Advanced Strategies to Organically Boost Your Instagram Engagements For 2019

Find out the effective strategies for boosting Instagram engagements organically in 2019.

Small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world capitalize on advanced tactics to help boost their number of leads on a daily basis… and today I’m going to show you how they do it.

Social media engagements have become a common metric for evaluating social media performance by measuring comments, public shares and likes for an individual’s (business’) social media efforts; and this in a way can help to translate to sales.

Instagram has become one of the world’s largest growing social media platforms ever since its launch on October 6, 2010.

The platform currently ranks #6 for the world’s most actively used social networks, with more than one billion active users.

Advanced Strategies to Organically Boost Your Instagram Engagements For 2019

Instagram rewards engagement. After all, the more engaging the content, the longer users stay on the platform. In fact, we know that Instagram’s algorithm already promotes viral content and suggests following successful accounts to reward and generate engagement. This means that if your content goes viral, millions of people can be targeted in a couple of minutes if it’s picked up by the algorithm.

But, there is no way all these can happen if your posts don’t get the necessary amount of engagements on the platform.

So here are some advanced strategies to help you boost your Instagram engagements this 2019; and luckily, get your posts showing on the Insta explore page.

So, how do I boost my Instagram engagements?

It’s important you know the major reasons why you are not getting enough engagement on your posts.

In fact: there are basically 4-reasons why your Instagram engagements are not responsive… and they include:

  • Ghost followers
  • Engaging in the wrong niche
  • You have been shadow banned by Instagram
  • …and not providing a Call to Action (CTA) in your posts.

Most users don’t really understand how the Instagram algorithm works… while others think they are so smart and end up damaging their Instagram account unknowingly. So It’s better to get some knowledge before posting or engaging anything on Instagram.

*comment: Instagram’s algorithm is very fragile and doesn’t like to be tampered with!

It is not so advisable to go out and pay anyone to help you grow your Instagram. Most of these “so-called professionals” go-ahead to set up bots that would automatically follow and like your posts… and this is not the good strategy for growing your Instagram account generally.

Ghost followers will kill your Instagram engagements!

What is a ghost follower?

Simply put, a ghost follower is actually someone who follows you but doesn’t like and engage in your contents.

They essentially followed you and forgot about you!

A ghost follower is like going out to a party and having to meet someone for the first time… you all just shake hands and exchange salutations, but after the party, you guys never get in contact with each other again.

This is exactly who a ghost follower is on Instagram, and here’s how Instagram’s algorithm reacts to ghost followers on your account:

Every time you make a post on Instagram, Instagram’s algorithm will only show that post to 10% of your audience.

So let’s say for example you have a total of 10k followers on your Instagram account:

Whenever you make a post on that account, Instagram’s algorithm shows the post to only 1000 of your audience (followers), and check to see if those followers are engaging on the post (like, comment or watch); and if they do, Instagram’s algorithm will pick up the post and start suggesting it to more of your followers and non-followers, and before you know it, that post will start going viral.

But what if your account is filled with ghost followers?

If all 10% of your 10k followers (1000 followers) are ghost followers, that means you are not going to get many likes and engagement every time you post… and once Instagram’s algorithm detects this, it will feel that your posts are not relevant to the Instagram community, and wouldn’t want to show it to more of its audience; you are never going to go viral.

Ghost followers are not necessarily bots… in fact; you can be a ghost follower to another person’s Instagram account.


Well, you remember how I said that Instagram’s algorithm only shows recently posted contents to 10% of a user’s audience… What if you don’t fall under the 10% of the audience that first sees the post?

In that way, you have become a ghost follower to the people you are following because, if that post doesn’t get much engagement, it will never go viral, and if it doesn’t go viral, you are not going to see it and get a chance to engage in it.

How to fix ghost followers issues?

Good question!

In order to boost your Instagram engagements this 2019, you have to find a way to tackle ghost followers.

