Best Instagram Apps to Stay Ahead of the Curve in 2018


For Instagram marketers, nothing remains constant on Instagram. Moreover, Instagram today boasts over 800 million MAU and the platform grew phenomenally with over 200 million users just in 2017 alone. Instagram today is regarded as the top platform for promoting your brands through high-quality visual content. Things are becoming more and more challenging and with ever-increasing competition, it becomes mandatory to stand tall among the rest and keep creating and promoting more amazing content.

Today you have easy access to a host of Instagram apps that make sure that your amazing visual content is noticed by one and all on the Instagram platform. By now, you must realize that if you wish to stay ahead of the competition, you must necessarily think about supplementing your Instagram marketing game with some amazing apps. Fortunately, there is a broad spectrum of tools and apps available in the market today to assist you in editing Instagram pictures, obtain followers, attract more and more likes and accurately assess and evaluate your performance.

We have discussed some absolutely amazing apps that would add a whole new dimension to your Instagram posts and take them seamlessly to another level. These apps go a long way in making your Instagram content memorable, distinguishable, and truly impactful. It may be practically possible to reach all the 800 million potential customers but with these effective apps, you could easily reach the people who matter the most to you and your brand. Moreover, you may effectively use an Instagram bot for implementing your marketing strategy.

Instagram Photo Editing Apps

If you wish to make all your Instagram images look unique and professional, you could try one of the effective and useful photo-editing apps.


VSCO is known to provide some amazing but free filters which have the capacity to beat the in-app options of Instagram in terms of both professionalism and quality. VSCO is known to offer a plethora of editing tools such as brightness/contrast, customized sharpen, and even skin tone correction for completely tweaking your picture before it is exported to Instagram. Moreover, VSCO would be offering a host of features of its own for following users directly on VSCO and carry on posting and sharing pictures from very much within the app.


Priime is certainly an amazing photo enhancing application that offers some effective professional-grade tools that would work across a host of devices and software. Now you may quit tapping through numerous filters because Priime would quickly and effectively make your landscapes, portraits, sunsets, and all other pictures more captivating with a host of smart style recommendations depending on the subject, exposure, color palette, and more. Priime offers a clutter-free modern interface. People enjoy using Priime as it has been developed as an unadulterated photography tool that leaves out the unnecessary frills such as lens flares and stickers and makes sure that all tweaks work beautifully. Priime comes with 100 detailed gorgeous styles. It includes descriptions and galleries for each style for revealing the way it has been built and what exactly it does.


Snapseed is certainly a robust photo-editing app meant for your Android. Snapseed is known to strike an amazing balance between professional photo editing and amateur photo editing. Snapseed offers various level adjustments for contrast, exposure, highlights etc. However, there are a number of filters for rapid adjustments. Snapseed offers a brush tool for selectively adjusting exposure, color temperature, and saturation. It offers lots of fine-tuning and control and provides an effective tool or a spot removal brush for removing small blemishes from all your photos. This is a wonderful feature just right for perfecting your photos before sharing them on Instagram or other social media platforms. All edits are actually non-destructible and so, you may not worry about completely losing the original picture. If you are not happy with the edits, you may consider undoing the changes.


With the help of Pixlr, you could effectively develop your own filters that come with textures, effects, and overlays. Once you are happy and fully satisfied with the filter you have built, you could save that particular filter and consider using it again. Pixlr could prove to be really beneficial if you are building a nice and unique brand image. Moreover, Pixlr allows you to selectively go on adjusting your picture’s sharpness and brightness. Pixlr offers an impressive range of photo-editing tools and a red-eye fixer.

Instagram Apps Meant for Followers

There are not too many automated Instagram apps for gaining followers. Fortunately, we would be discussing a couple of good apps for gaining and managing followers organically. Now it has become easier to determine why certain people unfollow you or ways to boost your social media engagement and overall visibility and also, effective ways of ensuring complete satisfaction and happiness for your current followers.

Social Rocket

Social Rocket is a great tool for making you act smartly on the social media platforms such as Instagram. Social Rocket is regarded as your customized social life guide and it helps in taking your social activities and goals to the next level by creating a successful and fool-proof plan for becoming more popular. You could gather much more information relating to your followers. Social Rocket is considered to be the marketplace for likes/followers. Each time you seem to like a post by someone, you would be gaining points to actually, exchange for likes or followers on your posts. This may not prove to be a super-effective long-term solution but it could be really useful initially when you are struggling to create an initial following and aspiring to spread your content.


Crowdfire is an effective social media app for engagement on Instagram or Twitter. It makes it easier to gain followers. It helps in cleaning and growing your Instagram and Twitter accounts. The robust app allows its users to locate followers, un-followers, fans, and inactive users. It would be efficiently allowing users to precisely schedule all their posts for Instagram or even send fully-automated messages to Twitter. Today, Crowdfire boasts over 10 million users worldwide.


When you concentrate on Instagram and regard it as predominantly a marketing channel, you would require identifying effective shortcuts for saving your precious time. Right from boosting the amount of content that is being shared to effectively responding to your users as soon as possible, the marketers must consider using an effective tool or application for managing their online presence seamlessly from one place. Try the above-discussed apps for gaining phenomenal Instagram success.

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