors up, steady to take risks, and begin analyzing your results. Grab it if it works, change the tactic if it does not work.

These are the simple steps to follow on Twitter to grow your brand or business on Twitter magnificently. Grab it and utilize it!

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