The first step to take towards tackling ghost followers is:

By constantly going to your followers’ list and liking, commenting and just generally engaging in their posts and contents; this is really a crucial way to do it.

…also, you can do a brief analysis of your account; check for those followers that haven’t engaged on any of your contents for the last 2-3 months and unfollow them.

Believe me, it is better you have 100 active followers on your Instagram account than having 1000 ghost followers!

Engaging in the wrong niche

This is another reason why your Instagram engagements suck. Think about it this way…

If you have a fitness Instagram account, and all you post are related health and fitness related contents, you use hashtags like “fitness4life”, you even have your username as “fitness_pro”, but you go around engaging on posts and contents that are like puppy related, well guess what… every time you make a post (a fitness related post), it’s going to be shown to puppy lovers.

That’s just how Instagram’s algorithm works!

Instagram’s algorithm picks up on how a user sees your contents on the homepage based on the posts you interact with.

Most people don’t also know this:

*comment: Most of your likes and engagements come from your followers, the homepage and suggested users, not necessarily hashtags.

This may seem hard to believe, but this next point will help convince you better.

Instagram’s shadow-ban deep secrets

Like I said earlier, most users think they are smart enough to play around with Instagram’s algorithm that they end up damaging their Instagram account unknowingly!

…and Instagram has a way of punishing this kind of users without them knowing.

Shadow banning is Instagram’s way of secretly blocking a user or his/her contents from showing on its community.

Just imagine having to post content on Instagram and its algorithm blocking that content from being shown to users in the community; you will never get engagements!

You being shadow banned on Instagram are due to two major factors:

  • Being spammy
  • …and inappropriate

Now I’m not going to place emphasis on “being inappropriate”, because many of us know how that works.

On the other hand, being spammy on Instagram is the major reason users get shadow banned in the community.

If you are one of the users that create multiple accounts in order to drive engagement to your posts; BEWARE! Because Instagram’s algorithm will soon catch up with you!

…also, making use of spammy hashtags like “like4like, follow4follow, Instagram, insta-daily”, etc regularly in each one of your posts; BEWARE! Because Instagram’s algorithm will soon catch up with you!

CTA (Call to Action)

A call to action is simply a reason for users to comment and engage in your content.

The issue of leaving a call to action (CTA) on your posts is common with Instagram accounts that have more than 1000 followers. This is because, users with less than a thousand followers usually have most of their followers comprising of friends, family members or even work colleagues… and these people are more likely to engage on your posts (leaving you intimate and personal comments).

But users with more than a thousand followers usually have their followers list filled with strangers that just followed them either because they like their content, or maybe they just have a crush on them; who knows why they decided to follow that account.

So all these strangers need to be given a reason to engage in your posts and contents.

Call to Action

This is a very good example of a call to action…!

It doesn’t cost you anything to place a call to action every one of your posts. Give people a reason to engage in your content!

Now that you know the reasons your Instagram engagement sucks, here are 10 awesome Instagram tricks and tactics you should definitely try out.

Just a tip:

In conclusion, the internet today has made working from home really easy, but one thing most users miss out on is the importance of engagement.

Learn more how Nitreo helps thousands of users on Instagram grow their audience with loyal, engaging followers!

Communicating and just engaging with employees and customers is vital for every business growth… and that’s why online platforms have made it possible for business owners to work way beyond their workplace.

Instagram as we know it has become one of the largest marketing platforms on earth; Working to boost your engagements on the platform is the best way to understand “what and what” your audiences are really interested in… And this will help to create some kind of bond between you and your followers, leading to you offering better services to them.

Now let me know what you think

There you have it:

My advanced strategies to organically boost your Instagram engagements for 2020.

Now let me know what you think…

From today’s post, why do you think your Instagram engagement sucks?

What strategies are you willing to try out first to help give your Instagram engagement the boost that it needs?

Are you going to start clearing your Instagram followers’ list, or you’re just going to leave it the way it is, hoping that your ghost followers will come through someday?

Either way, share your reasons with me by leaving a comment below right now.


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