Architect Logo Design Inspiration – Architecture Logos

Architect Logo Design Inspiration - Architecture Logos

Logo of an architectural company is not simply a mark of identification. In general, a logo is a symbolic representation of your business or brand. However, it is not an ordinary image; though, it eventually becomes an instrument to convince and make your potential customers satisfied with the services that you offer and the durability that you share.

Current Market Trends

The current market comprises of a number of architectural logo design services. Any type of construction that takes place requires architecture services. Businesses in this field are indeed compelled to make their services known by means of an organized blueprint. It is significant for companies to verbalize and articulate diverse stratagems in order to drive-in their prospective customers with no trouble. Nevertheless, at the outset, businesses need to come up with an ingenious logo that is worthy representing their business and fabrication.

Use of typeface, colors and other design elements in the logo shares a specific message with its bystanders. These elements represent the strong point of your business in due course. For instance, a logo comprising of red color interprets an idea of enthusiasm and zeal for its onlookers. Such message or idea being conveyed by the company invokes the audience to stay connected with that business.

According to the reports, in the U.S.,

Businesses offering architectural services are countersigning vigorous development and progress. Businesses in the architectural industry are generating up to $43 billion within a fiscal year, growing by the rate of 5.3% annually. Businesses establishes in the architecture sector range up to 70, 000 or more which leads to a rigid competition for the upcoming businesses that intend to provide these services.

Architectural Services

In view of that, companies need to market their architectural services outstandingly. It is important that the message you convey to your audience is unique and inspirational. When you set out to create a logo design for your business you should have a clear understanding of the message that you want your audience to understand. Your logo designer should receive a clear and obvious two-liner statement from you, that accurately explains the message you want the logo to depict.

If you require an easily recallable logo, it has to be simple and uncomplicated. A simple logo keeps your brand noteworthy and acclaimed. Add limited elements that retain the interest of your customers within your services. Any additional design element may create distraction for the customers to run by again; such complicated logos are usually considered to be a hindrance so the audience remains in connection.

Inspirational Logo Design Services

Inspirational architectural logo design must have the potential to retain its audience, encompassing sound design elements that draw attention to the fundamental message of the brand or what the company intends its customer to perceive. Customarily, companies incline their audience to view the professionalism they put forward while propounding their architectural services. If your business requires an inspirational architect logo design, Uptown Logo design services might be resourceful for you in this process. We offer inexpensive services within your means keeping hold of professionalism and customer interest.

Let us elaborate the designs of a few companies who comprise of an inspirational logo inclusive of rational design elements.

1. Ferguson Works

Ferguson Works

F and W in the logo illustrates the company’s strength. It is uniquely designed and sophisticated so as to portray high-the and advanced architecture services.

2. Distinctive Design Studio

Distinctive Design Studio

It is an abstract logo depicting straight lines that shows firm and robust architecture. Name of the company is scripted below the abstract lines. Green color in the logo explains ecological and sustainable services. This logo is designed upon the principals of minimalistic designs, which is later applicable for stationary and other promotional materials.

3. Cruz


Cruz wants its customers to acknowledge their high-end services that demonstrate enthusiasm, intricacy and competence. Grey and white color in the logo is used to create an exclusive brand identity that replicates its erudition in their work. A logo should be perceptive enough to endorse a brand’s identity in the long-run.

4. Foutch


This is a simple typographic logo. Blue square in the logo illustrates hi-tech architecture and immaculate work. Such simple and elegant logos are easy to remember.

5. C. Gentry Inc.

C. Gentry Inc

This logo demonstrates firmness and durability of the company. Image of a lion represents accuracy and authenticity. Colors used in the logo reflects the name of the company, that is, A.C. Gentry Inc.

6. Philadelphia Metal Art

Philadelphia Metal Art

Image in the logo exhibits an instrument that is commonly used for geographical surveys. Since, the company was established back in 1987, its logo anticipates an archaic impression. Its round in shape that demonstrate the typical graphic design phenomenon and dated since 1987 reveals its credibility among the current market.

7. Design House L.A.

Design House L.A.

Logos that contain conventional geometric shapes are often easy to recall. Owing to their simplicity. Such designs are likewise compatible with other promotional materials the company would put out. Such logos that are simple and elegant have an long-lasting impression on the audience.

8. Priest Drafting

Priest Drafting

Priest drafting assists businesses with the layout design, planning assistance and Prebid drawings. The tall straight lines in the logo depict that the company provides services for the construction of skyscrapers. Some dim lines in the logo conveys the message that they help businesses to draft in their blueprint. Over and again, the logo explains everything that the company offers in their service package. A logo should therefore be self-explanatory.

9. Metro Deck

Metro Deck

Metro deck offers eco-friendly architectural services. It helps in constructing biodegradable structures. The logo depicts an abstract tree which represents natural surroundings and sustainability.

10. Withee Malcolm Architects

Withee Malcolm Architects

This is a text-based logo. W and M are the two initials of the company’s name that exhibits sophistication and helps the business stand-out owing to its simple and explicable logo. Logos with the initial of the company name are mostly easy to elicit.

Consequently, the above-cited logos are unique and inspirational. Such logos helps businesses to grab the attention of their target audience within a short span of time. Uptown Designs offer equitable services. Think of creating a unique and exceptional brand identity with Uptown. Your brand identity takes you in long-run prevailing over your competitors. Then again, a fundamental message of any company lies in its logo, it has to be ingenious and fascinating.

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