9 Tips for Successful Low Budget PPC Campaign

With the growing competition in the internet marketing, every business person is only focused to achieve a good amount of traffic on their website in their tight pocket of budget. There are a variety of options present but opting for a pocket-friendly option is every entrepreneur’s endeavor. And that’s how PPC campaign run by PPC company in Gurgaon or Noida plays its significant part in helping them to achieve their desired goal. Before heading further let’s get familiar with the PPC campaign.

What is PPC Campaign?

PPC (pay per click) is a part of internet marketing, where an advertiser has to pay a fee every time his ad is clicked. In other words, instead of earning an organic visit, it is a way of buying a paid visit to your website. PPC campaign runs an Ad through Google Adwords, which is shown on the first page of Google.

So, to understand this shared below are some tips for a successful low budget PPC campaign. Following are they:

1) Waste Nothing

There is no harm in making mistakes unless you learn something from it and gain an experience. There will be a time when you will not get the desired result, but that will be time for you to invest all your energy and make most out of it.

Research your data properly and analyze your mistakes, this will prepare you for a better outcome. Learning from your mistake will help you in better decision making.

2) Be Highly Focused

Despite spending time in decorating your website with fancy words and stretching them, you should be focused on delivering the exact meaning of your business idea to your visitors. You should choose phrases and exact words so that the visitors will get idea about your business without spending too much time on your website.

Don’t forget it’s a game of the time. No one bears the patience to spare their time in understanding your content. Easy and crisp content is in demand.

3) To Increase CTR Have an Effective Ad Copy

The benefit of a perfect Ad copy is that it increases the CTR and leads to quality score upliftment. As mentioned by Google, quality score is the most important measure which helps advertisers to run an effective campaign. The Internet is filled with the various guides for writing perfect PPC Ad copy which will inflate your quality score.

4) Obtaining an Ad extension

Ad extension is a surplus in gaining more clicks for your website. Google Adwords offers you wide variety of ad extensions to make your ads outstanding. Whether you are running your business or trying to sell your products, Google Adwords will offer its option of Ad extensions for enhancing the information related to your business like phone number or link to a specific page which can be added to the Ads and are free of cost.

5) Use of Dayparting with Geolocation

Dayparting is a special feature provided by Google which elevates business visibility during particular times of a day. You can get the advantage of getting control over when and where your ads are displayed by employing Dayparting in alliance with geolocation. Gaining more control comes up with a responsibility to pay heed to your ads so that your efforts are not going in vain.

6) Shifting to Device Targeting

Since mobile devices have taken control over desktop due to its easy to carry feature, search volume is shifting to mobile from desktop. This creates a need for device targeting setting for account optimization goals. Statics related to mobile CPC’s for recent years shows a monumental increase related to mobile traffic and optimization. Companies providing digital marketing services are giving special attention to this device targeting feature to get the maximum output for their Ads.

Therefore, you must consider at mobile bidding strategy in saving your essential Google Adwords money. Setting mobile bids either at a campaign or an ad group level leaves you on discretion to pay for mobile clicks.

7) Implementing Remarketing

Remarketing is adding value to PPC effort. Converting your users into customers is the benefit of Remarketing, who have left your page before making a purchase.

It helps in handling the paid campaign barriers like multi-device/offline conversions, non-linear conversion pathways, and simple abandonment/distraction.

8) Optimizing Landing Pages

A Landing page acts as the main hero to any website. It’s an essential element for a PPC campaign. Keeping the relevancy, user-friendliness, and authenticity of content as a metric, Google optimizes the Landing Page. An inferior landing Page never yields a profit. Use Call-only feature for Google Adwords campaign in case you are not able to change your Landing Page from time to time.

9) Apply Tracking

You must have a track of your ad campaigns and Google analytics is a help in this. The gathered data will help you understand where you are lacking and you will be able to take decisions accordingly.

Maintaining a balance between your low budget and a healthy traffic is indeed a task but, with the help of the above points you will find the comfort in making a profitable decision for your business.


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