How to Make A Good Logo: The Do’s and Don’ts

Logos are all about branding in order to fixate in consumers’ minds. They influence choosing behavior in the market place as nothing else can. When customers enjoy something pleasant they would like to have a repeat experience. This is the reason putting a logo gives a persistent identity to guide consumers’ future buying trends.

If it is going to appeal to the audio-visual sense, a pretty logo needs to say much more than just being attractive. A buyer ‘completes’ a picture of an icon with his /her own interpretation and imagination of the accompanying elements like the text message.

You, as an Entrepreneur are the best judge of how completely your custom business logo design complements your company’s personality. Creative professionals may help with the visualization and text but the final authority lies with you. Alternatively, if you are a millennial looking for online help, you can access a range of DIY online logo makers. Wix Logo Maker is the small business’ favorite.

Make A Good Logo

Follow a few dos and don’ts so as to not waste much time in creating a perfect logo. Here are some of the best logo designer tips. You can tweak your existing logo to make it perfect and see the magic it weaves in no time.

  1. Conceptual and Abstract Icons

Contrary to popular belief, an icon must simplify the spirit of your brand to make its identity easily noticed and remembered. It need not be a literal representation of what your products or services are. It should rather evoke a satisfied end to using your product or services. Consider the iconic Nike evoking movement at great speed and you can see why it works so perfectly for sportswear. On iconic picture has to double as a symbol for instant recognition. Simple but carry enough weight icons are perfect to make a mark on surfers’ quick glances.

  1. Making the Most of the Available Space

An icon though important is only part of your logo. Our best online logo design services give you simple and quick options to insert your name and tagline to complete the picture. Short slogans or tagline phrases say much about the nature and idea of brand logos. Whether you have a tagline is your choice. However, use the available space for maximizing the effect of your logo. One important aspect is to use larger icons and breaking the name into multiple lines for larger fonts. Entire name should be one font and size.

  1. Capitals, Lower Caps or Lower Case Text

Details become relevant when highlighted appropriately. Experimenting with caps, lower caps or lower case text shows you what works best. But please get a few opinions first. This is a surefire way to patent a trademark everyone can be envious of. Caps have always been used to convey a no nonsense authoritative declaration. You can soften it by combining lower caps. If you are aiming for a casual vibe and approach, lower case may best fit your requirements. Never use sentence case for company name in your logo.

  1. Using Understandable Handwritten Font

Handwritten fonts or creative typography is very much in vogue. These fonts are trending for an eccentric yet genuine communication message where arresting consumers’ attention is at an all-time high. A logo that is a delight to view makes them happy and it remains at the forefront of their minds simply because it makes them happy. But need to be real choosy about what works best for your company name. Handwritten font styles make for effective taglines.

  1. Keeping Your Tagline In Relation To Your Logo Icon

Since the icon is the more important part of the logo, it makes sense to fit your tagline (text) in a much smaller space relative to the icon even if it is just your company name. Taglines or slogans should never be more than 25-30 characters in length. Use thinner or more basic font for tagline so you can compress it much better. It should be just visible enough as an afterthought and no more.

  1. Fine-tuning your name and tagline relative to each other

Achieving visual balance is the golden rule for best logo design service. A smaller tagline or slogan must be perfectly aligned in space with icon as well as company name. It should not be the most attractive part and divert attention from the icon or company name. An audio-visual harmony appeals to viewers’ and potential customers’ senses. A longer phrase needs to be compressed to fit within the box borders of icon and company name combined. Increase the icon and name sizes.

Fine-tuning your name and tagline relative to each other

  1. A Logo Needs Breathing Space

Confining your logo in a border frame is alright as long as it does not suffocate the elements inside. There is should be sufficient space all around your logo inside the frame. This is popularly known as breathing space. Since a border frame usually protects the logo while minimizing in print, a breathing space all around keeps it from being cramped.

  1. Legible and Understandable Content

Content readability makes it easier to note and understand a written message. Since a logo goes adventuring in all kinds of places – from websites to ad branding, the text must jump out at the reader. A voracious reader is an instant criticizer. The text font and size used must be effective on difficult platforms too and responsive to all screen sizes. In conclusion, keep it simple and short. Cover the essential but expose a lot to create desire. You can hire our best-dedicated resource to fulfill your requirements.

  1. Brightness and Contrast

We can’t harp on this point enough, from print ads to the latest digital gadgets, all focus on this for success. If you want to be noticed, you need to be SEEN. Darker background colors to lighter icons and text keep it simple but effective and vice versa. But then you run the risk of your background merging with the print media.

  1. Aligning Elements Relative to Each Other

Placing all your elements together precisely needs some doing regarding relativity. You don’t have to be Einstein to apply relativity for balancing all the elements perfectly. Consider flow direction and placements left, right or center. A logo that comes across as a small happy family wins trust.

  1. Size up your icon

There are two matrices – time and space, to take care of in order to be effective and successful. Here, we concern ourselves with dealing with available space most effectively. This means determining the optimum size of the icon you are betting on to do just about everything for your business or organizations.

Its size will influence the remaining space in the logo where other elements can be placed. Ideally, an icon should NOT be smaller than other elements, especially your text message. Determine the best size for your icon by starting with the same size as the text and gradually making it bigger for maximum effect.

Entrepreneurs can create a marvelous logo with online service providers like Wix Logo Maker.


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